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You can make any type of government using this website
go ham post your results in the replies


They included this meme option just for you


No you can't. It's a completely capitalist framework which you can't escape. Only a tankie could enjoy this with their hard-on for state monopoly capitalism.


Utopia is socdem


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I got the same. Fuck It's really true that ML are succdems without dem

This pleases Stirner

Have you considered some form of suicide?



How do you disable capital?



Literally a perfect world


No, you can make any kind of status quo acceptable government. It presupposes money too.

My sides.

Lots of qualifications to this one.
Basically didn't care too much about the crime issues [indeed, it may even have reset them somewhat.] and I'm not entirely sure what most of the percentages mean. Also I strongly object to how high consumption tax is (although i fiddled with it.) implied to be and how useless altering corporate tax is. For what it's worth, I object to VAT.

Currency intervention from central bank is negotiable (ideally it'd be part of a Keynesian clearing union - unilateral capital controls are flunky), but it felt a useful signpost since there's no "ensuring full employment" option.

Finally note that it's not a constitutional presidential republic, but a parliamentary system. (To some degree I had Britain in mind while playing with it, although the prominence of natural resources may make Scotland a better choice.)

In conclusion: It's a bit of a user interface nightmare.

For reference (because there's a fuckton of fines in mine and I'm not cropping again.) where mine reads "fines" I was interpreting it as "Fines for violation" - i.e. Cannabis is age restricted, and companies that sell Cannabis to underagers are fined.

i'm going to get attacked by liberals and globalists for this

Hillary 2020, its her turn

Yeah I don't think that 60% budget deficit will last very long

I swear with each update they make it more complex

Need to set an upperlimit to things, lad. The fines would be minimal.

Psychedelics are for queers, and we can't print them positively at least in my opinion.

Interesting. I'd discuss the low environmental funding, and some of the societal policies, but that's my inner reactionary talking.

Trade Unions as the working class is interesting, I hadn't thought of that.


in parliamental systems (including UK) you don't elect the executive

First non-retard answer coming through.


If that was the only meme.

Who do i steal from to balance budget?
im usually a little more right than this , a little

You can kill yourself "illegaly" pretty easily
Or do you need help? …..

But why ?
Estate tax gives billions, and even an an-crap society advocates VAT.

Why would i admit anyone else but workers ,
the students are future specialist workers.
Why would i tax estates?

im not ancrap

Full public ownership except media; full funding healthcare, education, agriculture, etc; keep industries and retail for profit; have everything controlled by the proletariat; boom, you have a DotP. Sadly, it can't really model a post-revolutionary society

I wanna balance the budget , not discriminate based on wage

Personal tax and consumption tax determine wage and prices with public ownership. Just make the difference between min and max tax very small and adjust until you get a surplus.

This sucks , but not as much as anarcho-capitalism.
1 weird thing , welfare at 0% all is still 150mil

I have created a monster

Unemployed fund

with the fund its 200mil
without it , with EVERYTHING at 0% its still 150 , try it

How did I do?

funding in education and healthcare sector counts as welfare

understandable , thanks

turns out its only healthcare not education

I just love these tards that put a low-tier individual right (betting) as illegal but high-tier individual rights (trans, sexuality/gay) are legal…..

Betting destroys lifes, homosexuality doesn't
Also for me it's just an overlook.

And prostitution doesnt? subjectively
And drugs dont either? subjectively

idiots will always find a way to ruin their lives , individual rights cant be compromised because of them

thought they'd stopped updating this site
the new economic stuff is confusing

Cri republican boi

yeah they can, and it helps.

deal with it.

Islam would be the state-religion, yes ?


check THIS deficit out

Easiest shit I have done in my life.

Anarch slays Monarch.

Sure? Is this good?


wtf guys laugh at my joke

Shit man this is complicated, I really need to get back into economics


Trying to figure out this budget deficit. Publicly funding industries raises it, but putting 100% tax on the corporations doesn't negate it.

corporate tax is only for profits. you still have to pay for the salaries and consumption of the sector

here's mine with a more "realistic" budget if you give a shit about that stuff

Tried making Tankieland, but it's still pretty close to the center. How do I make it more authoritarian?

/shitposting flag

Abolish labor unions, women's rights and abortion, stop immigration, and make it an absolute monarchy.

I think this might be as good as it's going to get given the restrictions imposed by the compass in question. Unfortunately, even if you eliminate all other forms of spending from the equation, attempting to go full collectivization with elimination of profit motive will cause you to run a MASSIVE deficit. Welfare spending and regulations too assume that wage labor is a fixed constant, so I went off more-so the assumption that spending would be minimal under a truly socialized economy.

Also the hardest-hitting penalties adding to "statism" are regulations to business rather than individuals, meaning it becomes almost impossible to get a chart orientation reflecting anarcho-socialism without going crypto-capitalist mutualism.

Am I doin' this right?

perfectly balanced