Your face when president Trump just admitted to being a fascist then deleted it 30 minutes later

Your face when president Trump just admitted to being a fascist then deleted it 30 minutes later

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this is fake right

Afraid not friend

What was the deleted tweet

Oh he accidentally retweeted someone calling him a fascist. He's an old halfwit who barely knows what fascism means, I mean there's a 50% chance he's just senile.

senile man presses wrong button, liberals can pat themselves on the back that they're #resisting
nothing actually changes

Now imagine senile man pressing the nuclear button

It's more likely now than ever but you need more than a decrepit retard to launch nuclear weapons.

nah the generals in the white house want a more hands on approach to nk
they dont let this dummie anywhere real power



Also, that was likely retweeted sarcastically or by accident anyways. Trump is an idiot and if it's not him Tweeting he'll only let idiots use his Twitter so factor that in at all cases.

This, it's literally the new covfefe.
Plus, Trump probably doesn't even know what "fascist" means, so he retweeted thinking it was something positive, then deleted after someone quickly told him that being a fascist isn't a good thing

Thankfully the launch of nuclear weapons requires more than the approval of one person

So much scientific analysis here. It's astounding.


thread ended here

We have the best fascionisms and aesthetics.

Cool they included himmler the chinless wonder there

Bottom left looks cool. But for the most part Nazi fashion is very overrated IMO

goes well with a bullet to the head and gasoline on your body

Soviets had better aesthetics tbh

lmao brownshirts looked so fucking dumb

Better than being a redshirt.


Apparently this isn't the only thing he's been snapchatting.

At least show the better aesthetics when you talk about them.

Is Holla Forums senile?

Bannon praises Evola and Trump has praised Mussolini.

The lack of intellect in this thread is concerning.

rump accidentally quoted Mussolini once

Also the "Rather live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep" quote is still a great quote.

Well Musso was first syndicalist and then a socialist so thats a good thing no?

Is this some new meme or something?

hahahahaha he actually did it the absolute madman!!