im not even an anarchist obviously but how does this bullshit make u blokes feel?…..

also fun fact the idiots who made the vid got their servers fucked with yesterday HAHA…….

I think it's fucking awesome. Descentralization, anti-capitalism, isolationism and nationalism policies is the wave of the future.
I'm growing more and more frustrated with left wing anarchists and their mindset in favour of internationalism and the destruction of the worlds cultures in favour of american culture.

I really don't understand the concept of internationalism in anarchism. I see the point of anarchIsm is the community, incredibly focused on the locality and the people within it. Not necessarily nationalism but not the idea of letting everybody into your community

i think u missed the entire point of anarchism mate and im not even an AN
pick one

The urge to purge.

Read you nigger.

Why are anarcho-communist posters always this retarded?

I bet he's a falseflagger

we're going to hang you, reactionary filth.

It takes a special kind of person to seriously believe Anarcho-Communism as a transitional phase is a realistic expectation

Why do anarchists feel the need to be so inclusive of these fucking loons?


ancom is the rejection of transitionary phase
go read more mises, anti-communist scum

Okay, well that's even more retarded

The revolution is the transitionary phase you retard. Unlike co-ops and Wal-Mart with red flags, which just transitions to more capitalism.

Failed revolutions transition back to Capitalism too
Communism at the push of a button is a utopian fantasy and as Anti-Communist as Tankieism


I never said that. Look up what a transitional phase is.

The revolution is the transitional phase. Muh co-ops or muh socialist state is just capitalism.

Keep dreamin