Uh, that's cool and all but how are ya gonna stop warlords from cropping up huh?

motherfucker we are the warlords

Squatters rights, brother.

is this a youtube series or something? shit is hilarious.

Xavier Renegade Angel

oh shit you just decimated my argument. I guess i've been btfo.

You don't

The answer regarding all such matters of anarchist military operations is that you create a state and not call it one, and then lose.

We form our own militaries. Also why would somebody opt to be warlord's bitch instead of participating in directly democratic institutions?

so similar to how tankies keep capitalism but not call it that, then have their hyper-bureaucracies collapse?

depends on the version of anarchy t b h
anything more collectivist then proudhon no need to worry bout that shit
anything more individualist than tucker or spooner and…..yeah…that could be a issue

Anarchism isn't really capable of handling a lot of things

Communism btfo, praise liberalism.

miss me with that liberal shit

Look up the Paris Commune. They lost and were massacred because of military mismanagement, not military impotence (had they been tactically trained and deployed. The lesson we can learn from the Paris Commune, and one of the main reasons for their significant gains during their existence, is because they co-opted their an arm of their local military and got them on their side, in an advocacy of class consciousness. Applying this today, it's why I'm against ACAB as an unpragmatic outlook and seek the support of the masses through education and class consciousness.
For example, Anarchopac talks about becoming an Anarchist professer, and is against things like Postmodernism because they funnel radical dissent into unproductive abstractions. An other example, I'm starting a Leftist Society at my school so that people can become more aware on class consciousness, Leftist theory and leftist history (cause most people are like hurdurr anarchist societies have never existed). Pic related, it has numbered session plans and related reading (i.e. Related reading for me, I'm not going to force people to read all of these books, at most gently suggest it). Im planning on making a thread discussing revisions and stuff I can add, when I have more time to respond, but I'm going to add individual sessions on the Russian Revolution and Marxist ideas to the list. Thoughts?

Forgot pic

Fucking hell


Because they believe the warlord would run things better than the other idiots they are surrounded by?
Because the warlord has promised them the spoils of war if they join him?

You're assuming people are both perfectly rational and perfectly benevolent.

Also anarchism assumes that all humans are equally good fighters. A well trained and disciplined army with nothing to lose could defeat a force of casual peasants 10 times their number.

As long as they can manage to avoid muh guerilla warfaires.

it's from when Adult Swim's ironic shitposting was almost kinda funny they should have stopped after 12 oz. Mouse, that was Peak Shitpost

Soldiers tend to either be poor kids with no options or patriotic types, and outside of newish shit like Langleyposters, aren't tasked with destroying or neutering dissent like cops are. In my experience at least, fewer soldiers than cops are doughy, triggerhappy sociopathic chickenshits who've pissed off half the local community with their antics. I'm all for letting in people with the skills to pay the bills, but not the people who are a big part of why the system sucks so much ass. I'm against SJWs being included in anything for the same reason: they are cancer and destroy every movement they participate in from ComicCon to Occupy with their bullshit. I'm also against including cops because it destroys morale and esperit de corps pretty fast to suddenly have the people who beat you up last week expect to be treated like bosom buddies. It also creates a chilling effect, seeing as how it's tougher to plan or recount anything illegal or even suggestive of legal sketchiness up to even everyday shit like jaywalking, filesharing or ayyy420blazeitfagetlmao. Having one's ability to express and articulate oneself limited to what one can discuss in front of an authority figure hamstrings honest discussion and decision-making pretty badly. If these cryptid Good Cops really want to help a good cause, they'd become whistleblowers and torpedo the careers of the Bad Cops. That they have yet to do this is telling.