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If only people would follow these guide-lines.
Afroplasm would have fucked off back to reddit already.

Are you implying ACTA is idpol, or?

he obviously is not.

I agree, this board could use some anti-idpol purging tbqh

I'm not

Fucking THIS. Mods, please. There's been such an incredible increase in reddit-tier posts. The quality of the board is declining severely.

I mean it's pretty obvious but some sperg in the ACTA thread still started trying to throw idpol objections around.

You talking about me mate?


stop hating on afroplasm he's a good poster

also why does the op picture hate on gramsci? Seriously?

I have been an advocate of id-pol purging for years.
Unfortunately I fear that we may be to late, and I'm worried about id-pol infiltration into the mod team.

On what metric do you consider him to be a good poster?

He is an obvious reddit-fag that has made zero attempt to adapt to imageboard culture.
He is a black-nationalist, black-separatist and likely a black-supremacist that pushes identity politics with every post he makes.
The fag is clearly COINTELPRO, the idea that all of his problems should be ignored because he is black and dresses up his id-pol behind a thin veil of Marxist language is maddening.

Racial-Nationalists of any short should be opposed at every opportunity.
The idea that even one poster here would defend racial-nationalist is deeply worrying.
Remember that if Afroplasm had white skin, he would be posting on Holla Forums (or maybe more accurately, r/the_donald) right now.

on the other side, he hates fags, so it evens out. cool dude.

that is also idpol you fucking retard. he is trying to blend in by being edgy

You have to remember how heavily ingrained the idea of Protected Classes are in Modern Western Culture.

Howard your back? Haven't seen you in a while.


I returned on the 14th day.

This is just a sad attempt a smearing those that oppose your COINTELPRO position, fag.
Your image-board illiteracy is clear.
Fuck off back to reddit.

I noticed we pretty much never have liberals post here, just AnCaps and Nazis.

Given his lack of a Trip code, How can we be sure that Afroplasm actually exists and is not just a meme identity that people use when they want to pretend to be retarded?

what's the difference.

The relative ideological consistency I think precludes any sort of 'meme' identity from being the case, certainly for the most part.

Black-nationalist idpol, hostility to anti-idpolers (such as myself) and a fundamental lack of understanding of both the functionality and culture of image-boards are all consistent 'Afroplasm' positions.

if the mods aren't gonna pin this thread I'll do it myself manually.


This and also filenames from windows xp