Why aren't you part of the SocDem gang already?

Why aren't you part of the SocDem gang already?

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Social democracy literally runs on imperialism.

Exploitation =/= murder.
Besides, its not imperialism if the poor africans consent.

Blair wasn't a SocDem though. By then Social Democracy had solidly collapsed and turned into liberalism already. Which kind of shows where OPs argument that it's "proven to work" fails.

It kills revolutions

Works in oil rich Scandinavia :)

Not really

can only work in imperialist countries because you need super profits from imperialism/colonialism in order to redistribute. Furthermore theres the falling rate of profit making capitalism less profitable overall, furthermore socdem in the US/west only worked because the rest of the world was destroyed WW2 and had no choice but to buy US goods. and again, none of these concessions to workers like healthcare, 40 hour workweeek etc, would have been possible without the ideological threat of communism, without with, porky sees no need to redistribute his wealth because the workers have no alternative anyway.
tldr it only worked in the mid-late 20th century and even then only in first world countries. Socdem isn't an option outside those specific historical and geographical circumstances. Now if you want a real alternative, try pic related.
also, you fucking killed ROSA you bastards

Again, Venezuela

Only first world countries allowed to socdem and can actually pull it off


I can only speak for Sweden as that's where I'm from, but much of our welfare state has been dismantled in favour of being "business friendly". Gotta keep those investments coming you know. Social democracy was dependent on imperialism, the threat of communism and the very peculiar conditions of post-WW2 Europe (and US to some extent). I don't see it coming back any time soon, nor do I think it was ever possible outside of the capitalist core countries.



nobody ever remembers Liebknecht

Social democrats are class-traitor vermin.
Fucking Eberl, apologising isn't enough, you will pay for Rosa, Karl and the murdered revolution.


Well they aren't. They're wrong for completely different reasons. But at least marc socs never did pic related

plus im pretty sure british socdem was the cause of the fall of the british empire as it required them to extract way more wealth from the colonies to pay for a welfare state and that caused the colonies to rebel n shit like in the malayan emergency


hot take: socdem and neoliberalism arent ideologies, they're stages of capitalism, government policy always follows from material conditions
social democracy is literally impossible now :)

Rosa was worth more than those 5.3 million german nazis.
Communism still bae.


The '70s say hi.


Hard to bomb something peak bourgeois. Provided plenty of support for bombings though, supporting almost everything the US/NATO has done.

Social democracy and to a greater extent Keynesianism were both abject failures at policing capital (all attempts ultimately will be): thecharnelhouse.org/2016/07/05/against-political-determinism/.

This is a pretty memetic argument.
The preference for vaguely balanced trade until the 1970s limited the utility of imperialism to some degree. The problem - while extant and large - has only worsened with the decision that trade deficits don't matter.

I'm tepidly of the viewpoint that the socialisation of investment is the solution to the falling rate of profit (if indeed it's a problem at all.)

This is more valid. I like playing good-cop-bad-commissar.

This annoys me too.

A huge number of them are, especially in Britain.
Everyone loves Tony Benn, nobody wants to be told that the Alternative Economic Strategy (and indeed the 1983 manifesto) was Social Democracy in one country.

A-ha, take-on-me: Political actors encounter material conditions of their own and different actions - sometimes in their own self interest - can result in wildly different futures. Not political determinism, but material butterfly effect.

No class contradiction has been resolved and capitalists will easily take over in time. Happens every time.


The new class struggle, between low Autism Level and high Autism Level classes, because low Autism Level jobs are going away, and just experience and effort no longer puts bread on the table.

that just seems like nonsense, instead of class the guy substitutes Autism Level. no connection, a dumb guy can be rich and vice versa. This seems like the guy is a liberal college professor who dreamed up his theory in an armchair

Not all of these german were racists, and you need to take more into account for Communism and SocDem deaths, but OP pic is a meme graph anyway.

If it were, there wouldn't be political parties advocating it.

fucking lol'd