Reminder to white supremacists….YOU ARE THE VILLAIN!!

Reminder to white supremacists….YOU ARE THE VILLAIN!!

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Such beautiful discourse, framed in a perfect verb, and eloquence !

what was the point of this except preaching to the choir?

While controversial, this perspective deserves a platform


also I wonder what the author would say about the workers who revolted against the classist draft the Union used or the Liberal Republican party that supported franchising the defeated confederates after the war

Nigga it's what literally everyone says about whatever ideology contradicts their own.

This childish "good vs evil" narrative achieves nothing.

There is no good or evil. And tactically speaking a war is fought between
two sides who are in their own narrative "right and true"

That info-graph should explain why somethings incorrect and should be opposed, it just says something is bad because its bad.

Its pretty spooked and it was stuff like this which gave them a platform in the first place.

either btfo them or turn them into fertilizer. thats the only options for nazis. calling them names just plays into their delusions.

Does that mean American spies are good?

The only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gulag

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This isn't a discourse, this is a manchild's idea of politics. This provides no argument whatsoever, has no content whatsoever, and will be laughed at by the alt right as much as we laugh at Communism's bazingallions of casualties.

This is meant as a neoliberal circlejerk and provides nothing of substance. And this Russian spy discourse makes it actually harmful to progress, blaming every internal systematic issue on enemies of the state to diverge from these issues. This is exactly the kind of propaganda that the American oligarchs and government want.

this shit is contraproductive, as alt-righters are such only because they want to bethe "bad guys" due to their lack of personality.
this only reinforce that spook.


fuck up with your Muslim bullshit, the hijab is the symbol of oppression

You're bad at this. Just fuck off back to Holla Forums.

damn trump looks cool as shit in that pic

who would see that and think yeah i want to be like that group of morons holding up weak platitudes, and not the pack of gnarly beasts with cool spears

congrats on being able to read sarcasm, nerd

This isn't your board antifaggot.

Just imagine being this retarded of a burger that you think letting poor Mexicans die under private healthcare is a leftist position

does indeed release your neurotransmitters


Note how not a single protester is carrying a socialist symbol or a placard with a message about class, or at least policy (i.e. healthcare, military budget)

Essentially a bunch of shallow liberals vs a bunch of magic nazidemons.

I aint got no stake in that fight.

Shit propaganda to get anyone on leftypol motivated to care, or anyone on pol to rethink their retardation.

i think you should try for people who give a fuck.

why the fuck you are posting this on Holla Forums ?

Hey neoliberal, whacha doin'?

Wew. How many levels of American Neo-Liberalism are you on, Jimbo?