Funeral of Heather Heyer


The alt-right may be planning to go be faggots at the funeral for Heather Heyer, the Wobbly killed by the driver at the Charlottesville event.
She may have been an SJW, or a liberal, or whatever else, but she was still more aligned with us than the monsters who killed her and defend her killing.
I think we have a duty to organize and attend her funeral and help keep fascists away from the mourners.
We should bring non-lethal deterrents, like tasers or pepper spray in case things get ugly, we don't want to come looking like we're trying to start a fight.
Is anyone interested?

Ebin shitpost

the black guy is probably gay tbh

I'd be down as long as it wouldnt just be a bunch of commie and anarkiddie larpers so we can keep the narrative about how stupid, unrealistic, pretentious, and violent the alt right are

It isn't our job to preserve order. Leftists should go to mourn her, not to protest. If the aut-right want to pull a westboro, let them.

Yeah, let's just let them go be shitheads and incite more violence
The left needs to stand up, if the pussy liberals won't do it, we will

I say let it play out. If they crash the funeral, the American public will hate them, and the resulting backlash in the press and social media will likely change the human hive mind's opinion on the right wing, potentially even reaching Europe and sow the seeds of anti-fascism there.

Or we could go, start a big fight, and further radicalize humanity - some taking our side, some taking theirs, inevitably losing Europe and the Middle East to fascism and religious totalitarianism, plunging much of the world into another dark age, but hey, we probably take the Americas and Asia so it all evens out.

It's up to you - let one of our eternal opponents wipe himself out, or ignite the fire that will burn us all.

it's a goddamn funeral, you sound like a fucking nerd

although you're right, if they do start shit at the funeral it'll pretty much be the public death of the far-right (well, far-right by American standards, at least).

lmao ok

I vote for radicalization and war.

Butterfly effects, needles on a camel's back, the spark that creates the fire. Wars and mighty movements were started on less. The trick to predicting the future is to calculate human reaction and press coverage. When you get really good, you can see every possible way the dominoes can fall.

No, fuck these faggots, we need to show them we're not going to stand idly by while they kill our comrades

Do you fuckwads even know what a liberal is? Liberals believe in private property. If you don't believe in that you're not a liberal. Quit calling everyone that hurts your punk fee fees a liberal or idpol.

Just let the gravitational anomaly be buried in piece. So what if she takes up four plots?

I was saying that whatever her political views are she's still one of us

She wasn't a Wobbly. ISS stated she was not a member of their organization. I heard someone say DSA, but I don't know if that is true. All the matters is she came out to fight against the fucking Nazis.

I'm on the other side of the country. But I've been attending solidarity marches. Gonna be monitoring the situation and giving mutual aid where I can,


I heard the exact opposite.

DSA said she wasn't a member too. Have we accidentally memed her into socialism?

Not to take away from her death, but martyrs do help movements and this is the may be most opportune moment for the left since Occupy. That being said, it wouldn't feel right memeing her into our revolution.

Like the OP said, it doesn't matter what she was, we know she was on the left and as such she's a martyr for us

Fuck off CIA. Heather deserves better then a bunch of autistic faggots treating her funeral like a LARP fest. If a bunch of aut-right spergs show up it does nothing but make them irredeemable in the media's eyes, and regular fucking cops will get rid of them. If a bunch of Leftist show up to get into embarrassing fist fights with these dipshits it confirms the aut-right narrative of "the Left made us do this! killing people with your car is self-defense! we don't have agency!"

Funny, the guy who killed her abused his own mother over not her restricting his ability to play video games.

Tendy deprivation can do awful things to a person. When he gets out of prison he's going to be more animal than man.


they already started a fight and you still want to be a pacifist about this?
they came with guns to charlottesville, you think they'll be more considerate this time?
just in case you go there
and just in case you get a bullet
i'm just gonna go ahead and say it now
i told you so

It's so obvious now. We need to disrupt the tendy production.

if you want to protect the funeral, go there armed and stand guard
make sure not to raise your weapons except for immediate danger and keep your finger off the trigger

Political power flows from the crispy coating of a tendy

These things cause copycats; if you want a movement dedicated to her death, we need to show up.

ummm, only one guy acted in what caused her death, you nitwit.
unless you wanna blame Obama for all the blacks rioting and killing during his two terms as well?

I don't support either side really, but this James Fields Jr thing is… odd….
I mean,,,, he definitely ran over a few people.
But the day before he seemed to be present in a number of photos of the protest's leaders and news photos, even though he wasn't really "anybody in particular".
He wasn't any sort of official in any of those orgnaiszations, nor was he anybody famous for any other reason (such as being a blogger)
And then the next day, he was the ONE SINGLE PERSON to do something directly violent and illegal.

if it hadn't been for his super mario-kart episode, there wouldn't really be much of anything to object to
(600 white guys held a parade with torches, and yet no people, cars or building got burned down? by black riot standards, that is AMAZING)
and now all the pius fretting patsy politicos are saying that right-wing protests should all be banned forever, and they dont get no free speech rights because they're mean

something strange happened here

The left in America really needs to start carrying guns.
We're not having a revolution with pepper spray and sticks.

Larper detected.

Fuck off


To protect the mom presumably

why would you organise around some dead anarkiddie taking part in some pointless march?

If I was in America I would come. I'm assuming you have informed the IWW chapter she is with about this etc etc and organised that way yes?

seems silly. let her family move on and give them peace. I'd probably prefer having a load of nazi wankers being vaguely in the vicinity of a funeral for a lover one then there being street fights.

don't. you're only protecting them. never cover nazis.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if we never bailed out the banks?
I think we'd just be ending a nuclear war right now in that timeline.

bring the kalash instead

How the hell does that compare to a funeral?
A funeral is on the same level of importance to history as a massive amount of cash being given to massive institutions?

Half of them think that the mourners are just "crisis actors." They don't care.

LOL Delete this thread. The last thing you want is the alt-right actually calling off whatever fuckery they've got planned. If they're tasteless enough to ruin the funeral of a dead girl one of their autistic comrades killed in cold blood they'll forever fuck up this whole "freeze peach" advocacy image they've created for themselves and make themselves look like hysterical SJWs.

I welcome this.

One dude set himself on fire 6 years ago and it deposed 3 dictators and started a war in the Middle that continues to this day.

Our resident African is correct once again. Let the right disgrace themselves.
There progress has been accelerated by them pretending to be earnest, rational and decent.


And by the phony left disgracing themselves in turn. Bad movements prove themselves to be bad movements automatically over time.

Just look at that whole "YOU'RE ALL GERBILS!" cringe extravaganza they were involved in when they interrupted that play.

Guys, I want to get involved
The alt right were able to get organized, what do I need to do to find an organization that represents my interests in my area? I'm not joining the DSA, goddamn succdems

I say just bring a collapsible baton just if they moment comes, don't show it off and the main priority is to pay condolences to the family. If they come to mess up the funeral. Tell them they aren't welcome and if they don't listen to pull out batons or peper spray. Also no black block shit. As most people said this isn't a larp fest. Dress in respectable attire, personally I'll go in a black button up shirt, dress pants, and loafers.

That's the best idea I've read. Talk to them and get them to discuss with her family.

Make your own. Don't announce it. Don't advertise it. Keep it on the DL as you go about finding the right people and getting organized. Likely targets are food service workers (especially cooks), people that ride the bus or depend on other public services, and students.

Remember not to carry cell phones around with you though when you're organizing or meeting or discussing organization business. Be careful around "smart" tvs, game consoles, etc, as well. Basically, assume that anything that can record is recording. gl;hf;hth

Let them, they'll make themselves look worse than they already are

the mom clearly state she doesn't even love him lmao

Yes but it's likely Holla Forums would go after her.

poor lady