Apolitical sociopath here

i also have autism. just wanted to let you know that i've been monitoring this board and performing content analysis to see what makes you tick. long story short I have a good chunk of your social media accounts mapped out and I am considering selling it to the alt-right. i could be per$uaded otherwise though.

Other urls found in this thread:


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You could have left this part out, and it would have been assumed from the rest of the content in your post.
Do it faggot

No one gives a shit

Do it faggot. INB4 you spare us your wrath.

i know you put a lot of work into your raids but I have to look out for myself. ill give you all a chance to make your profiles private before the leak. thanks for your understanding

do it, anybody who has a "social" media account is probably a normalfag and doesn't belong on this board tbh.

that or you'll just be selling Bat'ko's accounts :^)

i am currently talking with weev in a private channel, hold up.

Call the pizza man I don't give a fuck.

where are you leaking them. How did you get all this account information?
Why am I responding to such autistic threads, I hope you release my account information and I get stoned in the street

using a small image board with memes that less than 200 people know about is a bad idea when you also use social media.

I have a question and it's pretty important but I need to know if you'll answer it seriously first. Will you do that for me?

I'm not going into the numerical problem there, but there are several accounts that use the meme that aren't Holla Forums, you can get half of them off Google ffs. Also, anyone using the Holla Forums memes clearly doesn't care for being associated with Socialism. This isn't autistic, this is just bad work.

don't forget about your unique linguistics fellas. plenty of game forums corresponding to facebook posts corresponding to 8ch. Anon5 only took about 3 days to be doxxed.

That's not what I need to know, it's more important than that.

Release the profiles you dumb 14 year old faggot.

Name 10 unique linguistics. Even that's kind of skimpy, "I swear they're evil, looks they say these words".

Seriously this, I'm kind of excited even though I know this is fake.

keep an eye on weev in the coming days and keep your profiles clean.


OP here with the goods:


He was able to find all 5 Facebook accounts and the corner of Twitter that constantly Stirnerposts.