LeftyPol, Why do you hate cultural appropriation?

Indian guy here.
I've never been to any country ever but many social issues of the West are hilarious. Best one I like so far is cultural appropriation. Why do you hate it so much?

When I saw ColdPlay- Hymn for the Weekend, I loved it. I loved how they portrayed the festival of Holi and I loved how Beyonce was looking (I don't like Beyonce's music. Her song's lyrics are so stupid even Koko the gorilla can comprehend those).

Then I read some retarded shit on BuzzFeed, Telegraph, TeenVogue, etc. that its cultural appropriation. Why the fuck are you guys so bothered about what happens to my culture? Who made you the guardians of cultural protection? Indians love it when others try to imitate their culture and if they don't they'll let you know

Show some examples of where we "hate cultural appropriation"

I don't give a fuck about your culture and I can't relate to your message because this is all bourgeois garbage. I don't red buzzfeed nor do I listen to beyonce or whatever.

Do you think we give a fuck about "cultural appropriation"? It's a complete non-issue.

were not libs dude

Your talking about liberalism, not leftism or any of the schools of political thought that fall under the Holla Forums umbrella.

Your culture is clearly shitty and needs some more emphasis on education and reading if you are what it produces.

Buzzfeed is liberal, the telegraph is right wing, TeenVogue is for retards. your love of Coldplay and Beyonce are clear indicators of your lack of creativity and taste.

Have you considered some form of suicide?

We are appropriating Hindu women into Islamic culture :^🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧)

hello Holla Forums, please enjoy your stay.

Cultural appropriation is a reactionary concept.

humpf…go talk to american "leftists" they're the ones who started that bullshit "cultural apropriation". My country has been apropriating cultures since 1415, being against it, would be spiting in the history.

i dont give a shit about "muh coltcha" and i dont give a shit if a bloke wears a native-american headress
pick one

God fucking dammit, this thread again.

We ain't "libruls", pajeet. You said It, those filthy burger websites are the retarded ones. They're the designated shit place here. Kindly take your droppings there, thank you.

OMFG chill I'm a new fag here. IDK how leftypol works I though it's a "muh liberal arts degreee" kind of place but I'm happy to see people are rational here unlike the picture that Holla Forums paints about you guys.

we don't hate "cultural appropriation" you dumb curry nigger that can't even shit properly

Not. Liberals.

Except 'leftism' is liberalism. It's where the distinction comes from in the first place.
And if you think otherwise, consider this: Did Marx ever call himself a leftist?
Of all the labels you can use to describe your views: Socialist, communist, perhaps anarchist, etc. You choose one that by definition associates you with mainstream liberalism.
If you don't want people to assume you are a liberal, stop calling yourself a leftist.

The strategy of the American Democratic Party is to carve poor people into groups and pit them against each other while they make big movies in Hollywood and drink champagne.

Holla Forums regulars tend to get incredibly pissed off when outsiders roll in here comparing us to basic bitch liberals. The regulars tend to forget that Holla Forums continues to shout across 90% of Holla Forums and other chans that we are all SJW infiltrators coming to steal your big titty comics and video games.

Holla Forums users assume that many critical matters and political topics are being actively suppressed on other "left" communities (see: reddit), and have decided to respond to this phenomenon by shooting down many moderate liberal talking points on this board as mere distractions that need to make place for more harsh criticisms of capitalism.


I didn't call it "legitimate" you nonce. I called it a "moderate liberal talking point" as in "easy mode topic for normies". I'm trying to explain something to a tourist from some other chan.

These discussions about "Cultural appropriation" make me sad. Not only from the rabid proggressives who white knight other cultures, but from the same cultural guardians who bitch when they see foreigners enjoying or researching it. Hell, I've seen japs bitch about Nintendo games being liked outside Japan. Games that have a strong relationship with western culture in the first place. Are they stupid?

Shit, I love my country's history and mythology, and I'd be damn proud to see outsiders enjoy it and research it as much as I do.

Yes, except for maybe traditionalists, mostly everyone's a liberal, but these distinctions are usually made for people who think "lib" is just a progressive person, which is an Muhrrican thing, whereas where I come from, It just means "economically liberal".

No one here hates cultural apropiation pol, go ask reddit

where the fuck do you think you are? the idea that people can "own" culture others appropiate it is reactionary as fuck

I'm starting to think those are posted by a single troll

We're not SJWs you fag.

we don't because it doesn't exist, at least not in the way you are describing it

I'm actually against people who take an issue with 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧cultural appropriation🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.
They basically want to extend intellectual property to the world cultural heritage, and intellectual property is something fundamentally not leftist.
But you will also notice how these people never have a problem when non-Westerners use tropes of American culture. And it's infuriating, as the diversity of world cultures has been dampened due to the dominance of the USA and capitalism over the world, and "cultural appropriation" is a good way to introduce people to other cultures than this one (as long as you remain critical and don't take the "appropriated" tropes at face value and stay conscious that the culture has more to offer than that).
I'm glad the Beatles "culturally approriated" themselves Indian music during the 60s as it made us discover the art of raga for example. I'm glad the smelly hippies with djembes made me discover reggae, dub and African percussion. It's good to see there are other ways to live in the world that the one we are used to.

Oh and just to add one more thing : "cultural appropriation" has been a thing since, like, forever.
I mean, even the term culture itself in English comes from French (and Latin).
Cultures never operated independently from each others. Numerous works of art have been influenced by foreign cultures probably since culture has been a thing. Complaining about this is essentially like pissing against the wind.

The whole concept of memes precludes that culture will always be appropriated.

Liberals are all openly right leaning economically where im from, its not a mainstream label even remotely for liberals here or any of the surrounding countries and is used to describe just the republican and socialist parties specifically in my region.

Ill update my dictionary and try to use burgerspeak so they understand the difference in the future.

guess i should spell colour as color too.

Thank you oh great soothsayer.

Come again?

I went to a lecture by Alice Roberts about the identity of "the celts" and it contained a number of themes relevant to this discussion. It seems that almost all Celtic and northern Germanic artwork and metalwork styles in the iron age, that developed into the imagery we are familiar with today, came from the people of the steppes. the written language that has been mostly lost was based off a rare form of the Phoenician alphabet that originated from coastal communities of metalworkers and miners in Portugal.

The research also found these cultural norms, artworks and techniques were spread without changing the DNA of the people(people of the steppes didn't conquer and replace the natives) it was literal cultural appropriation

Literally if retards shouting "cultural appropriation" were around then and successful, irish and indeed most western and northern european culture would be utterly unrecognizable.

I agree with you that cultures never operated independently from eacthother, id go as far as to say its been beneficial as a whole. passing on learned techniques and culture as… ahem *memes* is part of the human condition.

Meh whatever, serves as a good example to back you up.

A meme is an idea that spreads from person to person, being slightly altered each time, with the most succesfull memes staying around the longest.

Yeah, you're right, but I don't understand what you mean when you say that it "precludes culture will always be appropriated."

Disco is basically EDM + Indian ragas so I can understand why you think cultural appropriation would not be a problem.