Crowd pulls down Confederate statue in North Carolina

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The Confederates represented feudal reactionary forces. Destroying them was a progressive action. Besides, even from a nationalist point of view, celebrating the Confederates makes no sense; they were the ENEMIES of the USA and they, to this day, remain the only non-British national forces who have shed blood on US soil.

I support the Confederacy in their fight against Amerikkkan imperialism tbh
not even being ironic(retard)

Someone mind telling me what exactly the point of being mad about the past is, again?

Confederates weren't victims of imperialism, they were a vital part of an imperialist coalition and they decided to run off because things weren't going their way anymore.

Gotta love that word filter.

if the confederates won, America would never become a superpower, the CIA would never exist, and left-wing presidents would've had an easier time winning the elections.

north carolina was always the least racist confederate state
mostly cause it was colonized by hillbilly whites who were mostly poor scotch irish who didnt really care about race
just look at their history

also not to mention there wouldn't be so much whining about white ethnostates today.

The status to Confederates are a monument to traitors who killed millions of working people to defend slavery and feudalism. That they are erected and protected by the state is itself an act of psychological domination over the people by the ruling class who use racism as a tool for their own gain.

This isn't some stupid smashie riot, breaking windows at a Starbucks - this is a small revolutionary act made by an oppressed people.

You can't say any of that with anything resembling any degree of certainty.

The absolute most we could say is that in 1865 there would have been TWO shitty American imperialist states, one industrial capitalist and one semi-feudal.

We're not filtering reality, we're filtering literally one of the stupidest ideas that has ever entered a human being's brain.

Good to see. Wish people were doing the same to American monuments.

does anyone have the "white girls wont fuck me, ergo genocide" meme around? havent had a chance to download it



Sorta reminds me of the crowds pulling down Lenin statues.

Lincoln and the Union fought the civil war for the purpose of preserving said imperialist coalition, not any grand humanitarian purposes. Moreover, the way the Union drafted commoners but allowed rich people to pay the way out of the draft was pretty darn shitty.

Absolutely none of this is in any way to say that I'd rather the American Civil War had gone differently, but exhaustively pointing out examples of things we don't like is more constructive than taking a side in a battle that's already been fought and implementing damnatio memoriae on the opposing side.

Marx was for Lincoln and called the Civil War a victory for socialism, and I gotta side with Marx here, sorry bud.

Good, but can't let this be idpol. Need to make sure we send the message that we're against all forms of capitalist subjugation. If I was doing the PR for this I'd link the modern sex slaves and other slaves we have with the abolitionist movement of old.

You do know the Confederacy planned on colonizing the Caribbean and Central America, right? They were just as Imperialist AND they had slaves.





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You know, you're not being filtered because your ideas are dangerous. You're tripping the filters because you're a moron who thinks himself different than the other dozen morons who come here spouting the same platitudes every single day.

go for it mr.nazi, be the spark that ignites the flame
I'm sure you will win even though the word filter is beating you quite heavily atm




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We have the Autism Level filter because you people are so fucking autistic one of you spent two months coming back to post the same thread and arguments over and over and over again, and when BTFO would start a new thread to do it all over.

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Anymore mental gymnastics?


None of this explains why being mad about the past isn't profoundly dumb.

Fuck, if statues of racist morons bother people that much it's not like it's impossible to shove 'em in a cave somewhere and forget about them. But instead people were so mad about the past they're deciding to completely destroy the damned things.

Now, mind, it would also be silly of me if I got upset about the destruction of the statues if it happened in the past. But in reality what's happening is a proposal for further destruction, which I'll oppose since I oppose getting mad about the past. But if all of the statues were destroyed I'd drop it because there's no sense getting mad about the past.

You just blatantly lie. Nobody likes nazi hypocrisy, you want to kill communists anyways. It is in all of your memes. Why do you hide behind "we din do nuffin" everytime you're criticized, and then go back to your snake pit and writhe in the filth with glee?

They were Americans too.

Here's the thing

I don't give a shit. I really don't give a shit. Nobody should give a shit. Who gives a shit.

Good. It's worth it, especially to see the salty Holla Forumsyp tears ITT.

also the confederacy was anti-capitalist too. yet libertaritards will unironically fly the no tred no me11 and confederacy flags

White population of US in:
1990: 199,686,070
2000: 211,460,626
2010: 223,553,265

omg, at this pace there will be….. more white people every year than the year before, pretty much forever.

It's pure jennaside i tells ya!


Not as obvious

Destructive actions are still destructive even when performed against people you don't like by people you like. That doesn't mean you have to start disliking the former or liking the latter, but monolithic "orcs v. humans" thinking is harmful.

You shouldn't give a shit > : )

*liking the former or disliking the latter

Good, I like consistency.

Good ass praxis. I hope we so more of this tbqh.

Do you even go outside of your own room tho?

Aren't you already used to it? You post on Holla Forums!

Not obtuse, you abuse language to mislead people.

You can't claim "genocide" when nobody is killing your group and your group is growing every year, just because some other group(s) are growing faster than yours.

I wish anuddah shoah was real.

you know back in the olden days you were probably some kind of lesser race to somebody else. It never stops. even if you got rid of everyone you seem to disagree with you'd find more, they always find more. For ranting about jews and conspiracies all the time you have no idea how easily misled you are.


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Better start protecting those Martin Luther King statues.

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Who's us? Seems like a bunch of white people are getting together just fine to me.

In fact, you get accepted to universities more than Asians do.

Only after the war. Before the war people identified with their individual states. The New Englanders had the Yankee identity, but there was still a divide between, say, Massacusetts and Rhode Island. 1865 made "American" a thing.


Nobody is beneath you, let's be serious


you are probably a bigger burden on the social welfare system then a lot of the darkest mofos in your own country

The right can't meme!

Jesus christ Holla Forums, at least do your research.

this, truth
who will carry on Western Civilization?
the blacks?
the hispanics?
i don't see any modern african nations that can feed themselves.

Thanks, I needed a laugh.

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The past three days have led to buttfrustration levels I have never seen Holla Forumsyps experience before. It's great.

Damn they kinda picked the worst possible statue to pull down. Conscript soldiers were fed lies by a plantation aristocracy that hated them almost as much as it hated free blacks, if anything they were victims in their own way, basically everyone has a great great granpappy who they're 'disrespecting' now.

Pity that all you can do is argue in memes and get triggered.

This shit really triggers their autism. We should destroy more statues!



Tell me, are you a non native speaker?

Don't they get Anti-Antifa means fa?

Then how would your conspiracy theory be true

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this is your brain on righteous indignation

White-Genocide isn't a good term, it's a very stupid hyperbole.

People should use the term White Replacement, it's a much more accurate description.

You don't know how to have fun.

If it's what the people want, then how can you call yourself a social democrat if you oppose it?

Man I'm not even a communist.
I'm just sick of pol shitting everywhere.

Hoochie is actually Extremely Good


Cotton was the oil of it's time, FashyGoys can't into economics.

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And by us. I love that those retards come here talking about Autism Level test scores when they themselves regularly score significantly lower on those tests than leftists do.

You have been tricked into believing that your country's welfare system is running out of money due to foreigners when in reality corporations and the wealthy are siphoning the money away via austerity policies. You are a fool playing right into the hands of people who seek to enslave you.

Do you see me undertaking any action whatsoever to stop them other than posting on the Internet? One can have an opinion but respect an opposing majority nevertheless.

I know right? Even Varg says we have high Autism Levels


What if I blame corporations, the wealthy, "and" foreigners?

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Old guy here. Logged onto the Holla Forums place and here. There are more lefties on the rightwing board and more righties on the leftwing board.
What the fuck is going on?

Good. Now do the same to every other Confederate statue in the land.

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lmao yeah a lot of workers emancipation happening in the south, no such thing as slavery or tenant farming

It has already begun

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He's kind of right, in a weird CivNat kind of way. Oh well he's a hack anyway so his opinion's boring.

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Sorry I had to.

Fuck the post quality has gotten really bad since Saturday. These are obviously liberals vandalizing a historical statue because of muh racism when the Civil War was just another bullshit war between opposing sides of the bourgeoisie and had nothing to do with fighting for or against racism. Racial chattel slavery was destroyed so nice inclusive wage slavery could be universal. This is retarded idpol by indignant liberals trying to pretend history don't real because they're too ignorant to do anything about the present.

Slavery isn't fucking feudalism, and pretending that it was objectively worse than the contemporary wage-slavery in the North is retarded.

Sure they do.

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this guy couldn't meme us to death so now he's just repeating the same lines lol

By no possible definition could Antebellum South be considered Feudalist, and while its slavery was pretty fucking horrible, this was also the time when children literally worked in sweatshops while their fathers died in coal mines. At least masters tried to keep their slaves alive and had to take care of them, Capitalists just gave their employees a wage and told them to fuck off, while being able to easily find a replacement at no cost if one of them died. Saying one was objectively worse than the other is impossible.

I dare you Libs to tear down the statue of this Confederate hero!

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lol, they had no reason beyond what would keep them functioning. If you prefer living in complete fear for your entire life and being subjugated as a docile slave over some guy working in a cancerous mine you're delusional. Stop spouting your bullshit platitudes.

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So did you only just notice my post then?

Wage-slavery isn't called that because it's trying to make it sound scarier than it actually is, it's because it is genuine slavery, just with a softer, more impersonal hand. Chattel slaves were punished because you couldn't enforce their compliance by threatening to send them out into the street or cut their wages so they and their family could starve or freeze to death. Northern proles did live in complete fear their entire life and were forced to be docile.
How the fuck was anything I said a platitude?

unless I'm mistaken feudalism is the products and freedoms of the workers being taken from them wholesale, being granted instead food, shelter, and "protection". the opposition to capitalism comes from the fct that in capitalism workers are given money to exchange for goods, including their nourishment, rather than that nourishment in itself, as well as some measure of freedom.

from that perspective, the antebellum south pretty squarely falls under feudalism

this might be part of the reason you have no offspring


wtf why are they kicking it. imagine being that mad.

Why do people want to tear down history? Was it positive? No. Does that matter? We learn from history, don't run away from it.

The history will still exist with or without the statues up

righteous indignation is one hell of a drug

we really ought to purge any notions of "morality", "justice", et cetera from our vocabulary

That's closer to a Palace Economy or genuine slavery. Feudalism was a complex hierarchical system where each individual had a personal oath of loyalty and service to another individual above them and a equivalent oath of protection and land to those below them, with serfs being at the bottom and kings at the top. Serfs were given land to work on in exchange for giving a regular tribute of crops and service to their lord. Antebellum South was just a regular slave society, with masters on top and slaves on bottom.

It's symbolic of the past. I don't see why destroying relics is acceptable

You are just fucking wrong in every way humanly possible.

A lot of these statues were installed long after the civil war was over, long after reconstruction and even World War I. There has been a building spree of confederate monuments by confed orgs all over the United States within the last 40 years alone- and they are all of the same damn people and things. They don't commemorate anything.

I dare you Libs to tear down the statue of this Confederate hero!

Then it's time to say goodbye to your life nigger.

Because it makes retards mad, and making retards mad is always a worthy passtime.

Yea I admit I don't know much about american history. I just think destroying statues in general is not a great idea

Look at this moralfag. What happened to you Holla Forums?

Well, it depends. It was probably better to pick cotton under a whip than it was to carry nitroglycerin for the railroads.


So, your contention is that the civil war was fought between industrial capitalists and the most primitive post-agricultural mode of production that exists.

And you STILL don't believe it was a progressive war? What the fuck are you on?"

While I agree with you in principle, destroying these particular statues does seem to be a useful bit of propaganda.

Confederate monuments built in the modern era are part of an effort to rewrite history, not preserve it. It's understandable that foreign people might not totally get it off the bat. These organizations started constructing the majority of the monuments during the civil rights era to show how they stood against integration and blacks getting the right to vote, same reason dixie flags are everywhere in the USA now even though most of the people who own them had ancestors who probably never fought in the war or fought for the north. It is a concentrated effort at revising the historical record to blur the lines of what actually occurred during the war not to mention the reconstruction that came afterwards.

The destruction of these monuments is a reversion to the norm, facing history rather then destroying it.

Of course, but they are relics from the society that created them. They may not tell us much about 1860, but they can be enlightening when it comes to 1960.

This thread's resident roseposter here: Whether the civil war was progressive or not does not matter in the slightest, as we should not be dwelling on the past either way; whereas analyzing the methods and motivations of imperialist actors does in fact matter.

Try to present some arguments then, because currently none are present.

Propaganda for what? Moralistic liberal idpol?

Dubs tells me which confederate monument I shit on to a crowd fully recording what I am about to do in history

One with a horse

It does when we're talking about monuments and shrines to a side that was horribly reactionary and regressive even THEN, let alone now.

Why do you think the fascist movement is so pissed off that this is happening? Because culture does matter and a blow to Confederate worship is a blow to reactionary nationalism.

..Yes? That's WHY every major nation on Earth is industrial capitalist now and not slave-based or feudalist.

they are not relics some of them are less then 5 years old and ugly to boot. They pollute almost every town square in the union and yet half of the states that house them either never fought in the war or didn't even exist during said war. the removal of them is perfectly fine as there are lots of REAL historical monuments to the confederacy and the civil war that date to the actual time of said war at hundreds of parks across the USA. They are in no danger of being removed.


This is an example of one of the many fucking dreadful confed monuments polluting the USA. it almost looks like it was built by subhumans!

had the ability to organize, strike, unionize, and form communities, slaves didn't.
No they weren't, workers fought among each other more than they did against their system, it's always been like that.
same thing with slaves except you'd be brutalized and then lynched afterwards.

What the fuck lol

Because anything that helps develop or advance the productive forces of society is objectively progressive.
This is just literally not true for the vast majority of the world.

look at that fucking ugly as trog confed soldier and realize the average pol user thinks this is inspirational. Some of these monuments are p much deviantart level quality abominations. and they are getting their shit kicked in defending them




we aren't on Holla Forums any more

Tripfags are shit no matter where they are.

Good, Confederate monuments glorify treachery to the Union in the name of treating human beings as commodities to be owned simply for their genes.
These monuments don't "remind us of a dark part of our history", that's what history classes do. Their purpose is to honor men who killed in the name of oppression.


imo they should leave that one standing as a tribute to troglodyte confederaboos

I am actually extremely good

Bad history. The IWW did not get founded until 1905, and even the old Knights of Labor did not exist until 1869.


It's not the statue that's the problem. If some retard wants to spend his money for a statue that advertises himself as a retard, whatever.

The problem is that the state forced us to spend OUR money to put up the statues as monuments to those who would subjugate us.

Fuck. Them. Forever.

Funny how the people get what it is they really want when the police aren't around to stop them.

You are genuinely retarded if you think that

What statues where?


Not everyone's in fucking America, and not everyone came here for America's past bullshit.

A lot of us have no investment, do not give a solid fuck about, cannot possibly care less about, the fucking confederacy.


Vice is absolute trash, but this is fascinating.

When did I say this?

All I am saying is that our actions should be for the purpose of creating a better world tomorrow, not addressing past "injustices". Indeed, if at all possible we should strive to forgive even present and future attacks against us; defend ourselves, yes, but not go further and harm those who have harmed us; the objective is to get rid of harm, not to meet harm with harm.


look at that pathetic statue, it wasn't even nailed down or anything. These things are basically rushed out the door by the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy orgs without any care to how ugly they are or how meaningless they've become in modern society. Might as well just crush them all.


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Fuck off with your useless idpol. Whites are workers just like everybody else you FBI faggot.

Holla Forums, how many times do you need to go down this path, you really don't want to start the "haha ur ugly" game because we know how it always ends

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I'mkikey dont you have another board to go be despised in

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Is it bad that I just find this reactionary? As in, I find it more as a spectacle being engaged in rather then anything meaningful? Maybe I'm just jaded, but events like this seem just like a temporary and demonstratable outlet laking any actual authentic praxis besides making the participants feel good rather then take meaningful action. Like its more of a distraction then anything.


Hey fuck you too buddy

needs a stirner edit

Excellent edit, user.



You obviously don't live in the south. Most Confederate monuments were put in place for two reasons. 1) To reassert that "This is our place, boy" to minorities post reconstruction. And 2) To rebrand a conflict where our dirt farmer ancestors got fed into a grinder to protect the economic interests of a landowning agrarian aristocracy. The "Lost Cause" narrative of history is a cancer and it still undermines and weighs down our political and social futures in the region today. Put them in a museum or something, but any "nobility" about the confederacy is post-war bullshit designed to reassure the descendants of those poor farmers that they didn't die for an absolutely pointless and morally repugnant cause in a war that didn't serve their interests at all, and to assure the elite in the south continue to control the poor and lesser educated with faux-historical romanticism about a time that never was.

How did she become an Aut-Right kiddo anyway? I remember when she just did gaming videos and played her "basic bitch" style character and it was just general goofy entertainment, but I looked away for a while and when I looked back she'd stopped doing her characters and was balls deep in kekistan autism.

Events like this are pleb filter for leftypol.

If you don't cheer this on you are a confirmed liberal/disingenuous polyp. We said we were coming bucko, and now were' coming.

I cannot imagine a worse future assigning yourself then showing your tits with your face on Holla Forums.

She does not know this yet, for I have no clear way of knowing why she would do such a thing, but the shame that will come with this decision will haunt her for years; and make her, as a 36 year old woman, sob, for perhaps a day a month.

No doubt. Just looked at her channel and she was at the C-Ville rally too, apparently. It's just all so bizarre. She seemed like an ok person before she went down the Holla Forums-hole. Unless this is all grift and she's just REALLY committed to getting their beta-bux via Patreon or something.



Your point being?

Are Americans even capable of creating good art?

I'm from NC and I support this. The Confederacy was a group of retards deluding the proles into fighting for their rich bullshit. Reminds me of the The Revolutionary War.

Muh lost cause

Non ironically a fractured and weak USA would be the best thing that could happen to the world

Why do these clowns always side with far right? They obviously tore down the statue as a fuck you to the alt right for killing a women. Now all they can do is shift the blame to antifa.

Some good musicians, movie makers. Few good poets, few good novelists. Garbage painters, absolute garbage architecture.

Well they are technically right, what good can come out of destroying historical places?


Oh the butt hurt. Nazis and conservatives are going to be working overtime to make this the new hotness.

The whole point of the protest was to try to stop statues like this from getting torn down. This sends a message that if they keep acting like scumfucks then people will retaliate and their whole protest backfires.

How do you know it's only six years old. MM is saying it's 93 years old.

The more desperate they get the more their narrative-construction will leave a stench of artificiality. Actually, we might want to meme on that.

no they are just doing obtuse false equivalency like always.

Most of these statues aren't historical artifacts. They're mostly racist shitshows erected in the 1960's to say fuck you to the civil rights movement.

And what good comes from tearing them down is, among other things, black americans don't have look at Massa staring down at them from a glorified pedestal every time they go to the park.

For that matter, what good comes from public land being used to glorify a group of Americans who took up arms against the United States with the explicit goal of creating a white supremacist ethno-state and enslaving black people?

Oh, boy! Here we go:


I met my last girlfriend under a statue of chairman Mao.

I had a date with a chinese girl called Mao

Actually I am curious. Why IS there a statue of Lenin in Seattle?,_Seattle

I'm using right-wing tears as lube to wank with. Only regret I've got is that Black-Americans don't do shit like this themselves. They're so fucking complacent with everything still after 400 years. *Rolls eyes*

Really makes me think.

Hey Afro, do you wanna join us in a stream sometime?

Well no wonder, even class struggle must be done by whitey because niggers are too stupid to even grasp basic of the german ideology

ngl I really do loathe iconoclasm of all kinds. I oppose this just as I oppose people wanting to remove Soviet statues in Berlin.

Can't stand him. He's a walking dictionary definition of Stockholm Syndrome. I remember back when he pandered to his right-wing white audience on YouTube so hard he made videos entirely for the purpose of calling people like Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "racist against white people". What a fucking shine…

Yeah, sure. When and where?

Dunno when. But we'd like to have you onboard if not to trigger Howard. Contact me on Twitter.


B-but that statue is private property, not public stuff financed by taxation (and therefore trough theft from the pocket of hard-working people). They can't touch it, it's against the NAP!

This. They even passed legislation that made it mandatory for poor southern whites to work as slave patrols at night for free to make sure none of the rich plantation owners' "property" escaped.

Seriously, fuck that. The state + Porky = getting fucked outta your labour and money

Great. Watched a couple Muke streams with comrades a while back and they were pretty lit. I'm in as soon as I'm no longer on mobile.

Tbh I don't agree with this shit, it's like tearing down Lenin statues in Ukraine.

No doubt, but it's mad uncharacteristic of TylerPreston20 to virtue signal bout it when he literally defends confederate monuments and even people like Richard Spencer.:^)

Oh, shut the fuck up.

Got any sources on that. I believe you but It'd be useful in making these guys look like idiots. That statue was made in 1924 according to my research.

Right wingers did not defend Lenin when they removed his statues.

Why would anyone on leftypol care if these confederate losers get taken down.

I see the covert Holla Forumsyps are showing their power level in this thread.

Statues aren't about history, they're about showing admiration and/or respect for the person or event being immortalized by the statue

The statue was no artifact of the Civil War, it was erected over half a century after the fact

Yes, chattel slavery was worse than any of the fuckery the Union was engaged in

Yes, these monuments are basically shrines for white supremacists because of what the Confederacy stood for (the subjugation of "lesser races")

These protesters did nothing wrong

Sherman did nothing wrong as well


Because CSA fought against USA imperialism



The monuments can always be put in museums like other historical artifacts too. There's no reason they've gotta go completely.



Holy shit, that's bad.O.o

By weakening USA federal power
Fractured USA wouldnt be able to project its power all over world in XX century



By making slavery non-negotiable for new states by preventing citizens from voting on it's legal status?

Im not talking about news states rights
Im talking about south secession and USA being split into 2

The Confederacy had some pretty hard imperialist plans, you know. They wanted to essentially colonize a good chunk of Latin America


Doesnt matter since they would be to weak to act on them
Yes america is literally a great shaytan and it must perish if we ever want to achieve world peace and prosperity

Weak compared to the Union, not weak compared to the areas they wanted to colonize.

The state were at first requested to move the statues to museums, they had their chance.


If spain and brits couldn't keep their colonies in check nor would a new state with the agrarian economy and fresh out of a huge war

Doesn't really seem important but theres no real negative I can think of so go for it I guess. Seems like a pretty liberal protest and their not going nuts about property damage though which is a bonus.

The Confederacy wouldn't have a massive ocean to cross, which was the problem with the European colonial powers.

anyone seen the vice report of cville?
it's full of gems like this

It also wouldnt have a sufficient navy to project power nor means to produce said navy
And if they took a land route their supply lines would be stretched too far

I can't believe they talk about Jews so openly to the visibly disgusted reporter girl. I thought they wanted to look respectable?

once cryptos find just an inch of leeway the masks go off, user

I'd prefer these statues be put in museums but if your statue comes down with just a rope and a few pissed liberals than maybe that statue deserves to come down. Considering that they needed FUCKING CRANES to take the ones down in NOLA I'd like to see the protesters try to do the same to that giant Lee statue

This was probably the worst possible PR disaster these crypto-fascist. Every fringe group they belong to have been exposed. Their methods are being picked up by normies. Their means of communication have been exposed. They've always been playing checkers, though.



Wow it's almost as if violence and/or the threat of violence actually works


Angela Nagle wrote about this in Kill All Normies, how bored young reactionary guys now see being offensive as trangressive and the new counter-culture. Pretty sure Zizek has written about it too. Kind of pathetic to actually see it in real time though.

Pick one.

Jesus, I know a kid just like this. Can I get the source for the original vid?

White-lash already started!


Darn. Thanks, anyway.

Sauce? I really need teh sauce!

Liar. That's still just the confederate monument torn down in North Carolina:


Ill take first option thank you

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Made it better.

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What a shitty "statue".

Leftoids hate history because it reminds them how much of a failure their spastic ideology is.


This isn't history. This wasn't even over a 100 years old. And people have investment in the confederacy at this point like they have investment in fucking Malaria

But the accusation we hate history is amusing.

All wrong, wishful and ridiculous

The best part about capitalism is that it's literally never succeeded. There has never been a free market society, there has never been a society that allowed capitalism to do whatever it wanted without falling apart. Every single capitalist 'success' is statism and imperialism protecting worthless parasites with welfare and violence.


the whole point of Marxism is literally based around an analysis of history

No. Southern rural landowners being upset by the dynamism of Northern industrial development doesn't qualify as "anti-capitalism".

Dumbest shit I've read in a while, congrats.


Nazism is way more of a failure than leftism
I can't get fired from my job for being a leftist, for example
Nazism is a failed ideology and will never see the light of day ever again

Fight fire with fire.
Fight fire with fire.
Fight fire with fire.
Fight fire with fire.

Fight fire with fire.
Fight fire with fire.
Fight fire with fire.

Fight fire with fire
Fight fire with fire

What's your point?

Also they couldn't even destroy the museum in NOLA. Its still standing

Yes they would have.

Cotton was an incredibly important commodity back in those days. They were planning to use it to trade for what they needed. Didn't work in the Civil War because the Union was blockading them.

Not defending CSA in the slightest, it was pretty much reactionary to a t. But you have to be pretty unread to not know about how the whole thing was more or less perpetuated by Northern industrialists in competition with Southern plantation owners and how even though the English route to abolishing slavery was open multiple times (as automation was picking up), it was in the industrialists favor to go to war. It was more of a conflict between southern plantation capitalists, who were beginning to feel the pressure from the emerging northern factory model and whos entire economy depended on slaves, and the nothern factory capitalists who needed both control of the cotton prices in the south as well as the removal of influential plantation owners with weapon and ship constructers also benefiting greatly. Slavery only really came to the limelight as both a way to cripple and agitate the south as their money was more or less in the slaves (pre-war) and as moral justification to rally support (during the war). Its a lot easier to say to abolishionists and non-slave state citizens "We are fighting to unite the union and liberate slaves" instead of "We are fighting for industrialists economic interests and to build factories during reconstruction". Again not defending the CSA, its good that they're gone and was vitally necessary to get where we are now, but I always feel the focus on slavery distracts from the actual economic reasons it was done.

That's very nice and all, but if we look at the precipitating events, it was in fact just about slavery. The bleeding of Kansas, the question of extending slavery to the new states, the extraterritorial reach of slave-owners in none-slave states, … These very concrete things, all deeply linked to slavery, brought a crisis that exploded into war eventually. Whatever the underlying antagonism between North and South, it is inescapable that the Civil War was truly in a substantive way about slavery.


idealising the past doesn't mean you like history you cretin

If the people don't want the statue there, they can pull it down. People in the cities are overwhelmingly left wing and support this, so this is a purely democratic action. If you oppose this, it means you hate democracy.

While events like bleeding Kansas were definatly the powder keg that eventually caused the whole thing to go off and the attitudes of the pro-slavery groups were both reactionary and ideological, we have to look at the economic self-interests of the capitalists of the time and the strict material conditions of the states involved. There was a lot of economic meddling ocurring in a lot of states and nothern industrialist were securing monopolies across the US (monopolies which would carry far post war) with very wealthy southern landowners funding pro-slavery groups like the ones in Kansas as a way to expand market and to counter northern factory construction. I suppose though that my last statement was phrased poorly, I was mostly trying to say the war wasn't really fought for moral reasons or to free slaves but that slaves just happend to be part of the economic framwork caught in the middle and was never really the true motivation of what was a capitalist war between old industry and new industry.

Interesting link regarding the statements of the seceeding states, pretty reactionary but interesting non the least

I knew they were just misguided fools

I mean, as a Southerner, all I can say is that you're retarded. The Civil War's main proponents in Dixie were certainly most concerned about keeping their slave industry going, but to say that the Civil War as a whole was even primarily about slaves? Completely false. If it was just about slaves, the rich plantation owners wouldn't have raised even half the forces that they did. No, the poor working-class families, from which the CSA's soldiers came, didn't give a damn about slaves, and since most knew that Northerners also had slaves, it would have been inconceivable to them that slavery was the cause. What most Southerners cared about was how Northern economic practices were forcing many people into poverty, and that they saw the Yankees trying to threaten our way of life with urbanization - a fear that would up being justified. Anywho, the slaveowners in the South rallied everyone to war with traditionalism, religion in many cases, and of course good old fashioned conscription. I don't really think it could have gone down much differently. However, the South later had very successful and prolific Socialist movements, especially Appalachia. What this means is that there's a historical precedent that a modern Socialist cause could tap into, and it also means that those same conditions of destitution and poverty that lead to the working-class's interest in the Civil War continued long after the CSA died.

Now, you might just think that I'm obsessed with Civil War history because I'm Southern but the truth is that in the South it's constantly brought up where it wouldn't even be thought of otherwise, and Yankees came down and absolutely subverted our traditional institutions and economy in more recent history. You start getting a bitter taste in your mouth when the police get called by some Yankee for observing a traditional get-together.

White supremacist George Washington is next.

The Revolution is here

Wish me luck comrades

I fucking hate black flags.

found Holla Forums

Just deleted another thread about it. I guess this is Holla Forums's hot new meme.

pics or didn't happen
I hope it happens

tag above him that he was a slave owner authoritarian.

I now know why rioters burn buildings.



Found Holla Forums again

I disagree, considering events like the 1992 LA riot, 1980 Miami riot, and the Harlem riot in 1935. Not to mention the Black Panthers being targeted by the feds.

You do know that the Southerners who actually opposed the war just straight up deserted or draft dodged and holed up in the mountains right? No hate, they made the right fucking choice, but acting like those guys are the Confederacy is bogus. The confederacy wanted slaves, and fought a retarded war for it. You can be a Southerner without being a CSA shill.

The economic center of the South, and the cultural center of the South, were planters and their white farmer kin. You didn't need to own slaves, you could RENT them, and 25% of families owned slaves anyways. Appalachians didn't own slaves, and the poorest white farmers didn't own slaves, and they were backwater hillbillies for it, but it made them better fucking people and better leftists because they didn't have racism as a spook.

White supremacists Holla Forums is next.

I'm going to sit in my chair and wait for them to self destruct.

Wish me luck comrades.


So this is the power of vegetarianism

Just Sounds like a pretty fucking stupid move to me. We're doing good right now.

I don't give a shit about the destruction of private property or statues. But timing and image matters. We're finally breaking through to neolibs, we shouldn't waste it with a small and ultimately shallow victory of tearing down a single Washington statue. Stay with the confederates.

Blame desegregation. I'm not for a segregated society but desegregation basically destroyed anything resembling what could be called a black community. Imagine the civil rights movement in a world where black people were never given a reason to believe that the system could work in their favor.


Both sides are SJWs.
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Neither have anything of value to offer.


Americans just yell at each other.

Has there ever been a more pathetic people? If anyone really wanted to stop any of this either side would start beating the dickens out of the opposing side. Shouting chants and slogans at each other is not going to change anything.

I will never understand Americans. Where did such passivity come from?

She's disgusting tbh, look at them utters.




ALWAYS wear a mask!