How much did Napoleon contribute to the decline of feudalism? What does Holla Forums think about him?

How much did Napoleon contribute to the decline of feudalism? What does Holla Forums think about him?

Man, young Napoleon was pretty hot.
He was a nationalist shit head who killed what remained of the revolutionary Republic and turned France into a expansionist empire. Also he was against /ourguys/ in Haiti.

Fairly significantly. Still an asshole though.

Definitely not /ourguy/, but you gotta respect the guy's ambition and ability.

Only Italian who could win wars.

Napoleon actually forced the parts of Europe he conquered to undergo something like liberal market reforms today.That's what helped weaken feudalism overall in Europe.
Still a traitor to the revolution tho.

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I have literally no opinion on Napoleon except that he did a pretty good thing in ending the nonsense that is the Holy Roman Empire.

He was shit.

Napoleon wrecked the old feudal armies of Europe, something the Jacobins failed to do.

The weren't feudal at all at that time. They were mercenaries, mostly. Feudal army means bannermen + levies


A lot, I'd say. Although I believe capitalism was pretty much an inevitability at this point (mercantilism gives rise to capitalism) it is save to assume that if he lost at Austerlitz, continental Europe would probably had to wait a little longer before capitalism as a whole emerged. We'd probably gotten some capitalistic-feudal conglomerate for quite a while. The most detrimental was not his own policies, but the reactions of the other kings of Europe. The Prussian king, after he realized his mercenary army is outdated against nation states, realized that he had to grant his citizens some form of economic freedoms. The peasents liberation was probably the most important here, as it liberated the peasents from their bond to to the soil on which they worked, and released their labor power for potential wage labor.


But the core of the Empire were Italians centred in the city of Rome in Italy.

Corsica was only sold to France in the year of Napoleon's birth. His birth name was Napoleone di Buonaparte and his family was minor Italian nobility. He spoke French with a noticeable Italian accent and never learned how to spell it properly. That's pretty damn Italian.

One of the few benevolent dictators in history who achieved great things and his ego got the better of him. Still, a pretty cool guy given the times.

I will side with napoopin over the Ancien RĂ©gimes any day. But he was a douche who killed the revolution as well.

Well, he was overall a brilliant mind and a military genius of course
Don't know how he specifically affected Europe in terms of economy/social structure
Too bad he didn't support the revolution with his skills and authority and turned to autocracy instead

Also hot af on that painting

Not /ourguy/ but had cool military tactics.

Max Sirner was Naplolean