What happened to Japan?
I thought they had amongst the most radical students and communist communities in the 60s-70s?
What can you guys tell me about today's Japanese politics? Are the leftist parties undergoing growth or just further decline?

every communist party isn't as popular as back in the days.

The Japanese Communist Party has received increased support over the past few elections, they're one if the largest opposition parties in the country.

Only really in the first world (I promise i'm not a Third worldist)

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They lost support after they literally started killing each other.

Same thing as america, that generation got fucked over and they gave up

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Nothing. The traditional form of workers' organizations have been rendered impotent or even entirely unviable pretty much everywhere in the world, with rare instances of an outburst showing faint signs of it still somewhat being there e.g. the French factory sit-ins of last summer. In the future they will be much different, likely more involving the new joint form of work environments and a lot of Internet use, though we'll see.

but how did it happen?

They ran into material prosperity is what happened. The same thing that killed the far left in all developed countries.

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The trajectory of capital slowly but surely caused a confluence in productivity and how the functionaries of the mode of production relate to it. Automation and increased productivity meant the death of the traditional factory unit; the proletariat no longer clearly relates to itself as distinct class now that it finds itself performing its alienated activities pretty much anywhere, and the spectacle has conveniently masked the role of bourgeoisie as propertied and in control (conveniently because the cultural shift that created the postmodern authority figure who treats you like a friend has no conscious origins; it is a logical development stemming from that confluence and late capital's spectacle where every part of culture is commodified and on the market).

We now also have a domesticated proletariat; one that more than ever works with machines and tools that create high levels of productivity, so high that the SNLT required barely necessitates a personfied capital (bourgeoisie) anymore to keep it going; automation and the non-divisive appearance of wage-labor itself is perfectly capable of having the proletariat constantly re-engage in the activity.

When the Situationists first made this sketch and proclaimed that class party politics would likely be dead it is because they were witnesses of a key moment in history, May '68, where this fact was as bright as day; finally now student workers largely outnumbered those in manufacturing, assembly and other forms of industry. But they just opened up Pandora's box and their conclusions were shoddy or even nihilistic. You must have also wondered why all the various Trotskyists, ML, DemSoc parties and groups have suffered complete and utter irrelevance as of late and that there's no sign of this changing: workerist fundamentals, which depend on a clearly self-identifiable proletariat, are at their death throes. You will have to reidentify what the most likely type of revolutionary subject is in the proletarian class, and accordingly drop all the worthless and historically limited forms of organization.

Like what the third world? Lumpens? What you mean by most likely type of revolutionary subject?

Communism is as popular in Japan as liberalism is in the US. However, Japan has been suffering from the problems of homelessness, wealth disparity and a rapidly declining birthrate which can't justify the government switching over to communism.