Does the far left have its own variation of Murdoch Murdoch?

Does the far left have its own variation of Murdoch Murdoch?

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An embarassing youtube channel that's a stain on an already embarassing fringe movement? I guess it's Unruhe.


The brilliant minds behind this kino:

They do better comedy, when they get serious it's cringy.

Bat'ko is the closest that comes to mind, but it's really not the same thing.

I honestly hope not.

lol yeah. but his videos aren't nearly as retarded. And they are the good kind of retarded.

that would be embarrassing

I hope to fucking god there isn't

Yar there be, Marxist Mateys episode one soon, ya scurvy cur!

Why in the flying fuck would we want something so autistic? Kys

comparing bat'ko with a shit quality and not funny at all nazi propaganda, apologize now.

This is probably the best place to ask, as I looked about pretty extensively and couldn't find answers. What program do they use to animate their show? And where can I torrent or download it?
I'll either use it in my own work or I was considering the possibility to doing my own leftist propaganda like Murdoch Murdoch, except (with any luck) less retarded by far.
Pls respond it would be a massive help to me.

Except Bat'ko is actually funny and not cringy.

Bat'ko is really cringey when he greentexts stuff on Youtube or twitter.


Holy fuck do these cretins piss me off.

My god I heard it was autistic but this is something else.


hmmmmmmm….. ,,really makes u,,,,,,,,,,…….. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bat'ko makes songs of the Left like Walt Bismark makes songs for the Right.

disney parodies are EXACTLY THE SAME as ultrasperg autism fest memelord vomit shut up you fucking nazi

Sadly, he will never outdo "last son of the west"
That shit was inspired.

Marxist Matey?

I'm not a fan of memes and Anti-Right/Left wing songs anyway. It's all kind of childish to me. Historical Left and Right wing songs are okay. But this whole "The Left can't meme" stuff doesn't bother me. I'm not a Leftists because of memes. Our Ideologue should not revolve around memes.

I don't think so, as we can go mainstream to some extent.