Anti-police thread

You guys may already know this but Seattle police are fashy as hell. Portland police protected far-right / alt-right cunts on June 4th. Well, Seattle police protected them again August 13th in the wake of another national tragedy. We got teargassed at a peaceful event. Meanwhile, they also protected the fascists and gave them escorts back to their vehicles.

Even in the pacific NW where politics are very lefty, cops and klan walk hand in hand.

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remember when a cop did a tactical roll at a children's pool party

Because its their job to protect citizens?

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Can you blame him? I would do rolls all the time too as a cop

Something that kind of pissed me off was that 2 or 3 of the bike cops had the anarcho-communist flag on stickers or similar.

If they really wanted to support the left, they would have been against the teargas / kettling / flashbangs that were 100% unprovoked.

A red fascist sucks police dick. Surprise, surprise

What do you want instead? For them to stop upholding the law completely? Or to just judge arbitrary on the spot who is "worth" protecting and who is not

If there's two groups who want to engage in dialog, why isn't the group of hateful bigots the one on the hot seat, getting the unprovoked macings? After all that shit Saturday too?

Because somebody talking shit is not the reason to harm him physically

That would be a crime and crime is for black people

The NW isn't lefty at all. It's just extremely liberal.


The cops in the PacNW have been fighting leftists ever since the IWW showed up a hundred-some years ago.

what did he mean by this

Why not work with police unions to get rid of class traitors in their ranks?

because police unions exist so that abusive cops can protect each other.

So Holla Forums is bitching about the cops protecting fascists with a barrier, and Holla Forums is bitching about how the cops pushed them into a violent mob, and arrested some people. Interesting to see how common delusion of persecution is among extremists of both sides. It's basically "THE SYSTEM IS AGAINST US, AND OUR IDEOLOGY IS THE SOLUTION!"

Police in some parts of the country have a long history of collaboration with white supremacists, but on the whole police forces have paid very little attention to fascists or antifa. The rubber bullets and armored personnel carriers that make so many appearences at BLM protests were not, to the best of my knowledge, deployed durring the unrest in Charlottesville or the giant brawls in Berkely, and the police didn't bother showing up to the walmart tiki torch march on the Friday before. The most extreme state response so far has been to dozens of innauguration day protestors accused of conspiracy to break a window who could each face decades in prison.

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I live in the NW, and I personally know only one other leftist.

That's how it is already.