What to do now?

Pretty demoralizing knowing that even with the help of the riot police the alt right still btfo'd brainwashed commies.

You have the mainstream media, police state and government on your side and you still fail. WHy not stand up for free speech and the race of aryan noblemen who are on the side of truth instead?

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Kek keep doing what ever your doing, it helps us all the more.

Nice commercial ad.

Wew, the Holla Forums self-affirming delusion knows no bounds.

Well, aside from BakedAlaska's vision and whatever dignity you all had before

Holla Forums actually believes cops are on our side

My sides

After everything that's happened the fact Holla Forums still supports white nationalism and western ethnocentrism, yet mods will still ban people they deem "SJW's" and people wonder why liberals make up the majority of the left.

The fuck are you talking about?

Are you blind?

You're fucking retarded if you think these posts make this board in favor of white ethnocentrism.


Obviously not the entire board dumbfuck but the sheer fact people like this browse here is shameful.

I don't see any Holla Forums support for nationalism outside of the occasional shitposter

Kek. We come here to post meme's and rub the salt in. You faggots are constantly demoralized because even if you "win" you all lose anyway.

Are you aware that this place is on 8ch of all places? Holla Forums is our neighbor and they infest every other board with their garbage.

Have you really never seen those posts?!

Not you asshole, I'm talking about the communists and others who hold white nationalist tendencies.

Yeah but I expect better from us.

How very classist of you comrade

We're the strongest we've been in decades. In Burgerland, you have to go back to the Great Depression to find a time when this strong.

Compared to the right who count every loss as a victory

Those are shitposters or are being ironic.

If not, report them. Unironic nazbol is banned.

As long as Holla Forums is there, this is the best it can get.

Mods are part of them, they won't do shit.

you will never fuck

If mods don't do anything, BO will.

This explains why all you Holla Forums fags are in complete damage control mode shilling on every board. It's because you're winning and we're losing, that must be it.

All the alt right want is to wake people up from jewish control. Hitler was right about evrything and its all coming to pass.

Jews do run our media, schools, banks and government. They completely dictate what society thinks.

All of this tranny, feminist, gay priide and irrelevant shiting nonsense is their making and is created to bring down aryan soceities so the docile mixed race lemmings who believe what their television tells them all becoem consumers who work for their CHOSEN MASTERS.

The BO is dead or just doesn't give a shit as far as I know.

Are you implying that is promoting white nationalism, because it's clearly making the opposite point.

are the jews the reason why you will never fuck


Fashlet with biggest balls ever. youtu.be/tjWgv7QrRPA?t=3m53s

Lefties wish they had the fortitude of Nathan Damigo.

Jews only run society because they did what whites never could, dominate other races, they're bad sure but you should be sucking their toes because they accomplished what whites never could and did so while being some of the lowest populated ethnic groups in the world.
Whites only hate jews because they finally got a taste of their own medicine.

Spurdoposter isn't wrong. Look how Holla Forumsyps quickly revealed itself similar to the alien from The Thing. Reminds me when nazis tried to infiltrate Anarchist groups but failed so they created National Anarchism instead.

with such strong and notfuckingcrazy foundations, how can western civilization fail

Damn, they're truly the master race.

No, the point is

Kill yourself reddit. First time I'm not saying this ironically

The entirety of fedbook and twitter is blowing up at you right now. Richard Spencer's rally was cancelled in fucking Texas.

Is this meant to be ironic?

The image is saying communism is a better system to support western culture than Not Socialism and just uses pictures of people with nazi fetishes to mock them.

It is, because it's a better system to support all cultures.

I just said: not ironic
Kill yourself or return to reddit.

Whites didn't seek to dominate other races you brainwashed shitlib. Whites always cuck for other races and always have. The British cucked with India afterliberating them from Muslims. They cucked to China, Africa, Australia and America. Everything.

We give other races free gibs and equal law for fucks sake. ANy other race just enslaves and kills other races/tribes.

Whites are literally angels on this planet. Once we're gone youre all fucked.


This has to be on multiple levels of irony
is about the most reddit thing you can say.

you will never fuck

Stopped reading right there, read a fucking 7th grade history book and come back once you're on the mental level of someone with a high school education.

just like you have an equal opportunity to fuck but you never do anyway

Can't tell if delusional or just ignorant

only civilisation to liberate its women
if you dont kill gays they multiply and cause the fall of Rome
atheists have never succeeded in building an Empire. They only create their downfall.
marijuna is a "feminine spirit" plant as shamans say. it makes men docile and lose their focus. All they do is think about random things but cant stick to one train of thought long enough to achieve anything.

Good troll. I rate it a 7/10. Will definitely get some people

So it's a better system to support Western culture, but not in lieu of other cultures.

So nationalists promote this idea that the only way to defend your culture is to be extremely xenophobic and isolationist, but here we have multi-ethnic internationalists doing a better job of it.

In other words, nationalists are full of shit.


Thats the best sign we made it to the next level. The establishment is going full attack on us because we're exposing them and waking up the public more and more.

I love how lefties trust and repeat the mainstream media while thinking theyre against "the man". Must just be the Autism Level drop off where people cant objectively think for themslves and are set to be eternal sheeple.

What!? Really!? But how though!?

and this is why lefties are lemmings.

But it will save it from cosumerism and the rampant advertisation of our lives.

Holla Forums everyone.


people becoem gay by having gay experiences usually in their youth when sexual development is being imprinted. Many gays say they had sexual experience as boys with older men. Thats how gays procreate. You cant come back once youve sucked a dick.

I like how you commies just ignored this post. Dont want to admit to yourselves that you are the docile, thoughtless masses who march inline to the mainstream media's beat. Sad!


But I thought anuddah shoah was going to make you extinct? You telling me after all these years you guys are still here?


Considering you don't have a single fact to back that up, I guess you must be speaking from experience

Group think never fails to miss the point.

These posts just get better and better in quality.

So is that who Rome fell. The gay spread to all Roman soilders and they became swishy homos.

yep, it's sad but a thread died. The cause of the death : Holla Forums shitposting.
do not bump this shit.

I can see why a fascist would feel this way, but it isn't true.

Name ten authors you read



kek. You believe the mainstrema narrative of the people you say control you?

They cite his shitty novels as an excuse for "Le ebil commie totalitarianims xc"

It's not just school textbooks, any legitimate history book is going to contradict the narrative you've constructed there.

If a history book contradicts a narrative then it wouldn't be history.

I ignored it because insect chittering isn't terribly interested. Burgers are relentlessly sprayed with propaganda about Stalin killing 7 billion people and the feds have been assassinating leftists since the 60s. The communist party is banned in California and somehow you've convinced yourself that the white race that controls 95% of the capital and every major first-world country is the underdog.

even bigger meme
your Autism Level is showing
this is fair

I was parodying them.

kek you know that cuck had plastic surgery right?


Oh yeah noice garry ya fuckin idiot

Yes of course, its all DA JOOOOS, especially the working class ones who are totally in cahoots with the capitalist scumbags like the Rothschilds, pay no attention to all the white capitalists like the Rockefellers and your favorite Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon. Don't worry about the system, everything would be perfect if it were only white people in charge… in fact, it would be SO perfect that you should give them even more control over society!

Yes of course, all those black people just freely chose to become slaves on their own, and the Native Americans were just so impressed by the colonists that they commit sudoku so the white people could have their land. And don't forget about all those poor middle easterners we've liberated by bombing their countries to rubble and funding terrorists, and all the South American countries we've helped by overthrowing their governments to install kind and caring puppet dictators. And don't get me started about the gentle saints of the East India Company…

The media is attacking you because your guys were terrorizing the locals and committed a fucking ISIS-style terrorist attack, and many of them are still trying to claim that "both sides are equally bad" right alongside your damage control squad. If you seriously think that the media favors the left then maybe you should look up shit like McCarthyism and the Espionage Act.

Are you seriously trying to complain about some "foreign horde" invading the country while celebrating a terrorist attack that killed a white woman, the same people you claim to care about?

Holla Forums, do you even remotely comprehend what a massive PR disaster this is for the far-right and nationalists? The whole country is in an uproar and even your own compatriots with more wherewithal than you are trying to distance themselves from the terror attack, not embrace it.

I would argue that both the 'far-left' and the 'far-right' are winning right now if you want to call it that. The ones losing are the moderates, who are watching people jump ship into one of those camps faster than ever every day.

fuck it, I would
even if I have to share with tyrone
and tariq
and curtis
and pajeet