Who should be no platformed?

So obviously the stormfags and various aut right losers deserve no platform. But what about the alt lite types?
On the one hand, Mike Thernovich, Milo Yiannopoulis and the rest seem to have stopped openly advocating for white nationalism. On the other hand, they're all fucking scammers and much of their audience directly overlaps with the stormfags. They're like a gateway drug in that regard.
What say you, Holla Forums?
(Pic related if you don't know who Cernovich is.)

No platform Republicans so the Nazi masturbation fantasy can be kick-started thank appreciate it.

The bourgs by siezing the means of production etc.

Does Cernovich even do public speaking? I thought his whole grift was more red pill mra divorce dad scams than full on white supremacy. Let guys like Cerno or Baked Alaska speak, they are completely retarded. You have to stop the ones with ideology like Spencer.

Also no platform centrist/center right libs who try and smear the left. No platform Joy Ann Reid.

This kind of question is why we need dual power. The decision for who to silence can't be left to a bunch of individuals or anarkiddie mobs. We need to start building a proletarian state that makes the rules and enforces them. People aren't scared of speech restrictions because they're free speech absolutists, they're scared of temperamental idiots trying to censor anything they don't like.

Anyway, literally the entire bourgeois media belongs in a gulag or up against the wall. Anyone who played a significant role in promoting foreign wars or fascism has to go.

we should let them scam as many stormfags as possible, then.

alt lighters are just edgy liberals who get off at feeling persecuted, no point in giving them what they want, imo. Besides, vanilla neoliberals and neocons have been an order of magnitude more destructive than alt lite scammers, despite being the epitome of bourgeois respectability.

Uh, no. If someone is a low-level threat, you run low-level COINTEL and interference against them. Blocking their comms, send them to re-education sessions, etc. but not necessarily killing or imprisoning them. It's only if they persist or ramp up that you crack down. But Cerno is definitely a higher-level target.

What level of larping is this?

Cerno and Baked Alaska are considered as retards even by a lot of the aut-rightists they pander to. They do more damage to their "movement" on their own.

They should all be given a platform to say their piece. Then maybe they wouldn't feel the need to drive their cars through a fucking group of people

Thernovich does little meetups here and there. I guess the better person would be M.I.L.O. or Ben Shapiro, etc.
They're on the gravy train much more.
My instinct is to let these cucks do their thing because either they're preaching an ideology that is totally irrelevant (Shapiro) or they're so obviously scamming (McInness or M.I.L.O) that they aren't likely to get much of an audience beyond a few thousand fools.

I literally found out who baked alaska was yesterday and then he got maced. Since I hated him instantly this has been an immensely satisfying experience. Whoever has the Baked Alaska voodoo doll, keep stabbing his eyes.

No platforming is a bad tactic as it ends up promoting the people being prevented to express themselves more than anything else. It's exactly like the Streisand effect.

Also this.

Baked Alaska is a failed white rapper wannabe who was tweeting about his support for black lives matter just 3 years ago. I honestly believe he's too stupid to fully understand the implications of being a neonazi.

No platforming is essentially a virtual form of bashing the fash. Obviously we're ok w/doing it to Anglin and his monkeys. This is about the other losers.

I've been seeing a lot of convincing posts that he probably faked getting maced too.

He straight out tweeted the 14 words not long ago. He is too stupid to understand anything.

this thread

You need to go back to reddit. We are trying to keep the amount of LARPing to a minimum here.
It's GoDaddy who did it, not us. Yes, I'm happy that his website got shutdown, but if your plan is to complain on tumblr about how sexist and racist X site is, you will just indirectly promote it. If you know how to take down a website, just do it and shut the fuck up.

couldn't agree more


I don't usually say this on the interwebs, but kys

GoDaddy cancelled the domain because they got flooded w/complaints. Thus Anglin was no platformed.
If they hadn't be deluged w/complaints, they'd have let him keep doing his thing.
How fucking dumb are you not to realize that? Punching fascists in the street is operationally the same as trying to get them banned from various tech platforms. What kind of Stalinist are you?

Spacing each paragraph is just proper grammar. Redditspacing is spacing each sentence like a fucktard

I think we should do whatever in our power to actively PROMOTE morons like cernovich or baked alaska as to undermine the potential for any serious far right movement.

experience shows they will create their own tech platforms. and maybe that's a sound strategy. huge liberal tech companies don't seem very fond of the left either.


Red Fascist STFU.

Why should any one be no-platformed?

Why should any one be no-platformed?