What did you do today to fight capitalism? What did you do today to improve your ability to fight fascism?

What did you do today to fight capitalism? What did you do today to improve your ability to fight fascism?

for dinner I ate a bunch of shit from my garden.
Not much, but at least all of that was from my own labor, I didn't have to support a corporation that exploits people. I think small things like this added up may make a difference

I can practically hear porky screaming in agony. not gonna let those fucking bourgie roaches exploit my labor


Wrote a script for some agitation propaganda, recording tomorrow.

I worked out and read some theory. Lifestylism really so I don't think either of those are really doing anything, but I guess it's better than just playing vidya all day. Hoping to organize a new DSA chapter and set up a reading group once I've moved next year. Would make it three chapters in a deep southern state which would be awesome.

good shit

Which deep southern state, user? I happen to live somewhat in the deep south as well.

Read history. Theory can wait for now.


Physical strength and knowledge are important. You are doing more than most.

I took a First-Aid class, acquiring practical skills that could be used later on. Does browsing Holla Forums count as training?

Shit posted on 4 chan trying to spook Nazis. Kept bringing up how the Feds came down on their forebearers after McVeigh.
Continued learning Linux since it's basically utilizing millions of hours of dead labor proles have kept porky from destroying.

I didn't provide surplus-value to anyone, I didn't reproduce and I didn't spend any money.

Name one example.

Read philosophy, attended a course of history, watched a few documentaries, trying to learn to cook (I lost 30 kgs but eating meat and fat only is just too damn expensive), reading theory, converted all of my friends to leftism, I'm doing pretty good.

If you have any form of qualification you are just being a labor token for porky with which he lowers the value of labor, you not working means someone somewhere else in the country works twice as hard for less, because porky can threaten him with pay reduction when there are 10.000 people unemployed; whether you are looking for a job or not you are a statistic.

Gotta work all three sectors comrades.



You don't do this?


Called Anarkiddies retarded on the internet

*$0.5 has been deposited into your account.*

If someone paid me that much for it I would unironically do it more often tbh

Does that work?

Even lazier

So basically you are sponging from the labor of your fellow countrymen and class.

Thanks, porkie.

I read theory because i'm far from having wholly understood what i'm up against.