Justice Department Demands 1.3M IP Addresses Related To Trump Resistance Site

uhh… guys?


most are probably nazi trolls anyway.

Like they can fucking process 1.3m names.

this is pretty big time fucked up. That turnkey tyranny

dumbasses should have just used incognito mode

I hope you're joking

Pretty sure we are already being monitored, if that is what you're worried about.


Call the police idgaf

Pretty sure. I'll see verbatim arguments here that I see from shills totally legitimate users on the big reddit news subs from time to time.

Cook Baron Trump alive in oil! Flash fry Baron Trump! Pour water on Baron Trump's burning oil body to start an oil fire that cooks Baron Trump even faster than before!

My trip wasn't on but I said this, thank you, god bless

get Barron Trump pregnant

Get Baron Trump pregnant by rape!


good one

yeah agreed and tbh i haven't done anything wrong just talked a looooot of shit and called people really immature names sooo

it'd be kind of funny though if they rounded up leftypol like they did for house of unamerican activities, and basically, everyone has to shitpost in real life and just reason out how shitty capitalism is with actual congressmen. like 'look guys, you realize how many layers of ideology you're on right now? hear me out.. '


I hope they let me show them zesty images when I make my arguments

Don't worry. Its just for drone striking anti-trump protesters abroad.