Japan: A Story of Love and Hate

Have you apologized to comrade Naoki yet, Holla Forums?


I can't watch it right now, will you summarize it for me, please?

Japanese man and girlfriend get routinely fucked by capitalist system over and over again: the movie

documentary about an old Maoist rebel working a "part time" 7hr/day job while living with his GF who works 15hr/day

The description said he was an executive? Fuck he sounds based tho.

he was, but his business died in the 90s market crash

I can't tell if this is retarded or not

he was a maoist rebel when he was young, got a business later, and then lost it all in the crash. it's not complicated.

Thank you.

most classcucked country in the world by far

Good documentary. The only problem I had with it was the throwaway line of "le all ethnic Japanese are racist."

the film maker seemed pretty ignorant of things in general, but he was good at capturing the human moments. he said bizarre and dumb stuff like "it seemed like a communist country pretending to be capitalist," like wtf does that even mean?

Sounds like the unironic opinion of many aut-rightists.

Holy shit, is this really him in the comments? It seems like it could be.

Cancer : (

They are. You should see the stereotypical portrayals of black people in Japanese movies.

Can't be worst than Mickey Rooney puting on glasses and plastic teeths in "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

fuck off idiot

I don't understand this attitude. I don't approve of racism, but wishing people to be crushed by the capitalist system because they're a racist seems anti-leftist.

Kill the fucking idpolers. Holy shit.

Americans everybody.
The english world was the only one with minstril shows. Dont project your own culture on the rest of the world. Youre like those americans who think some spanish town is part of the kkk.

Damn you should show this to any weeb who wants to move to japan

Sorry Naoki