Hungarian Communist party leader talks about why he thinks European open borders policy is bad (for workers in Hungary...

Hungarian Communist party leader talks about why he thinks European open borders policy is bad (for workers in Hungary and the ones on the country of origin)

What does Holla Forums think about open borders?

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Nothing new here.

Communist movement has always been strong in Hungary, even they had a revolution at the same time as the Russian one was developing,
Corbyn agrees. I always held this opinion about immigration and you guys called me Holla Forums. If we want to win we have to speak to the working class again.

Hungarian man is 100% correct.

Yeah I don't totally agree with the guy but the example he gaves about the Austrian working class voting to the reactionarys instead of the Communist parties, should be analyzed

Thürmer is an expert on getting workers to vote for communists, his party regularly gets almost 1% of the votes!

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Based Corbyn again, but I don't think letting them die because of imperialist wars and povert is the solution also

Thürmer's party consists mainly of USSR nostalgic old people and he runs the party as his family business, sadly.

It's going to be worse as more and more of his voter base dies of old age.

Borders are meaningless, but they shouldn't be abolished until capitalism is abolished.

Mass worker migration is bad, but a symptom of neoliberalism. There's no reason for it to exist even in a socialist state.

The problem arises though, that worker exploitation in the third world will inevitably lead to conditions where exploited workers will try to emigrate. Nobody likes to abandon their homes for money and security, but people are forced to do it.

For real. I think we're being infiltrated by either Reddit or COINTELPRO.

LOL i did not now that, I suspected different.
Why do Hungarian people do not vote for socialists if the majority of them agree socialism was better than capitalism?

Absolutley agree, the solution is stopping wars not commiting suicide. Reminder that cobyn will stop selling guns to saudis and this will be more helpful than anything the open boarder liberals ever gonna do

socdems are 14% of the senate

In popular discourse (manipulated by the media) everybody is a communist from Gyurcsány to Orbán. Leftist youth gets sucked up in small reformist (green, "neither left nor right") or protest parties.

This just shows that many of these "communist" parties are basically just the same conservative efforts unions nowadays innately are*. Can you look at this rhetoric and really see any difference between the right wing populist parties, except with nostalgism for the Stalinist paradise that never existed and standing under the red banner?

So of course immigration and globalization fucks over the working class. This much is obvious. No communist could ever not oppose that, nor ignore that immigration does not bring problems that must be seriously addressed and not waved off in the typical permissive-patronizing liberal way, but communists must oppose that on the actual condition that they prove they are actual communists and are desirous of truly getting to the root of the problem, and beyond pseudo-solutions that just divert attention and put the lid on the boiling pot.

The point is that this type of left-populism doesn't fix any of that at all, and doesn't truly promise to fix it either. What it does is use the class rhetoric to legitimize what is in fact a disunion of the classes; proletarians from Syria or even Somali are skillfully denied entrance through a rhetoric that says they should either "stay where they are because it doesn't work here" or are waved off as "economic migrants" (a communist using such a term, suggesting a migrant is ultimately ever not an economic migrant in a real material sense is ridiculous, and I've seen it been done). At best this spiel will be complemented with a little rhetoric of opposing imperialism and charity, but nothing more. Such "communist" parties exist to drain discontent towards the particular aim of conserving society through radical rhetoric.

So what should be done? Certainly not just accept our fate. Perhaps we could learn from Zizek when he says that neither the populist temptation or liberal guilt and bend over. We need to offer a real critique of the refugee crisis and accordingly do more than play mere conservatives or progressives like the many "radical" "communist" parties and liberal ideology do respectively. It begins with noticing that there already exists class solidarity and many workers' movements, and that we should be there to strengthen their voice and platform, and make them a real force that goes beyond just the immigrant question but exposing the capitalism question that stands at the root of not just that question but many others as well.



In Hungary we have "liberal-bolsheviks."

Holla Forums needs a LibBol flag asap

What the fuck? Please tell me its just some political slur against anything to the left of jobbik

Huh. You had me fooled there.

In any case, the communist party in Hungary gets about 1% of the vote, if that. It, like the MSZP, is a completely discredited organization with a completely discredited ideology (which is to be in power and embezzle money). The fact that people in this thread are critizising Thürmer for even this moderate stance demonstrates yet again how out of touch with common people you cosmopolitan homosexuals are.

Because it wasn't socialism and it was shit. "Communism" is universally reviled in Eastern Europe as an imposition by a foreign power. When Hungary, and Poland, and Czechoslovakia tried to break free of their voluntary Soviet thralldom, Khrushchev sent in tanks and had the local NKVD stooges disappear people by the hundreds.

t. Hungarian


Open borders provide a reserve force of labor for porky

selection bias.

Well, I only have my personal experience and the solid data of election results in which Communist parties are miserably defeated year after year (except in the Czech republic, where they piggyback off anti-German sentiment and get 10-20%), but Mr. Suburban Upper-Middle-Class liberal who's never been to Europe will be sure to enlighten me.

Yes, people by and large dislike the current Capitalist system, but they only want job security, not the poisoned brand of Communism with which they associate only servitude and oppression, by Russia and Russians specifically.

Thürmer is a cancerous commie larper bankrolled by Orban and the far right as a fake gommie.
Fuck off with your cancerous shill vids.

Imagine living in a country full of retard like

I live in Poland, it's about the same here.

What are the good commie parties in Hungary? Do they exist at all?


party organization is pretty low energy in hungary
there wasa Linke meme party that lost traction
there is this Nazbol idiot in the video
there are $$$Green$$$ parties, who at least call out neoliberal capitalism sometimes (LMP and PM)

and that's pretty much it, economically, everyone else is either right wing or Asserist like Jobbik (muh racially pure white working class is oppressed by some gipsies literally living in ghettoes of mudhuts)

sorry mate, no job security for u
enjoy your capitalism and repay dem debts you lazy fucks

Not a le argument, champ.



We have Ukrainians that come and take jobs for half the wage though.

Unironically agree on that

i mean if you study the history of the hungarian left post-45, the soviets figured that they need to make the anti german far-right accept at least the foundations of marxism as they had no solid hungarian party to rely on, they had to build it up from scratch in the Comintern without significant domestic support post world war.
consequently, the Hungarian left became a binary mirror movement: an ultra-nationalist blood-and soil marxism on the right and an internationalist-marxist leninist left-left. by the 1980's it was mostly the right-left that called the shots culturally, while the original ML-left from the 50's became obsessed with market socialism in 1968 and then transformed into neoliberalism in the late 80's (with soros, the world bank and imf arriving) in 1994 when socialists and PM Horn came to power, this late socialist-reformist former party apparatus became the loyal administrative servants of the neoliberal turn of hungarian economy. they became public enemy no. 1. as such after the 2008 crisis.
the hungarian right on the other hand always had to deal with the pseudo-marxist element of it (that survived as tolerated during socialism and became openly anti-semitic pretty fucking soon post the 1989 collapse of the regime) and thus far right Jobbik still has a significant faction agreeing with basically what Chomsky says, but still claiming to be "Christian Socialists" and pretty much sustaining elements of their racism (althought Jobbik racism in these intellectual circles is now somehow discredited as Orban basically introduced racial segregation of Gypsies in the countryside and it had obviously no positive effect.)
Eastern Euro leftism will come if and when the new urban left reaches out to these pseudo-Marxists on the far-right and actually makes some fucking effort in converting them to leftist radicalism. most of them are working class people that had no other political education but Jobbik at the time anyway.

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Communism is an international movement. We aren't trying to improve the standard of living for workers in "x country", we're trying to improve the standard of living for ALL workers, everywhere in the world. That means not letting them rot in their hopeless, war-torn countries because we don't like that our domestic capitalists are using them for cheap labor.

If you don't want wages to get driven down, unionize the immigrants.

Why are you surprised?

Didn't Stalin support cooperation between the CCP and the Kuomintang?

yeah he emphasizes all the time though that this does not give you a free pass to ignore POC amongst the working people, and there is still diversity in the movement.
which is what Nazbols struggle to grasp evidently.

Yes when the kuomintang was an anti-imperialist non reactionary party ruled, there were even some Marxists there at start (and were allied with the Chinese Communist party).
And also because they fought agaisnt Japanese occupation of China.
Read Mao if you want to understand this (The first contradiction)

Where can I read about this? Akár magyarul

Surprised to see some leftcoms that support the Capitalist propaganda.
Even Brodiga will slap you in the face

Magyarul: Szabó Miklós: A jó kommunista együtt ingadozik a párttal, JatePress, 2013

also this is accurate mostly


Where did I say this? I said that in the context of a Stalinflag suggesting we need to ally with reactionaries there's iconic historical moments where alliances with reactionaries happened which I was suggesting ("Why are you surprised?") would need to live under a rock to not know about.

Gondolom nincs elektronikusan, ne is keressem?

be kéne szkennelnem már, hah

teljes videó?

egyébként ki a here ez az ember?

Be, bizony. Meg a feltöltened.

kitűzője alapján thürmer pártjából egy aktivista

Szentpáli Kolos, Veszprémben indult időközi választásokon.

Ok, leftcom comrade I did misundertood you, my bad.

Szia, Kolos.

itt van egy rövidebb cucc arról a jelenségről amiről írtam is.
egyébként kismagyarország = nacionalista kommunizmus, csak a trianon előttin volt igazi grassroots marxista mozgalom meg 56-ban

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Trianon előtti munkásmozgalomról itt a legjobb cucc:


Soros was born in Hungary.
It really makes my noggins goin

lol nice pic just showing some dots on a map and no source. Reeeeaal credible. Give us some fucking data instead. We are not idiots believing every picture.