Why haven't you read The State and Revolution yet, user?

Why haven't you read The State and Revolution yet, user?

It's actually easy and entertaining to read, and is a good summary of Marx's theories on the state.
So, what's your excuse?

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I have, its what made me ML to begin with
surprising a leftcom would recommend it, considering that book is basically tank 101

Lenin was too authoritarian. He took away democracy, betrayed the revolution and had really reactionary views socially wise. Read bookchin my friend

Because I stopped reading it when I got really engrossed by No Longer Human and never picked it back up again.
This happens a lot because I read like 5 books at a time (I rarely finish most of them). Sorry.

Lenin was a leftcom, not a tankie. 'Marxist-Leninist' are neither Marxist nor Leninist.



I plan to eventually though. Along with finishing the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist

I have and yes it's good. Why haven't you read the conquest of bread ?

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Only book I've finished tbqhwy famalam

Ningen Shikkaku? Gud buk.


this is bait

I liked it a lot. The Childhood parts hit too close to home.

Pretty sure he was baiting, but you know this. You just wanted an excuse to show how boring you are. Fucking leftcoms

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Why should I read a book of a soccdem?

There is a beautiful 4-part anime adaptation of it too. I thought it was somehow even bleaker than the original book

There are qualitative differences between say how a pirate ship is run and how a conventional ship is run. I would certainly prefer a factory foremen that I can elect to replace then having one imposed on me like what Lenin did.

Good lord, I'm not an anarchist and this argument is meme-tier.

Shut the fuck up, Muke

Please explain how forcing someone to do something isn't authoritarian.

I have actually. It's good but not great. While Lenin has excellent criticisms on his contemporaries the theory is muddled a bit by his immediate political aims. It's still perfectly in line with Marx and a good basis for further reading.

Why are you surprised? While many leftcoms are anti-Leninist it doesn't mean they are anti-Lenin.

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anarkiddies in a nutshell

b/c the russian state was still "amorphous and primordial", and now that civil society and the state has rose, it is no longer relevant to rev.

(actually I think I will read it anyway(=O+==)