Leftists: Why do you defend Islam?

Ex-Muslim here. Why do you defend Islam?

Islam teaches and believes in the same thing if not worse the Christianity. You would be happy to shit all over Christianity, but why not Islam?

Also, why is it so wrong to want to have an ethnonation? We are animals, tribal beings by natures request. I don't want white or black people in my nation, I want Arabs in my nation. Why does that bother you?

Also, death to all commies, better dead than red.

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Leftists are not liberals.
Also Tarek Fatah.

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leftists are not the same as liberals who bend over backwards to islam to show how accepting that person is


I don't. I'm pretty sure no one here does.

If it's just the natural thing to want an ethnostate, why do so few people actually want it? I don't know a single person that wants an "ethnically pure" nation.

Also, it's totally natural for me to want to fuck a cute african girl and have mixed kids. Why does that bother you?


Because Hezbola is the most effective fighting force against Israel



Holy shit I'm sending this to my liberal friends thank you

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I think both made good points but we should stay away from superstitious beliefs, that is all.
Because history is not neutral, colonialism happen and these people will not be thrown into what is for them a foreign country (imagine being born from a moroccan father and french mother in the 90s, what does morocco mean to you, really?) for reasons beyond their control.
People with different genetic makeup are still people, you know.


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I defend the right of people to practise their religion in peace, if they are not anal about it and respect the traditions of the land they live in.

Besides, Arabesques are pretty.

Leftist = Liberal in this era
Your 1800s Karl Marx books describe "Liberal" being a capitalist. No liberal today is capitalist. Get with the times. It's the current year.
Leftists today are liberals vice versa.

May the best race win.

Fucking burger, liberal clearly means capitalist in Europe.

Isn't this … dare I say … colonialism?

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Not burger, I am OP, Liberal doesn't mean Capitalist anywhere anymore.
Your age old books are fucking old.

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where are all these liberals that want to abolish capitalism? or do you think public education is somehow anti-capitalist?

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Arab here.
Stop being a subservient, bootlicking cuck.

The Democratic Party in USA

Actually, I am married with two wives and kids.

What are you talking about, here it usually describes economic liberalism



How Do I become subversive when I want an ethnostate?

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mfw democrats are infiltrators
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Welfare is socialism
If you are hungry and can't get food with your money or effort, you should die of hunger, including your kids.


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literally isnt
show me where marx advocated for a massive welfare state to prop up capitalism
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I am right, you are wrong.

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t. an actual ex-muslim

Is it takings someone else property and giving it to someone else without both parties consent? Yes? It's socialism.

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but that's literally not what socialism means

muslims: many, especially in the west are ok and there is nothing wrong with them
radical islam, OTOH is a misguided and wrong ideology, which everyone here disagrees with

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But that's not wrong you ignorant fuck. If you take someones property without consent and give it to someone else. That's socialism.
Why are libshits like you, so fucking stupid.

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but that literally capitalism


Those are not american troops pal.
Jokes aside no it's not, they were invited by the afghan goverment

Judging from the quality of the discourse OP is either one retarded motherfucker or this thread is bait, either way sage and ignore is the appropriate response.

What constitutes a property, and what constitutes as posession?
Why is property, as a right, implemented in the first place? To manage scarcity.
But private property, the property the proprietor does not posess, causes artificial scarcity.
These property rights essentially take the things that the people would otherwise posess and extract profits by limiting access to them.

aka inefficient and unjustifiable. Property is a spook.


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It's not. You don't know what socialism means.

Because of Islamic converts in the prison system and because of the Algerian revolution. There is literally no other reason.