Is there going to be a civil war in America?

Is there going to be a civil war in America?

It depends on what you mean by "civil war"

Sure. Americans are a civilized enough bunch. I'm sure if they start a war they'll be civil about it.


Civil war in a capitalist country can only come when the tensions between capital and labor have come to a boiling point OR when the tensions between different sections of the capitalist class have come to a boiling point. There are no indications that either of those are happening; different sections of the proletariat are certainly getting pissed at each other, but that doesn't trigger civil war. Labor is still pathetically impotent and the capitalist class, as a whole, are relatively unified in their general direction and attitude.

how do you know this isn't the case?

No time, gotta fight a nuclear war and lose it first

Capitalists are extremely transparent about their interests.

Right now, there's some scuffling between the capitalists who benefit from Trump and the ones who don't, but the battle is nowhere near severe enough to bring about a civil war.

Why do you have a 4th Political Theory flag?

It's the 4th International. Trots.


anyone give me the rundown on what 4th political theory is? or at least post the pdf of some manifesto?

It's a book by Alexander Dugin.

Not for another decade probably. Now is the time to start building soviets.

this tbh. and i feel like it would be very similar to the first world war if it ever happened. just looking at how things are now, i can only imagine how the 'confederacy' will be just full of Holla Forumsyps.

would ahve to call it 'the fun' or something tho

haha wow… word filter…. d e g e n e r a c y i meant to say lmao

Nah, but probably a lot of city wide riots like there were in the 70s.

It’s a book.

Who the hell would fight in it? Holla Forums and stormfags? Most people still support the status quo



wow the right really can't meme their just steaaling our me mes

Things sure are getting a bit more heated then they were. Will depend on how hard the security state cracks down, against whom, how quickly. They still have that power I am 101% sure.

The far-right militias?