Class (do we still have to pretend idpol isn't the real issue?) war now

If anyone wants to make $5k this porky will pay!

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doesn't that guy lift? how does his face still look so fat?

Because for every day he lifts, the following day he eats some very delicious american gastronomy.


I thought he just got pepper sprayed.

So edgy

Sam Hyde was too scared too even stick around for HWNDU. The guy is a pussy rich kid.

My student loans are getting paid off. TODAY

He's still in the hospital, so it probably wasn't just pepper spray.

I always knew these faggots were unhinged and disconnected from reality, but Christ…

It was pepper spray, but saying it was acid makes it seem less ridiculous that he over reacted like such a little bitch.

Yeah it was bear mace, he's just pretending it's worse than it fucking is like a cry baby retard

This is just a character he does though.
It's a prank. He's a very committed performer.

It was pepper spray, but baked alaska elevated it to threat level acid.
Also, I don't know how they know it was that guy, when it looked like the wind or something blew it into his face. The camera didn't catch anyone doing it to him.

How to ruin your burgeoning career
By Sam Hyde
Step one: Profess a love for stoicism and masculinity but at the same be extremely emotional to the point of self destruction
Step two: admit to hating Jews during the airing of your new TV show for no reason lol

If you want to find out who rules over you

Lol, damage control.

He's right though

Are you saying he put legitimately criticized anyone?

He's right about bowl cuts.

…fucking making a dota reference
fuck off you fat shit, prob a 1k shitter

lmao nigga how retarded do you have to be to get fired from Adult Swim like damn son

You better watch yourself, I've got the death sentence on me in 12 protests!

Looking at this picture makes my nose itch.

Sam Hyde is certainly a 'genius performance artist'. Yukio Mishima for the age of 'cringe compilations'. At some level, he seems aware of the total absurdity of his beliefs, yet he persists somehow. He's eventually going to blow his own brains on livestream.

He spent to much energy promoting fascism in unfunny ways instead of mocking liberals which is what he is best at.


I'm confused. I didn't follow his rambling. Where's the bounty criteria?

Also why the fuck is he doing a reverse Hitler/Chaplin with his facial hair? Is he trying to prove he's not a real Nazi, just a bizzaro world nazi.

every conservative/rightist ever

His criteria was information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever sprayed BakedAlaska.

And he believes anyone actually would believe he would payout on something that would be like at least a year long process even if they knew and had material evidence of the culprit?

Didn't Sam Hyde scam people out of money in the past?

I'm still trying to understand this guy and everyone's obsession with him. Do people really believe he has an Asian hooker or something giving him a massage while he made the video even though he doesn't pan the camera or even glance in any other direction than the camera as he's supposedly addressing this other person who's totally absolutely real and in the room. Is it supposed to be a joke?

Poe's Law in effect

Yea its supposed to be humorous, I think he's really into irony and trolling and shit like that.
Truth be told he definitely has some funny videos, some of his more surrealist shit, but most of it is simply 2edgy4me

polite sage for double post

Are you autistic? Of course its a joke, a long running one

He's got pubic face

The Asian masseuse is a joke. The reason for the obsession with him is two fold. One is that he has been blamed for every massacre, terror attack, etc for over a year. Two is that his humor has a right wing subtext, if not overtly rightist.

His take on "virtue signalling" social movements.

Casual sex.

Educational indoctrination/incompetence


Ok watched more, and now he's talking about imaginary waiters and imaginary caviar and imaginary filet mignon.

But at least the

five grand

is real and totally not imaginary. He really needs to put disclaimers.
This part I'm bragging about having wealth and luxuries

But when I brag about having this disposable wealth

Are you autistic?

is it though, because's he's done bounty/giveaway rewards before and it was always a joke

He did donate $5k to the Dailystormer Legal Fund.

Are you autistic?

Well I'll be. How ballin of him.

I'm honestly surprised he has that kind of money to throw around

Btw this is part of Sam style and humour
He talks bullshit for the first half of the vid and gets to the point in the end

Nigga comes up on $5000. Nigga spends it all on the Dailystormer.


but $5k? he aint got no job

Nigga only likes shit, about not liking other people.

He got a patreon, merch store, recent reprint of 2nd book and probably some other source of income
I think that he is doing fine financially

He can't keep getting away with it!


Out of curiosity, is Hyde a jew?
He just looks extremely nebbish, like one of those cartoon jews from white power pamphlets

I laughed


No, Sam Hyde is actually a classical liberal. The Nazi thing is just performance art, like Andy Kaufman

Yes, yes it is
Thats the overall style of MDE and i personally like it

But *sobb* why *whinging* why *even louder sobbing* won't they let me *awhhhhww* won't they let me have a show *WHAHHHHH* on a 24 hour network for childrens cartoon programming!!! *AHWHHWHWHAAAAAAH* I would have made Time Warner Inc.™ so much money and brought them so much good publicity!!! WHERE'S MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH! WHY ARE YOU SNOWFLAKES SO HATEFUL?!?!?! *WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH**

BakedAlaska maced himself.

Faggot point me at one skit from WP that promoted fascism i dare you
WP was as apolitical as it can get
It was just Tim that was butthurt and did everything to cancel Sam MDE show

you think we like 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧classical liberals🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 here? back to /liberty/ you stupid shit-stain.

Getting fired from Adult Swim really fucked with his already fragile head

Nah i think his gambling addition is getting to him in much worse way

I mean, it was a pretty good show.

He also said people who ride motorcycles are suicidal retards, and then bought one.

and also that degenerates and whores aren't worth pining over and he begs transwomen with money to fuck him.

His comedic persona =/= His real life persona


fuck sam hyde and fuck mde

No, these were different phases in time and he literally cannot control his desire to inject his second-hand rightism and self-hatred into everything he does.

Well thats like one of the most common type of humor you know?

I miss the old Sam Hyde

He still is pretty #woke
I mean this skit basically screams "class conscious and not afraid to threaten the bourgeoisie bankers"

No, it's against "globalists" and "crony-capitalism".

No, its against bourgeoisie banksters

I would bet half my life savings that he or one of his crew sprayed for internet pity points

Because he roids.

Only because of jews and rule under obama administration.

That's like saying rightists are for freedom of speech.

i'm at once repulsed and fascinated by Sam Hyde.

Nick Rochefort is still cool in my book.

MDE was the only thing I've ever watched on Adult Swim besides Bleach back in 2006. See I'm an adult, and a part of being an adult is having adult taste. I've put all the juvenile entertainment behind me, and gradually shifted into mature, and sophisticated Japanese animation such as "Youjo Senki", and "Girls Und Panzer". This applies to other forms of entertainment as well, back in the day I was a huge Big Bang Theory kind of guy, that kind of show, and writing was what I considered at the time the apex of comedic entertainment. It was only until I watched my first episode of MDE did I realize what I was missing out on in terms of the avant-garde, and thought provoking work of art that is "Million Dollar Extreme". Once that door open there's no return to the witty one-liners of Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D.


bargain bin kid rock