Data mining / ideology survey thread

Try again, FBI.

Floppy disk? quaint


i voted zizekian libertarian marxism-leninism even tho its a meme it really isnt far off

but there should be a "i will support anything really trying to end capitalism that gets off the ground", market socialists and mutualists included socdems not included


What box am I supposed to check if I believe in reformism, think abolishing the state is dumb, oppose teleology, think the nation is a spook, and simultaneously don't see any need whatsoever to keep private ownership? I checked socdem but I'm not sure that's accurate.


DeLeonism isn't on there so I picked Bookchin meme. I'm shifting between DeLeon, AnSyn, and Communalism.

why isnt dutch leftcom on there?
Why isn't anything like althusserian/western marxism on there?


This, and why is there no contemporary left communism / communization theory?

no smoking

feels good man

I dunno

can you add just general "Communism" 'cause I'm not really stuck on how we should get there as long as:
1. We get to kill rich people in the process
2. Everything is free at the end


1. We get to kill rich people in the process
2. Everything is free at the end

Doesn't work that way. It will not work that way until we can automate fully. Someone will have to pay in labor. And that stupid fucking way of thinking is why communism still fails. You don't contribute labor, you deserve to starve, you fucking cretin.

isn't market socialism just social democracy with coops

Same here.
Everyone is "paid" for their labour by everything being freely accessible. Why get paid when you don't need money for anything?

that's not really what I meant but I'm glad you got to vent buddy.

Irish leftist here, i support abolishing both English and dail control by any means and at any cost. why no republicanism?

SocDems get one

Was the second one supposed to be anarcho-communism because that's not on there.

You really are dumb, user. You say you will support anything that will "really try" to end capitalism without even understanding what capitalism is or how it works. MarketSuccs can't overthrow capitalism because they are capitalists, as you'd know if you'd read even a minimal amount of theory. You'd support any movement not because you're that desperate or flexible or whatever, but because you don't even understand the differences.

How often do we have this bloody thread?
….I did the survey anyways as always

How can Luxemburg be a LeftCom if there wasn't even a Third International in which one could be in the left opposition?

Nah I understand well that market socialists are not going to even try to bring communism or even socialism but their system seems far more bearable than capitalism as it exists now

I was mostly shitposting about socdems tho I would love that dank UBI

What did you vote for?

This board is definitely getting more tankie as of late.

And Rosa wasn't a leftcom you fucking mongoloid.

You need to actually read a book you raging turbo-faggot.


Top kek

No DeLeonism with ML tendencies so an-syn it is. bad survey FBI.

Syndicalism-leaning, but not anarcho- since they can't defend adequately from outside crap and >it's not a state if we don't call it a state

fuck you too OP.


What did Holla Forums mean by this?


Even the strawpoll got raided by Holla Forums.