Varg "All Power to Soviets" Vikernes


What was his name again?

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Varg "Nazbol party, against the American Sharty" Vikernes



I look forward to the day when reactionary pseudo-leftists stop shitting up this board by posting ecofash garbage.

Why exactly do people give a fuck about this tool?


I used to idolize this guy when I was a teenager, I was in a black metal band and we'd play his songs all the time, I also read his blog and laugh at how comically disconnected with reality he seemed to be (still in prison at the time).
Now that he's started this youtube nonsense it's just not funny anymore, it's not just a stupid blog the guy really has a political agenda. Fuck, he really buys into the shit that he peddles, he really does believe stabbing someone in the forehead is self-defense, he really does hate people like me for having brown eyes, and to top it all off he's gathered hordes of adoring fans that gobble up everything he says and might not even have got to know him for his music.
I try to laugh at how he shits in a bucket full of sawdust and sees himself as a preacher of what he thinks is real paganism, but I just can't.
I'll go play "The crying orc" on guitar now if you'll excuse me.

Varg sounds like he is advocating for europeans to be treated like protected, indigenous groups. Like he wants to fight capitalism so he can fuck blonde women peacefully in his "native land" and build wooden houses and farm. Which is kind of funny, and probably preferable to have white people wanting to be on tribal reservations rather than trying to conquer the state so they can displace and murder everybody who isn't white.

Varg "dancing viking bolshevik" Vikernes is 100% /ourguy/

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I love Varg, I don't care what people think about him. He isn't a LARPer, he actually does what he says.

I don't think you understand what that word means.

This is literally the position of Generation Identity.


Are we talking about Murray "american libertarians are leftists" Bookchin?

Are you sure you've watched his videos? He's for a pan-Europa and thinks all Europeans have already mixed enough anyway so it doesn't matter to distinguish between the different Europeans.

vargs music is okay but all he does now is vlogs while he lives on welfare

feel like you described me when i was really into black metal and was 13! haha. i also loved the guy from Dissection. Still love him for the music (same for Varg), but it doesn't excuse either of them for being straight regressive trash.

Dissection dude murgered a fag, Varg just was went full autism.

All around yeah as I have aged I am surprised I looked up to these guys at one time. I never absorbed the rhetoric, I was just attracted to the iconoclastic church burning shit. Which, tbh, I still think is cool from an edgy perspective. But the whole unironic fascism shit just ruins it all they seem ridiculous.

It was the first drummer of Emperor that killed the gay guy iirc.

um. idk man. i am pretty sure jon from dissection played some part in a gay guys death. if not was an accessory to it… but idk maybe im wrong. pretty sure that guy went to prison too though.

Varg is alright, if you ignore his ethno-nationalism spook he is actually a pretty smart man.
I think this is the guy you're talking about.

Kek, I bet he do not want his daughter to fuck anyone right now, she's too fucking young so of course he imagine her husband to be kind, wise, "true aryan" and similar bullshit.

He's got a 25 year old daughter he completely abandoned, too.
Bet she's fucking niggers left and right just to spite him.

holy shit, proofs?

that's also what the decolonisation crowd wants, isn't it

He never really talks about her or her mother, maybe because she probably wasn't planned as he was 19.
Anyway, as far as I know, he went to prison a few months before/after she was born, and when he got out he pretty much moved to France with his wife straight away so I can't think they've ever had anything resembling a father/daughter relationship.
Some say this is her, but there doesn't seem to be much evidence one way or another, like I said, he NEVER talks about her or her mother.

Varg would be a good asset in the revolution, as soon as we win he could just go back to a village and LARP for the rest of eternity

Varg literally advocates for nazism, how the fuck can any of you think he is a leftist?

"nazism" no he doesn't he condemns capitalism

If he's referring to liberals and antifa he's mistaken.

Now to despook him on racism. I always knew Varg would come through.

Holla Forums butthurt level: 88/14

No, we are talking about Murray "Private Property should be controlled and owned democratically, you insufferable fucking LARPer" Bookchin.

Varg "Worship Thor, the Worker Protector" Vikernes will turn Red by the end of this year. Mark my fucking words.

so did the nazis you idiot fuck

Sometimes I wish he get serious with music again instead of spouting his paranoid shit on Youtube. Filosofem is a really sweet record.

I wonder how he spend his days now, maybe just driving around in his Lada Niva. The bastard doesn't even bother learning French.

Does he even have friends to play LARP with?

Someone should introduce him to Nazbol.


Varg "Gulag Them All, Let Cheka Sort Them Out" Vikernes
Varg "The Bouncing Viking Bolshevik" Vikernes
Varg "Whole Lotta Holodomor" Vikernes
Varg "Great Curbstomp Forward" Vikernes
Varg "Committed Speculation? Prepare for Dekulakization" Vikernes
Varg "Let a Hundred Flowers Wilt" Vikernes
Varg "You Mess With the KGB, You Mess With Me" Vikernes
Varg "I Have an Urge to Purge" Vikernes
Varg "Socialism in One Bullet" Vikernes
Varg "You Revise, I Euthanize" Vikernes
Varg "The Revolting Revolutionary" Vikernes
Varg "The Horned Helm of the Proletariat" Vikernes
Varg "Year Zero" Vikernes
Varg "Decapitate the Capitalists" Vikernes
Varg "All Power to the Soviets, All Kulaks to the Gulags" Vikernes
Varg "The Walking Re-education Camp" Vikernes
Varg "Those Who Pray Won't See the End of This Day" Vikernes
Varg "The Führer Fragger" Vikernes
Varg "The Real Red Terror" Vikernes
Varg "The Travelling Show Trial" Vikernes
Varg "One-Man Troika" Vikernes
Varg "It's self-criticism time!" Vikernes

The nazis condemned capitalism while supporting it, did you just find out?

Let's find out!

he does talk about some leftist hippie fellow travellers who are into permaculture and paganism.

Varg is winning souls out there from the looks of it.


Wow. Daily Stormer's down. AltRight discord is down. Confederate statue is toppled. Everyone hates Holla Forums. And now, VARG HAS JOINED THE NAZBOL GANG! What a time to be alive.

Kek wills it!

kek holy shit


I don't understand, he's actually leftist now?
Like a non-racist leftist?


Cool, I guess

He spends his days planting trees, doing gardening, planting crops and making lots of sex babies with his wife.
He said fuck you to society and choose to live a simpler and fulfilling life.
He is literally living the dream.

No, he is still racist but he realized that capitalism is harmful and he thinks that people who voted for Trump are dumb because of this.

I seriously cannot get more erect.


\m/ KVLT \m/

I'm so glad I've always been team Euronymous.

if Varg wants to LARP as skyrim dude and father a mighty brood of white children then that's up to him.


fucking kek

Fascist-Primitivists are my comrades.
Let's promote the shit out of this video. I honestly don't care if he is spooked on race.

Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.

What a fucking time to be alive.

Wait, so we're using I Q levels now?


NazBol Primitivist Gang


Some one, seriously with a good hearted intent, hand him a copy of Das Kapital by Marx in his own native language, Norwegian I suppose, please some one in France or Europe do that, or invite him to leftists permaculture farms or something, this man is on a good track, we need to hand him out information and skills to better his chance of survival, while showing him in the clearest terms how capitalism is truly the most evil system, that is going to eradicate life in this planet and how socialism or communism can change this imminent destruction of our planet.

a scandinavian racist just told an american racist that black liberals are smarter than he is
is this a parallel universe

he needs to read bookchin
fits the environmentalism

It'll help to convert Holla Forumstards

I remember back in 2015, before his channel took off where he said natives, including the mixed ones such as mestizos have the right to claim NA as their homeland and whites need to return home.

This a bizarre yet highly amusing timeline.


Varg is still a retard until he drops the nationalism and "we wuz vikangs" shit.

Made this.

he likes the ussr

and hates capitalism

woke enough for a "right winger"

What a cutie!

This, he would be as harmless as Zerzan.Unless Zerzan types decide to kill anyone who has advance technology



He isn't nationalist, he thinks nations are BS, but he is a tribalist. There is nothing wrong with a bunch of LARPers keeping to themselves in their own little communes, the Amish already do that.

That's what Hitler used as an excuse just on a nation wide level.
Segregation is a bad idea.

Nice post, you really showed us Holla Forumsers.

My sides

The fact that it was on a nation wide level changes everything don't ya think? False equivalence brah.


Ok let's say that a group of whites raid an island to instate a small ethno state no bigger than 14 miles, but in turn end up hurting the islander population there originally.
That's what happens as an effect of segregation especially by a race with power over the rest like whites.

hahahahahahaha I laffed harded at this than Baked "Mace Ace" Laska. Truly a modern lenin

Unironically this

Are you indicating that self-segregation should be stopped?
Because being against people like Varg, the Amish and hippies from voluntarily self-segregating into small peaceful like minded groups is just that.

So I guess you in that case support mandatory resettling of people in order to make the ethnic percentages sufficiently mixed, if so I hope you do some thinking and realise for yourself how fascist your own positions really are.

Totalitarianism isn't bad, I hope you know 90% of people on the board will agree with that right?


What wonderful timeline have we returned too

You tankies are far from the majority on this board.


You think so?
This dumb video of his now is gonna be a pain in the fucking ass for a good while now.
All softs of lefty scum trying to weasel their way into things "see even someone like Varg whom many of you worship is on our side", and "no, those leftists are faggots, my denomination is the real one" instead of just burning you dumb fags to the ground until only cinder filled boots remain.

Dissection man killed a man too.
Also I feel you and , at 14 I listened to him non stop, I was obsessed by his black metal imagery, especially by det som egang var, but his political bullshit always bothered me. But now he is just sad. He is the pagan version of dave mustaine. He opted for the easy way and bought for the neopagan bullshit because he is a shitty, empty faggot, he once had something real to say but now he is just a clown and it's sad this youtube video thing he is doing. LOUIS CACHET my ass… he is the faggott pussy eceleb version of ted kackzynski, who at least had a message, he didnt just spout random shit all day to appeal to liberal normalfags who want to feel edgy for the 2 minutes they watch channel CACHET NOT VIKERNES LOUIS CACHET

I'm so outstandingly fucking confused right now

Varg Fucking Vikernes. Varg "I live in the woods and howl at airplanes all day" Vikernes, basically a Nazbol

I give up on politics

He didn't change, though.

He's more of a mix of $trasser for the economic policies and Rosenberg for the racial stuff.

Varg " Heal nature, kill all the capitaliste pigs " Vikernes

Like when? I'm the guy you're replying to, same as the one from the first quote, and I've always adored his music (pre-prison anyway), but he's always been a nutjob.

I meant it as "what he said through his music", everything he spew that didnt end on an album was almost always mental horse manure

Well yeah, he did say that Burzum's music, as opposed to other black metal bands around at the time, was meant to be akin to story telling.
This is why he didn't go with the verse/chorus structure, because he wanted the songs to have a feeling of organic progression, and imo that's what set him apart from everyone else.

I didn't know about this, it's very interesting. I always liked how he did these good riffs who sounded mysterious and evil but were not full out aggression. The whole atmospheric thing in bm is by now pretty much beaten to death but his music was the part that always had sense.


It's just a meme, calm down.

No one really likes Varg, it's just funny that he's playing around with Left ideas.


FBI get out.

I'm not FBI I'm EPA.

Sooooo you're just being an ideological entrepreneur looking for someone to exploit.

Only two posts and "ideological entrepreneur" is already a buzzword.

dafaq is an ideological entrepreneur?

By this I mean: 'someone who is involved with political discourse but makes no attempt to understand and critique their own ideology and instead blindly virtue-signal and parrot ideas which they or other people might have built'. In essence, they are fighting in the market of ideas and trying to sell thought. The bourgeois and their media outlets are by far the biggest 'ideological entrepreneurs' though there are many such people who declare that they are not liberal despite believing that the best praxis for them is to cater to the desires of other people in the ideological marketplace.

Is Asser wordfiltered?

I wish to add that it is just as it is in a financial marketplace: ideas which may make humanity and individuals stronger and more autonomous (or just have some kind of strong utility) are often ignored in favour of what feels right according to historical-psychological principles which are tied with the superstructure ergo the base. Vapid cultures and ill-conceived ideas are built. Furthermore, all marketplaces are in line with and by default benefit the spread of liberal modes of thought. Dominant social structures affect the ways in which individuals survive and live so that thought and action patterns which are not 'normal' (in our case, liberal) are often repressed.

Best timeline

I love this timeline

Fuck how much space does varg think we got in ere?

Read Linkola


So concrete an-primism with posadist characteristics? I can see why some have called him an "eco-fascist".

Liberals are not Leftists

First the sceptics start dying off. Now this.
Things just keep gettimg better and better.

Wow, this is actually pretty major. Most retarded americunts do not, and will not acknowledge a difference.

If we can get him to read Murray Bookchin, that'd be fantastic.

Fuck it, chuck Georges Sorel at him.

Fuck that. He is an intelligent man to whom we need not pander. He shall read Marx and Engels.

He is definitely not /ourguy/, but I like his chaos factor.

This triggers the Holla Forums

I unironically believe his existence is an asset to the left, because racists aren't going to stop being racists, but they might at least unretard themselves class-wise

also keep in mind that american racists are culturally incapable of being economically left

I wonder what he would think about The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State.

are you some urban dweller? He's living in village, even if he'd work 16 hours a day until he dies there would be lot's of labour to do around his house.

Give him some to read some proper anarchist literature, he will be more willing to read something from european author than americuck.

I doubt we would be able to persuade him to read anything more than manifesto, especially if you fuckers try to spam him with "READ KAPITAL". Books like Critique of the Gotham program can be doable, but I still think that he should be introduced to anarchism before marxism.

Just (you)-tagging you to this

This is a breakthrough for him.
He found another way to channel his eternal edgyness by saying "everyone is wrong but me"

gotta give him credit, i may not agree with his race bs but at least he's consistent with his ideology and try to avoid fallacies

You are right, but terrible example

there is no single argument in this screenshot.
just a bunch of opinions stated as facts.

that really is all what the alt-right is about.

When will the left retake norse mythology as their aesthetic?

Fuck off you GLOBALIST

He is smarter than this, unlike your average alt-teen

Maybe have a chat with him instead

I'm surprised to see Varg make a video like this, but I don't think it accomplished much. Look at the comments. People complaining about the video don't even know the difference between a liberal and an actual leftist. Unfortunately the word "leftist" has been so demeaned it is now associated with rich, tumblr kids who whine about micoraggressions online



Give him some communalism shit, he likes autonomy so you never know

It's hilarious how they've probably watched dozens of his videos but it never got through their heads. This isn't new, Varg has been pretty consistent with his innawoods philosophy since he got out of prison.

Varg needs to write a book about his ideas.

he did, it's a table top RPG.

Have you guys considered that Varg might read Holla Forums occasionally?
I've noticed that sometimes he let some image board slang/terms slip into his videos so I believe he is no stranger to image boards which might include 8ch and this board.


Btw, when Varg was talking about French hippies, I think he meant these lot:

if you are into outdated 19th century anthropology check out Bachofen, Der Mutterrecht was the main inspiration behind Engels' book. Of course it's historically important, but it tells us more about the time that it was written in, than about 'what actually happened'.


What's varg take on eurasians?

Probably something something common neanderthal ancestry but we still need our own homes.

He's still spooked on race, but at least he's the sort who would rather live in a frozen log cabin rather than legislate race laws.

I dont follow his videos (because im not a cooky anprim) so I wouldn't know.
It would be fucking based if he did though.
Varg, if you read this, love your music, eurofolk metal is objectively the best metal and celtic and germanic paganism has the best aesthetic.


you won't get "his blessing" for marrying his daughter, but he wouldn't have problem to get his friendship, as long as you are not behaving like special exotic snowflake

wtf i love crazy murderes living in the wood now!

the nazis used anti-capitalist rhetoric for a while and gave it up almos immediately

Varg "Viking raid, capitalists paid" Vikernes
Varg "Burning a church, hanging piggies from a birch" Vikernes

The Amish are a successful libertarian-socialist endeavor, what the fuck are you talking about?


Why do we have a thread about praising a murderer again?

He gud boi, did nufffin.
It was self defence.
23 times.

It was though, the other guy wanted to kill him first

This is probably better answer for your question.
embrace EURASIA

The other guy was a edgelord who talked smack for street cred more than anything else. On the other hand varg is an autist that took him serously. Personally I don't think varg is dangerous. He's smart, he's talented. Just a bit of an edgy motherfucker that's it

Fuck I knew I was master race all this time

to be fair, sometimes murder happens, and as far as /ourguys/ go, 1 is a pretty low body count.
I agree that we have to many threads about this guy, people seem to think his platitudes are based, and interpret everything he says in the most favorable way. ..but this latest video seems to suggest they where right and he was a tsundere all along.

six hour train ride to stab some guy in the back, that's not even close to self defense, maaaaybe a preemptive strike.

Best defense is offense

lmao, no wonder varg is getting worried that these are the minds that watch his videos

He's more like a racist nazbol anprim that's weirdly consistent with his views.

being a racist who has a brain enough to realize capitalism is bad and a shittier system then communism = nazbol now

lol neat

What should we suggest to Varg: Sorel or Dugin?

What if we make varg go full pinko?

Nah, I doubt it. People who frequent imageboards interact with him on youtube and other social media. Which he then picks up on and addresses. He has always been consistent with his ideology, he realises people misconstrue him, so he has to reaffirm or elaborate on it.

he is not going to read any. He lost faith in the Nazis like anyone else in the world but he is still the moron who has swastikas in his website
primitivist pagan nazbol is still a good 3 labels for the retarded.

Things he should read

The Eurasian Mission
Germany Tommorow
If we can find anything by Niekisch
The conquest of bread

Dugin is obvious choice
4th political theory would be a good start

3 hours car ride, and he went with Mayhem's other guitar player who was living with him at the time because reasons.
Varg's always said that this guy made him listen on a conversation with Euronymous where he explicitly stated he wanted to kill his ass, but the other guy never confirmed it.
Idk, I think he was just looking for an excuse to ice him because he was a communist and couln't run his label, mostly the former, tho.

so, does it mean Varg won't get angry if I make babies with my east asian gf?

but what's wrong with having Empathy for oppressed and marginalised people?

You are right, he drove a car, but that takes about seven hours from Bergen to Oslo if you keep to the speed limit. More than enough time if you want to reevaluate your plans.
To do it in three hours they would have to have an average speed of 150km/h, or 93 mph in imperialist units. pic somewhat related.

anyone still confused that Varg is not /ourguy/?

Holla Forums kiddies are speachless

They are a minority

Whats red supposed to be?



He should read Kropotkin or Bookchin. Varg seriously needs to take the anarcho-pill

idk, im guessing indians and arabs combined as they are the only population group similar and so large considering the arabs conquered india between 1000 and 1500

He will get mad because mixing makes your offspring lose their natural abilities to survive on their natural habitats.
A lot of his racist ideas are based on the idea that different people should be separate to live wherever they have a natural advantage. Mixing destroys the natural advantages of the "sub-species".

Bookchin makes a lot of sense considering how much of his stuff depends on ecologism.

why does that matter? society is radically different now from what we evolved in, like, fuck, the reason why lots of Dutch people are so tall is because they are descended from Mammoth hunters, something that is completely irrelevant to the modern world even if you want to move out and live away from civilization

We really should make them realize that the white proletariat is the one bleeding for the profits of the capitalist class, and then getting blamed for it.
Imperialism, colonization, wars for profit and resources. Slavery and sweatshops. The white race is their favorite tool. The only reason whites have it better in the first world is because the capitalist class likes keeping their favorite tool shiny and smooth.

End white hate by destroying capitalism.

Retarded population growth

"nothing wrong with a bunch of LARPers" only works when the LARPers won't eventually overrun you

I also think he'd like anarchist/anthropological writings about how old egalitarian societies organized daily life

We can work this angle on him

He seriously believe that civilization will collapse in a not so distant future and we all are going to regress back to the primitive tribalist barbarian thing we had before civilization. So he thinks people will need every advantage they can get to be able to survive and he is obviously specially concerned about his "sub-species".

so I had a trawl through some of his other videos after watching the OP vid. In this video he says (paraphrasing) "the muslim invasion is a lie, most of the immigrants are from Africa and are Christians, so the "muslim invasion" is also a Christian invasion"

is it just me or is he actually pretty clued up? It seems like he is the white supremacist all the white supremacists pretend they are, which is "I just want a future for muh white children and muh culture" where as the others just hate people who are different from them blindly and without thought. He is an interesting guy just for this, while he may believe some spooky stuff, he is actually really not very spooked at all compared to any of his peers

I used to be like this picture, i used to believe its message. I lift now. Muscle is natural armour. If I get run over, or jumped by crack heads, I will more likely survive than you.It obviously makes you more attractive. It is healthy to have a strong heart, and lifting things makes this muscle stronger. It is useful to be strong. For example, I live on the third floor and have to carry my bike up and down several flights of stairs every day, this would be a huge hassle if I had much less muscles, even though the bike is relatively light and I could still probably lift it even without any kind of exercise, it would still be harder to get it up the stairs. There are many other examples.

also miscegenation is beautiful

seems silly because even if civilization "collapsed" society would still be fundamentally different from how it was back in the neolithic period or whatever

It's just funny phrased like that, I'd rather have a good built too, which I don't.
I should get on with that, in fact.

It honestly seems to me that it'd be easier to get him on our side than most of the "white supremacists" who don't really give a shit about whites.

The sooner we can get them to realize that the vast majority of whites will be used by capitalists and then discarded when they catch the blame and become political deadweight, the better.

Maria Ozawa is proof enough that irrelevant shiting is good.

lol word filter.
*rayce micksing


We sure showed those mammoths.

From what I understand, Generation Identity sees all of France as their homeland. Ultimately they want to displace immigrants, the means by which they will do that seemingly unkown (I know groups like GI have stated policy, but we can't know how those policies would evolve once in power).

I was mostly kidding before because there is false equivocation between indigenous people and current european and western states. Indigenous people were generally conquered, violently, and subjugated in european colonies. Often they were even given treaties which would guarantee them certain rights and lands, but then the treaties would be broken with impunity. The historic wrongdoings against the indigenous people of colonial powers has led there to be a general sense that justice entails allowing them some autonomy now, even though it is essentially meaningless at this point because the real power structure of society (capitalism) has already colonized their lands and turned many of them into what amount to theme parks, vacation spots and destitute areas that still sell their land for resource extraction.

The notion that europeans are comparable, in countries that allowed immigrants to come in to work for wage labor and lawfully sold them property, is ridiculous. They'd just perpetuate further wrongdoing by confiscating those properties, or forcing people to sell them at what would likely be a loss, and then shuttle them out of the country to places where they may not even speak the native language. And that is assuming we don't just devolve back to genocide and naked violence.

I don't feel like that would be a totally impossible scenario, but given that Varg plays at being ye olde pagan, I'd imagine he believes he can live as a viking again or something. That isn't going to happen. If society collapsed from ecological catastrophe, it seems more likely that the arability of his land will change drastically, and whatever arises out of the ruins of global capitalism would be some mixture of the technology we use now that is still available in some capacity, and whatever can be fabricated from what is available (including accessible natural resources).

we should try and get Varg to google bookchin. I think ecological entryism is our best bet



plus he seems to be on some big native European culture kick, I wonder if we could get him to read Mutual Aid. Could read all about Germanic barbarians and their collectivism

What the le fugg


That damage control
Lost face in Charlottesville in front of the whole world and now their poster child Varg turns against them. All in the span of a week.
They're done for.

yes, that's why he have such big fanclub in all places of political spectrum - he's living what he preaches and he's living happy life.

Americans are brainwashed beyond comprehension into thinking that their politics matter so I assume you are American… You really need to be, in order to believe in that your shit politics matter to the rest of the world. See videos Varg posted for more about europeans not giving a shit about american politics.

Varg would probably like Tito/Yugoslavian Communism. Under capitalism, Serbs and Croats (who are genetically the same people) were killing each other for stupid things like Christianity. When Communism came along, the Slavs of the Balkans were united in Brotherhood and Unity.

Then it all went to shit when Tito died. Fucking liberal Nationalists