Reminder that NEETS are heros and that everybody will be a NEET under communism...

Reminder that NEETS are heros and that everybody will be a NEET under communism, although people will be heavily encouraged to expand their own minds through reading theory.

Anyways, under capitalism, NEETs are heros who are fighting against classcuckery

falc mememeisters go and stay gone.

Work is the only worthwhile pursuit. Without work, life lacks meaning. NEETs are abhorrent scum who should be burned as an example to others who might be tempted to be lazy.


Reactionaries like you will be Gulaged


NEETs undermine capitalism through peaceful non cooperation and are our comrades

NEETs are thicc

Most NEETs are already alt-right scum.
It's only a matter of time before the rest join them.

The left needs to make a stand and reject all bigoted and work-shy lumpenproles.

You get tortured to death first.

I'm a NEET and I grow pot.
Dunno what that makes me.

Gee I wonder who could be behind this post.



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The definition of lumpenprole is fundamentally based around the question of class 'consciousness


use the good one.

The whole organisation of society should aim at helping people to work. Work is taught, and requires education. People spontaneously want to work. They want to master and deepen their understanding of what they are interested in.
If you believe people do not spontaneously want to work, and are happy when they lay on a couch in front of the tv 24/7, you are right-wing.
Employment is not work.

lumpenproletariat on the front lines

What I don't get is why so many NEETs swing so hard right. It's not in their best interests.

They have a simplistic view that workers = normies and blah blah beta uprising

kill yourself, classcuck.


How are you being a hero by not helping anyone but yourselves in a society dedicated to helping one another

Seriously leftys… seriously? Does it not occur to you that someone has to grow food and pave roads and build houses? Does it not occur to you that "someone else can do it" doesn't work? Why should those people do it if they get no more than the fat lump who masturbates to anime all day? Have you no sense of accomplishment in life? Reality / life / people don't work like this… we must have a sense of accomplishment to make life rewarding, and we must work towards a goal to achieve that. We are hard wired for it. The only alternative is some kind of unrealistic sci-fi dystopia where we all sit around drugged up existing pointlessly while machines wipe our arses.

Hello Japan

an entrepreneur


So fucking relax, according to you muh human nature will take care of itself.

(let me guess, we still need to gas all the jews and blacks or it won't work, right?)

Wew lad, that's some ideology you have here.

No, but seriously, this is one giant ass strawman you've constructed. No one is advocating for everyone to live as a NEET. As for "why should I work for them" non-argument there is a reason why we opt for automation and reduction of work hours. Which btw, goes against this whole "muh werk=muh meaning of life" nonsense.

I've been neet for almost 20 years. My issue isn't necessarily with work it's with working for sub-poverty wages in demeaning, mentally hellish jobs. Under Communism that would not be the case and I would have no issue with working.

Are you 40 or what?

31. been neet since I was I want to say 12.