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ITT: we make fun of classcucks

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Pretty sure these are images from back when occupy wall st was a thing, and they are essentially making fun of classcucks.

The "53%" is a reference to Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign gaffe about how 47% of Americans are lazy and contribute nothing to society.

yeah looks like youre right, my bad OP


Why are Americans content with being beasts of burden?

Le bad job man isn't a classcuck, he's a rich actor who plays a classcuck on TV

fucking BTFO lmao I hope she teachers her kids how to be as smart as their father

wondering how many of these "never complainers" are now crying about anuddah shoah

"Why does this guy reject so violently to put the glasses on? It is as if he is well aware that spontaneously he lives in a lie that the glasses will make him see the truth but that this truth can be painful"

It's impossible to tell trolls from the real ones. I mean working 98 hours a week on a single fucking job? It's ludicrous, yet depressingly possible in modern America.

98 hours a week on one job would mean nearly 60 hours of overtime. I find that difficult to believe.

tbh I doubt that, they don't typically want to work people more than 40 hours a week because of overtime

Wow what tough cookies who are just so strong and hard working. So proud of American citizens. Just so so proud.

This is ironic because socialists cuck for the "working class."


I am the reserve army of labour

They expect people to work for free. Unpaid overtime and shit.

Even if you falsely make the claim only porky benefits, their dedication toward what they think is right is admirable. Mocking people for misplacing their work ethic is pathetic.

The majority of Americans don't even know what class they are a part of

Good goy!

There is nothing funny about useful idiots. They aren't even nasty people like alt-right cucks, just brainwashed by the system that oppresses them. It's sad.

So according to your logic, if a group of people genuinely believed slamming their head against a brick wall would make them smarter, and were dedicated, those people could not be subject to criticism? Or more realistically, if Muslims blew themselves up, displaying remarkable dedication to their cause, hard work, that those people should not be subject to criticism? Interesting…
Now in regard to the claim that it "falsely" benefits pork, ask yourself, who makes all the money in the West? How sits back and eats caviar while these people bust their asses? How does this benefit anybody other than those on top, especially when you consider we haven't seen a real wage increase in the US since the late 1960s

I swear Holla Forums are the dumbest people alive

That's a hell of a strawman, friend.
Slamming your head into a wall has no obvious benefit – I also never said those people were not subject to criticism.
Secondly, the word, "only" is used as, "exclusively."
It's much easier to get along with people when you read what they say instead of what you want them to say.


This is the argument that I'm making and this post specifically would if I hadn't pointed it out likely go without confrontation. In other words, you're arguing with my flag; not what I say.

What does the 53% stand for?
White non-hispanic?

Yea its a strawman but its intentional, what benefit exists for people to live in a society in which you must work to this level in order to survive? It is unecessary, its not altruistic, it is what is forced on us. And you haven't really said anything beyond it simply being "for their nation" or whatever without actually specifying how exactly their nation benefits.

not at all. I've defended nazi flags before. Unlike the typical 4/pol/ posters nazi flag posters at the very least sometimes meaningfully post here. I really have no problem when you guys comes come here to have actual discussion, its the "hey let's post a bunch of hitler pictures that'll show them" posters I have a problem with

So I'm really not trying to start shit, troll, or be an ass. I just don't really understand why working this hard is a virtue when we live in a system that enforces this? Especially when it really doesn't have to be this way.

None, really.
I haven't read every sign frankly, I think they're a bit obnoxious but I don't think that survival is the argument they're making. It's really more of an, "I work hard, so can you" sort of thing. When you work to be self-sustaining, you aren't a drag on the people around you – thereby making you a benefit to society.

Ah well, I think the main sentiment in this thread is that it is a stockholm syndrome type thing. Keep in mind, from the Marxist perspective there really isn't much in the way of labor that isn't exploitative to us, simply by virtue of somebody else profiting off your work.
The fact that people get subjected to such work, and then brag about it is what irks me at least.
And can and absolutely do work hard, but I am in a rather unique situation where I don't exactly have "labor" that is exploited. But if I did, I sure as fuck would rather have that labor directly benefit society, and not have the surplus value of that labor skimmed off the top and pocketed by the rich, in what they call profit.


People who pay income tax. It was from a Mitt Romney speech to donors (47% of population won't vote fore Republicans because they just want handouts) and later got used by conservatives as a counter to the Occupy Wall Street 99% rhetoric.

Its my job to be the person porky points at when they feel like acting up on the job. I get paid enough just to not starve and be bored to death. Its humiliating but somebody's gotta do it! :^)
Alright, back to porn and video games and junk food.

"The virtues of the poor may be readily admitted, and are much to be regretted. We are often told that the poor are grateful for charity. Some of them are, no doubt, but the best amongst the poor are never grateful. They are ungrateful, discontented, disobedient, and rebellious. They are quite right to be so. Charity they feel to be a ridiculously inadequate mode of partial restitution, or a sentimental dole, usually accompanied by some impertinent attempt on the part of the sentimentalist to tyrannise over their private lives. Why should they be grateful for the crumbs that fall from the rich man’s table? They should be seated at the board, and are beginning to know it. As for being discontented, a man who would not be discontented with such surroundings and such a low mode of life would be a perfect brute. Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion. Sometimes the poor are praised for being thrifty. But to recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting. It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less. For a town or country labourer to practise thrift would be absolutely immoral. Man should not be ready to show that he can live like a badly-fed animal. He should decline to live like that, and should either steal or go on the rates, which is considered by many to be a form of stealing. As for begging, it is safer to beg than to take, but it is finer to take than to beg. No: a poor man who is ungrateful, unthrifty, discontented, and rebellious, is probably a real personality, and has much in him. He is at any rate a healthy protest. As for the virtuous poor, one can pity them, of course, but one cannot possibly admire them. They have made private terms with the enemy, and sold their birthright for very bad pottage. They must also be extraordinarily stupid. I can quite understand a man accepting laws that protect private property, and admit of its accumulation, as long as he himself is able under those conditions to realise some form of beautiful and intellectual life. But it is almost incredible to me how a man whose life is marred and made hideous by such laws can possibly acquiesce in their continuance."
t. Oscar Wilde


They're literally our enemies. They'll get all their fill of the hard work and sacrifice they love so much and then some in gulag.

Apart from them getting a useless expnesive degree I see no problem
What are you going to do, deny that we live in capitalism and pretend it's not happening? What did you expect, to have lol capitalism instead of that wall of text or what?
That's the world we're living in and these people don't deny it, what's the problem?

That they work hard isn't the issue.

The issue is that they've fetishized their chains and support the system that produces their hardships.

But what's the difference between them and you?
if in the end of their every argument they added ", this is btw a result of the current economic system" would anything change? Because this thread is implying that would be a 180 somehow
Ok, now I'm not implying that you're one but a trend I'm seeing more and more recently is people who don't even want to think how to be successful in capitalism and just go "lol, I'll just wait till capitalism collapses, this system is fucked anyway"
Utopians are the cancer

Fuck trying to be successful under capitalism. I'm going to train in my NEET bunker until it collapses.

Depends what she does. If self employed you can work as many hours as you want. That said, working 14 hours a day every day would most likely be a shortcut to burnout.

Last woman's story is pretty unremarkable tbqh. Sounds like your average petty bourgeois woman who has gone through some small patches of uncertainty

So you work a basic service job. Which is easily automated. In other words, you are essentially working 14 hours a day for nothing.
God bless America


that first girl has dead eyes lmao

class cucks, when will they learn?

Capitalism isn't some kind of force of nature, if everyone who got fucked by capitalism hated it, we wouldn't have capitalism anymore.

He's right, many of those people unironically are posting here in leftypol now while they complain about how society hasn't done enough for them.



Nice projection, Holla Forums-friend. Now get out.

eyy big shoutout to Zizek and the Perverts guide to Ideology. Really helped de-spook me and see trough the dominant ideology and propagada of caitalism.
It really is painful in a way to face ideology and see trough the bullshit. That They Live scene is so good.


How can you be so proud of your chains?


How do you figure? I suppose you've fallen for the trap of thinking that your politics make you more virtuous?

Isn't it ironic that the ideology that complains about "virtue signaling" the most is entirely founded on virtue signaling.

Things that never happened

Gotta love the Murican Dream

The same guy is an /r9k/ pet, and MAGA supporter

Wew lad.


Soviet military deaths were between 8-12 million (over the course of the entire war from all causes). The rest were Nazis murdering civilians.

You walk the street all by yourself when you are ambushed by a pack of alt-furries. How fucked are you?

Because we're taught at the ripe young age that the only way to "succeed" in life is by working your ass off and being subservient to the bourgeoisie.

Everyone is fugging spooged my dude, send help.


Would a fursuit burn quick if you set it on fire with say, an aerosol and a lighter? Just a thought experiment.

As a furry: It depends heavily on what they're made of.

I honestly can't imagine someone being that fucking stupid to bring one to a protest. He's wearing a $1,500 suit to a place where it could get destroyed in seconds.

and what did the wise man say about never going full retard?


There's nothing wrong with that combination.

I assume you think the dedication of communists and anti-racists towards what they think is right is admirable as well?

Yeah, that's why Germany suffered the most humiliating defeat in history.

the fact that this meme even exists is proof enough we need to be nuked

my sides

ahahaha no one can be this stupid

you do realize there is a more efficient system than this right? have you never read marx?

oh wait nvm just noticed the flag, of course you haven't read a book in your life


Nazis: massacring their own innocent civilians and proud of it since 1933


y tho

Can't take pride in your job if you don't have a job.


99% of Americans.

I hate the term cumskin. Cum is good, use puss or smegma. Maybe that doesn't roll of the tongue as well as cum.

Cumskin is a dumb slur also for being derivative of shitskin. Shitskin works because brown skin does kind of resemble the color of shit (depending on the shit). Nobody's skin resembles cum, so it doesn't work. And on top of this it implies reliance on racists to generate the memes. An appropriate counter to shitskin would be something that stands on its own and preferably gets whitey for their social role more than their physical traits. Something that plays off white racist insecurity would be best. It still has to be personally offensive to the person hearing it though. Maybe something in the vein of untermensch.

This is why people say we aren't funny.

feels good comrade

Normally to be "funny" on the chans is to be taken lightly. I'd prefer to be taken with some severity, then to be a pun.

Can I see your sword collection?

Don't be a faggot, furcoms are comrades too.


KYS furfags

Classcuckery straight from my cousin's FB

You're the same retard who got BTFO a week ago. Read a fucking book already.

I don't get this meme. Food production is one of the most obvious things that the market cannot actually do properly. Do people just not know history or something?

Because breadlines existed in the USSR but apparently never have in the United States even though they historically have.


bullshit!!! i had mcdonalds this morning

Today, I will remind them.

Do you have a source I can use when I get into this argument with family members?


y'all are both goofs, use google

Another source for ya'll even tho the guy above me already got to it. This is from world renowned economic historian Robert C. Allen's book From the Farm to Factory: A Reinterpretation of the Soviet Industrial Revolution


if you skip to the bottom of the source i sent there's an FAQ thingy that sort of tl;dr's the basic stuff for you. The stats they used when they said the USSR had a higher caloric intake are sort of ambiguous and questionable according to the author (who did a shit tonne of research for this one article so I think this is a reasonable claim) but all of the propaganda about how there was rationing and starving people everywhere is all bullshit. Especially considering how Tsarist Russia was before the revolution and how much society improved after its pretty incredible to think that they were barely trailing behind the west in food consumption only a couple decades after being a backwards ass feudal shithole. I think lots of people forget this when they compare the USSR to America at the time.

Boomp cause of shitty raid

No idea who you're talking about, and the antifascist circle was the symbol of the SPD's militia, who also were openly anti-communist.

I puked in my mouth a little.

I'd rather kill myself than living like these people. Actually I'm completely sure that I could tolerate this lifestyle (for a very high mental toll), yet I'd rather kill myself than accept it and promote it.
If you're a mother of 3 studying 40 hours per week while working 30 hours per week in a grocery store, then I can say that your work ethic is admirable, but if I also see you justify the status quo for putting you in this context, then I must start thinking that there's some Stockholm Syndrome going on.

What a cunt.

Post more bootlickers, their suffering makes my cock hard.


You guys really are a joke aren't you.

I want to hurt these people.

Am I supposed to think antifa is wrong or something?