Charlottesville, hopefully the death of the altrite

/islam/ here. Hi, we have some open gommie discussion going on, we're cool with it. Anyway:

can we help cripple Holla Forums?

We're small. But we also don't allow any racism whatsoever, and we despise Holla Forums and babypol /christian/ and want to see them become either destroyed or redeemed.

Can we help?

PS the "clerical fascists" at /christian/ are applauding the murder of this young lady. Makes me rage!!

Also, on a personal note i'd like to join a black bloc. Im in nyc area, suggestions appreciated.



Holla Forums is destroying itself by becoming more and more unhinged and self-destructive.

I don't know much about /christian/, but it seems to me they are using their faith as an excuse to hate gays/liberals. I don't what /islam/ stands for but you should know Holla Forums does not like religious fundamentalism and reactionaries.

Rather than joining black block I suggest for you to join an actual leftist organization like the IWW.

/islam/ is shit, piss off.


As long as they are not obnoxious shariah enforcing genocidal faggots, muslims are ok in my book. I support religious Socialism in its Christian variety. Islam and Christianity carry the Logos Hegel talked about and Socialism needs Logos to function.

or do both

that depends, are you from Saudi Arabia?

No, get out. Now

Is antifa the same as black bloc?

I'm not interested in forcing my religious values on anyone. I support economic and social equity. Yet I'm not interested in "idpol", "X lives matter", nor am I interested in hardgore gommunism.

I just want to bash the fash, please no litmus tests.

Dunno about /Islam/, but I don't really like political Islam myslef.
Join a black bloc if you want, they will probably be protesting soon anyways.
Board activism is a waste of time, we don't target Holla Forums, but its users.


that /christian/ thread if filled with Holla Forums brigading

Yet it's not locked or deleted and no one is banned…

Commies, nazis, furries, pedos, christians, weeaboos, pagans, sure. But muslims?

I never would have even thought that there would be muslims on Holla Forums.

So do you actually subscribe to the religion of peace, all the way down to raping your mother for driving the car, or is it more of an ironic thing?

Tbh i rarely go there anymore, they'll spam that thread and most will leave

Black Bloc is a tactic, not an organization.

Islam is trash, just like Christianity. You get the bullet too.

Ha. Can't tell if purity spiral or a shill from Holla Forums. Whatever, let's at least rid the world of fash before we have it out, no?

I'm not so sure it will be.

I've been looking at their growth since their start and this event has radicalized a lot of them and the "AltLight" liberals are getting pulled further right.

Good news for leftypol is this incident has energized the protests that needed a really good shock to bring it back to pre Obama or inauguration levels.

I'm v cool with Islam and Christianity. Obviously not the reactionary elements but I think liberation theology is sweet.

I agree with the other user that it's better to join a worker oriented organization like IWW. Black blocs okay but the only way to actually help the poor and exploited in the long term is to build infrastructure for working class power.


I wouldn't bother joining a black bloc window smashing spree unless you want to get arrested, but definitely hook up with some left wing groups. I don't know what mosque you attend, but they have probably worked with a few already. While most communists aren't big fans of religion in general you shouldn't let that scare you off. Most of the anti-islam rhetoric comes from fedora tipping tankies and they only exist online and in parts of Europe.

Muslims piss off Holla Forumsacks just by existing, theyre pretty ok in my book

We must stand with Baked Alaska in his fight against anarcho-communist and demcon imperialism.

As long as you're not islamists you're okay

ow the edge

I fucking swear, shitting on people who come arguing in good faith ought to be bannable.


I legitimately appreciate you were sincere about your religion board instead of simply viralling. As you see, we have a lot of LARPers whose immediate reflex about religion is to meme, not to mention trolls from the right, center and left. Ignore them, it's what everyone else does. Whenever you see a cheap insult, always keep in mind it's most likely a Holla Forums troll.

Anyway, I can't think of many ways to hurt the fashies from the internet. Identifying them from pictures of the Charlottesville shindig and narcing them to their employers is nice, tho I think it's beyond the skill of most people. Also reporting their Twitters, Patreons etc. Other than that, I don't know.

As for black blocs, I urge you to reconsider. They always were smashies, now they're crawling with infiltrated cops, feds and shit, and they always are used as agents provocateurs. Look for other antifa groups, ones that are actually politicized. And of course, watch out for socjus; few groups are free of it nowadays, and the rest varies wildly with regards to their snowflake bullshit. Also DSA is a growing organization, and arguably the big reason why the left protesters in Charlottesville didn't throw the first punch. Look for regional antifa group subreddits, Reddit is surprisingly good for introducing yourself to an activity or group.

let Holla Forums cripple Holla Forums

Seriously, think before you speak.

Fuck you. if you read it closely OP didn't come here to argue in good faith. he came here to recruit us in his little idpol struggle. Looking at /christian/ it doesn't look like a /pol board just a christian board with some Holla Forums trolls as you'd expect. Still shit but no worse than /islam/ is. We should stay out of this.

The only way to destroy pol would be to get the FBI on them.
Or screen cap some of their more ugly memes about cville, and post on Facebook without context to horrify your normies friends and fan the flames of anger against them.

Is there something similar to liberation theology in Islam?

not sure, but there is a history of blending Arab nationalism and socialism that I should probably know more about

You can always hand-pick stuff about Usury, but mostly Islam is very corporate due to the fact that Mohamed was, after all, a bourg.

But a Muslim can always be a socialist if they dissociate religion and politics like any civilised person should do.

Muslim theology doesn't allow for that.

Fuck of secularist rafidi

we need to unite under gaddafi's third international theory

What do you think of Holla Forums embracing alt-wahabism?

It won't. Just like Islamic attacks radicalizes Muslims and their supporters this car stuff has already radicalized the right, a poll was done on 4pol and it revealed the vast majority became more right wing over it.

Abrahamic religions are all inherently irrational and harmful

You can stop being religious, read actual theory on communism from our books thread and ridicule Holla Forumsyp shenanigans like we do

I think these faggots are serious muslims.
Their board-tan is women with burqa holding bomb.

Can you all go aloha snackbar already?


The Muslims cries out in pain as he strikes you!

They've been here for a while. I think they changed boards a couple of times and took over the ISIS board some Jewish kid in Florida was running.


Religion is poison, you're just another reactionary that has to go in the end.

At /christian/ they don't consider nonwhites to be christians. Feel free to pull your head out of your ass at anytime.

Nice neoconservative/libdem meme. Because Islam is a race purity cult, of course.

I support the ethnic/religious diversity of historically "white" lands if they have an imperialist history. To be a socialist that turns a blind eye to imperialism, its contradictions, and its inevitable synthesis (migration to the imperial metropole) is to be a Not Socialist.


lol Holla Forums is reality. You are so fucking retarded you are on a Holla Forums containment board for commie faggots talking about how to destroy truth. Fucking lol.

The truth is that Socialism is the best mode of production, and that Capitalism must be destroyed. Look into S trasserism for a fair compromise. "We must take from the Right Nationalism without the Capitalism, and from the Left Socialism without the globalism."

^Memebrained filth like this is why we need to co-opt some praxis of intersectionality while rejecting its theory entirely.

Why is there no wordfilter for Asserism?

It's just nazbol and nostalgia for the Molotov Ribbentrop pact.

Nah. fuck unironic Nazbols.


you are not welcome here im sorry

It was one of the first wordfilters. You are new here, also terrible flag choice. This board is 18+.

You had to reactivate it apparently because I tested it before commenting.
I remember those first few slurps of theory, I had to finish quite a few different bottles chasing that dragon before coming back to the popular front. I appreciate where you're at. In ten years if you're still some sort of doctrinaire automaton with all the answers I'll eat my flag.

stalin support shariah

As well he should have.