UKIP's The Party Of The Working-Class Now Apparently


Is there any hope of convincing the white working-class that immigration's in the capitalist's profit centered interests and contrary to popular belief not in the communist's? We're tryna give the whole world an equal slice of the wealth pie which logically would put a stop to people travelling halfway across the world to scratch out a *relatively* decent living doing shit jobs in The First World.

Seeing UKIP lolberts capitalise off working man's woes is really frustrating to be honest.

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The meme of the right wing being the somewhat natural political stance of your average working class is like a holocaust of the soul, personal level extreme perverted alienation… The worst lie of everything… its as if it was meant to FUCK, and as we go toward our own golgotha we see it and as we know.

Holy fuck this shit is cringe.

why teh fuck cant the left do propaganda half this good?

Serious discussion now. I can't stand this fucker, but I can understand if someone doesn't want multiculturalism. I'll put the thing in the most normie way possible: I want to go to england, I want to see english people.

The right is still denying the fact coulored people can/are be working class to.

This. Couldn't have said it better myself. This right-wing working man's mentality reminds me a bit of Bioshock Infinite and the way Finkton described his Irish indentured servants and Negro convict workers as "busy little bees" who're serving a higher purpose through intercom systems all throughout his industrial complex.

Those poor damn fools…

No idea, but we ain't got no excuse. We've got truth and the best interests of the workers in mind. Can UKIP say the same?

Reminds me of an old joke from Ancient Rome:

Then don't live in London. Everywhere else in Britain's like 95% white British which ain't too different from the overall demographics of the country.

But why there is such a high influx of non natives in london?


The fact you can ask that question on a board that criticizes capitalism and the problem of immigration proves you've just arrived.

shit what a laugh, communism just makes people starve, unlike Not Socialism

You should suck my cock dude. I'm specifically talking of london because is always looked something different for me. I live in a big city in europe, I lived in berlin and paris but the few times I went to london it looked like there were far far more non natives than the other cities I mentioned. I just aske why. Go fuck yourself now

didnt ukip vote collapse in the last election?

Paris is even WORSE than london, the fuck are you on about? Most major cities have large numbers of immigrants because immigrants look for jobs.

hell london is even like 16 percent nonbritish white
turns out when you are the banking capital of the world and you make sure all other countries are debt slaves people move there
and of course the capitalists are only happy to oblige for that cheap polish labor

Bullshit. at least is not variegated as london. You'll only find a lot of blacks. I go to london and I find dagos, black, arabs, indians, paki. Is it because of the colonial background or because of some other reason? It's a very expensive city too

Britain had a lot of people come from india + partitioned pakistan after the carribean immigration. So that explains the "other brown people", the rest have come much more recently since the EU allowed free travel within its borders.

And yes, paris is arguably worse if you're a white nationalist of any type, considering that blacks ARE the group most reviled by whites, next to jews.

Niggers no.. don't do this. It's from a TV show which is trying to vilify Ring Wing Tories who followed Enoch Powell. Either it's satire, ironic satire, or stupidity.

Thank you, come again!

When I was in paris I talked to a few Holla Forums retards. They didn't care about blacks,they had problem with arabs tho. I think there is a distinction to be made from white nationalist to anti islamists. Also paris blacks are chill as fuck, women tho goldigged the fuck out of me. and gave me Chlamydia too


Didn't UKIP like start out as the "anti-Slavic party"? Now they're bitching bout London being non-white LMAO.

i mean slavs arent white so..

Not until communists stand beside the working class in opposing immigration.

I have seen some unions standing up against having their workplaces filled with people from another country, replacing native Brits but it usually only happens when things get really bad.

nice try Holla Forums

This is true. The fact is that if you stand against immigration you are spooked and Holla Forums. There will be a day in which we won't be scared to be called reactionary from the naive anarsissies

LOL Still a lotta kippers think that way. Like a million Poles immigrated to Britain since 2004/5 after Poland became part of The EU.

We're anti-capitalist, m8, not nationalists. Reds don't oppose immigration just for the sake of opposing immigration.

I guess you didnt read all my post.

I was talking abotu standing up for immigration in order to preserve local jobs.

Near me a construction firm wanted to staff its entire building site with Polish workers.
So people from a local building site picketed them and the firm was forced to open it up to English workers.

After that people who were usually very much against unions were speaking positively about them for quite a while.

American notions of race, esp whiteness are landing in the European nativist ideology. Globalism in action.

This. The reaction most Burgers have to finding out Eastern European immigrants to Britain face discrimination is usually: "BUT THERE H'WITE THO. WHAT ABOUT THE A-RABS, YUROCUCKS?"

It's like they think race should be the only factor in anti-immigrant sentiments.

Pretty much sums up the right-wing. Romantic nonsense with no actual substance

Reminds me of the nazis that enjoyed American history X. Morons

here's a working class lad fucking up three patronising liberal capitalists on the EU.

Yeah fuck those delusional idiots.

Now lets wait for the communist revolution where we all get to be artists and philosophers.

go back to reddit please

I will repeat this until i'm dead

This wouldn't happen if the liberal left didn't divide the working class with feminism and ""anti-racism"". Let's hope Corbyn doesn't fuck it up in the next months

what are you on about? Feminism united the working class
Do you really think feminism = tumblr idpol?

The working class united against feminism because feminists promote people like Emily Pankhurst as a hero even though she was against working class people voting.

You filthy champagne socialists will never understand what the working class wants.
Politics is a pendulum and you have pushed too far.

These are causes of poverty, not capitalism. Going full communist will make everyone fall into poverty. When we talk about the deaths from communism we don't talk about the deaths from hunger. We talk about deaths by gulags.

There's a difference between liberal feminism and Marxist feminism.

Yes, at some point we have to start to recognize liberals own these leftists movements and they use them to kill labour and class speech. "leftist" corporate media promote them for that reason

Don't be retarded

Your feminism is still idpol

Poverty's a natural part of capitalism. For there to be rich there's gotta be poor people after all.

wrong, pic related

Might want to check those sources.

The working and rural class has always been more reactionary. If I remember correctly the Tzars biggest supporters were farmers and military. The left's anti clerical stance loses a lot of support from the majority of the workers.

False. The next step in humanity is ruled by nature. By forcing everyone to be equal you go against this. People are naturally different. The stupid will be poor, the lazy will too. Only the hard working, educated people will succeed. A liberal/libertarian society will produce the education. It's up to people to be hard workers. You shouldn't have a government force you to be a hard worker. By doing that you disturb the natural process.
Freedom is nature. Force isn't.
Freedom prevails. Force collapses.

Nobody here is doing that retard. "Equality", isn't the point. It's t each according to needs, abilities.

What we need to do as Communists is challenge the progressive-conservative IdPol spectacle that goes absolutely nowhere with Class politics. Let them know that the Far Right isn't anti establishment but rather a tool of the ruling class to divide and conquer.

You don't want to see niggers on your commute to your 12 hour daily shift? Is that it? It's all fine - you can be exploited all they want - just as long as your co-workers aren't called Jamal or Ahmed?
From a material point of view you have a bigger problem than the guy next to you being brown. Because even if there were no migrants, you'd still be exploited. Case in point: Victorian England.

And who opened the door to them in the first place? Was it white workers, or was the owners of capital that wanted cheaper labor and - later - new vessels to be saddled with debt? Have you ever noticed that immigration is less common where capitalism is less or least developed? (See Eastern Europe right after the fall of the USSR)

It's pretty sad that in this day and age "labour aristocracy" (at best) counts as champagne socialists.

>immigration is less common where capitalism is less or least developed? (See Eastern Europe right after the fall of the USSR)
Contrary to the Marxist lies about American slavery, East Europeans were also taken as slaves during the late 18th century. This is where the words "cracker" and "hunk" come from. There may have been some remnants of internalized self-hatred that caused them to emigrate outward and resist immigration.

No…not the slavs….

[citation needed]

Literally utopianism.


More like 4 million.

no koch bros bux

lol that shot of the bourgeoisie at 4:00