I'll go straight to the point

You guys can continue what I started, put certain people in 8ch between a rock and a hard place.

To be fair, I'm not a lefty, but that doesn't matter. You guys have the ability to have leverage on 8/pol/, remember Trump: the more silly (don't be serious OR push an agenda) you play the game, the higher your chance of seeing your opponent shoot himself on the foot.

1) pretend you're real white nationalists on Holla Forums (any white not using the Virgin of Guadalupe as their Symbol is a RACE TRAITOR)
2) attack race traitors (will post race traitors to get started)
3) play victim that 8/pol/ hates innocent white families

The object should (AT FIRST) lack any goals or ideology, just try to get these men doxed unless The Virgin of Guadalupe becomes the symbol of White Nationalism (doesn't matter what happens, it's a win-win for you guys).

Also, rather than to start with the pic I'm going to post after this, you can start with pic related and test the waters on 8/b/. I've done my part, if you lefties fuck this up, there is no hope for you people.

Read and use the filename! 1/6


You guys literally can win against the retards slithering on Holla Forums and other boards, and drive them back to their circle jerk.

This seems like faggotry, but I'm too tired and apathetic to do anything about it.
Hahahahahaha. :(

these kids either go to college or are leaching off of daddy's market shares.

Why haven't the mods stickied this thread already?

I can tell your not from here because everyone in this board is a failure, but you… Just wow

I'm 100% sure a Holla Forumsyp piece of shit posted this so that he can later provide "proof" of the ever-present forum sliding and infiltration that only Holla Forums does in actuality.


meh, we don't astroturf and raid like Holla Forums does

That was on Holla Forums, and the purpose was to:
1) make the Guadalupe Virgin into a white nationalist symbol
2) blame 8/pol/ or white nationalism for the dox (by some third party) of these white nationalists

Tell me how any of this goes back to this board? Can't you pretend to be a white nationalist that hates "race traitors" (whites that don't have the Virgen de Guadalupe as their race symbol) OR are leftists so retarded that they cannot have fun without injecting their FAILED politics for 5 fucking minutes?


not your personal red army

can lefties read?

This is the best idea posted here ever; bonus if mods sticky this thread to show some balls!!


Can you at least try and make it more subtle?

Actually, that was me

Don't know who are the other two. No wonder the left is not winning, they shun ideas too often.



Lenin quints