Nissan unionization effort has failed. Typical anti-union propaganda seems to be working like a charm...

Nissan unionization effort has failed. Typical anti-union propaganda seems to be working like a charm, 200 years going strong.
Anyone have any theory on why this happens and how to stop it. Also how do you lads feel about unionization efforts in general?

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We can have communist revolution with or without the unions.

If you can't even get a union going, how can you ever start a revolution?

Intimidation: pure and simple. It used to be illegal.

Actually, they lose even when the company actively supports the union:

You deeply underestimate just how classcucked America and especially the south is.

Again, it of course is on the workers to fight for their rights in the workplace. But there are also massive powers at play that want to keep unions out of the south and America in general.
Volkswagen ironically tried to pull a Germany in an American market, aka have well paid workers (and therefore obedient and non-class conscious workers). But the American market already had an environment where the workers are put into a mode of conformity by the State itself, via propaganda and disincentivizing worker's rights (as shown in this case). So companies don't have to treat their workers well to get a profit; they can just treat them like garbage; drive the wages down; and have high worker turnover. You end up with shitter products, terrible working conditions, and increased capital accumulation. And companies trying to give workers a better deal -purely from a point of self interest- are pressured not to.

UAW is a yellow union. Their dues would go to the union bureaucracy and Democrat political campaigns, not organizing.

Burgers are classcucked, but rejecting UAW isn't an example of it. There's nothing classcucked about not wanting to pay dues to see your wages and benefits slashed and stagnated.

The US government has always murdered striking workers and union leaders throughout its entire history. Legality is just a technicality.

The American South is the most reactionary class cucked region on the planet. I blame Protestantism

When we get 50% unemployment. Nobody able to unionize, everyone able to revolutionize.

Good point. Most American unions are run by class traitors and class collaborators.

Unions are not necessarily bad in and of themselves, but the UAW is a dumpster full of burning diapers.
They might as well be a collection agency for the Democrats.
I wouldn't willingly join an organization that has a proven track record of shilling for porky politicians and shitting on labor, the UAW does both.

This just depresses me. America is so thoroughly classcucked that even just becoming a succdem nordic style state feels like a complete delusional fantasy.

yep america is hell on earth and is going to kill the species


Nothing new. We all know Americans hate themselves and act against their best interests. That doesn't mean it will always be this way. I don't think we'll see it in our lifetime but eventually the class cucking will become too much for the American poor and they'll actually do something about it.

that just means revolution is the only way out

The problem is two-fold. One is legislation like the Taft-Hartley Act. The other is corrupt trade union bureaucrats elected through anti-democratic state systems that continually begin from the Team Concept instead of a clear class perspective and refuse to strike or even show up to rallies in force.

Trade unions have become the dog that won't bark.

anti-democratic slate systems*

Teamster here.

Our union is completely corrupt on the ground level. And is a wing of the democratic party on the national level.

oh you say working class people in MISSISSIPPI are completely cucked?

Imagine my shock.

America is a lost cause, might as well try Fatal Strategies and accelerationism.

Perhaps, but as Marx said it will either be Socialism or Barbarism, and I certainly think we'll see the classcucked yankee go towards barbarism.

The best option might be for america to totally implode so that it at least cannot conduct any foreign wars against our class.

While I sympathize with the working people of the south since they're usually the poorest, the south is the most class cucked. And I should know because I live here. Most southerners fall under the "useful idiot" category. I suppose that might make me sound like a pretentious asshole but it's true.

I keep coming to a theory that poor americans actively hate themselves and are literal masochists. B/c of this the democrats and unions are not able to be in the least way progressive, militant, or even say the word 'class'.

For example, Obama gave 1/3 of West Virginians essentially universal healthcare. What did they do? They turned around and became more more or less the reddest state in the union. You just can't help people who aren't willing to accept help or help themselves.

Here's to the land, you've torn out the heart of.
Mississippi find yourself another country to be part of.

It's unfortunately so, but thankfully not universally. It seems to vary sharply from place to place.

This really needs some context because the politics of West Virginia are severely fucked. They're basically owned by an incestuous hive of coal barons and completely at the mercy of whoever deigns to give them jobs. They're not stupid, though. They know who's poisoning their water and destroying the services they need, but they can't do anything about it. At least, not through the ballot box…

I've heard time and again that American unions are trash; is there anything standing in the way of the creation of new labor unions, that aren't entrenched in establishment party politics and bureaucracy?

But if we had a nordic style state it would kill off any revolutionary sentiment and just allow capitalism to continue but a bit nicer.

This. The only struggle here is the anti-imperial struggle.

Enough with this meme that that the longstanding AFL/CIO, etc. unions are so bad we should actively vote against them. They're corrupt, antidemocratic, CIA collaborating trash, but they're still a hundred times better than letting porky fuck you without a condom. I was part of the UFCW union at a grocery store and used to complain about it doing nothing, until I asked my friends about their experiences at nonunion jobs and realized that things as simple as seeing your schedule three weeks in advance, actually getting a consistent amount of hours every week, not having to be on call within one hour at risk of instant termination, etc. were actually union benefits and not things I were taking for granted.

As blue collar jobs continue to disappear, the real question is how much interest there is in white collar workers to unionize. Unfortunately, white collars are somehow even more reactionary and classcucked than the average southern worker, and don't even want unions at all.

Union membership has been dropping for decades, and it's going to go below 10% by the end of the year. It's a lost cause.

I have a friend who works in the Volkswagen plant the UAW failed to organize, he told me straight up he would have lost money by joining the UAW.
Under the proposed contract, he would have gotten kicked off the line he was working on because of bullshit seniority rules, meaning he would have gotten paid less,and had the dubious "privilege" of paying dues to a union that actively supports politicians who don't give a flying Philadelphia fuck about him, or advancing the cause of labor.
There was also some hinky bullshit about the UAW trying to make the votes public instead of private, so they could put pressure the workers who weren't hip to joining the union.

Look, I've already conceded that unions are good, I actually belong to one.
I'm just saying that there are some really shit-tier unions out there, and trying to force people to join an organization that isn't fighting for their best interests is not necessarily a bad decision.

Holy shit I'm tired.
I meant to say that it's not necessarily a good decision, not a bad one.
I suppose that's what I get for doing this after I've just worked a full shift.

That sucks. It has basically reached the point in the US where even the shadow of a semblance of a pro-workers' organization is co-opted by liberals.

Non-radical unions are garbage.

there's definitely potential for that at least

Unfortunately, there are no more truly radical labor unions in the states.
The government wouldn't allow it, and porkys wouldn't hesitate to freeze out any workers who tried to form one that isn't going to kowtow to them.
Things are going to have to get a lot worse before they start getting any better.