Photoshop Alternative

About a week ago, an user created a thread about free software, and one of the programs he mentioned as a neat looking alternative to Photoshop. It was supposedly better than GIMP or

Does anybody know the name of the program?

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returns some faggy paint factory website, what are you talking about?

MyPaint? Krita? I've tried both of those briefly and imo nothing beats GIMP dude.

I use gimp errday

GIMP for image manipulation, Krita for digital drawing, Inkscape for vectors.


I think he means Painter

I can't get the fucking text tool to save to the same layer, it always creates a new layer and I can't save it because it saves as just the text with alpha channel. What am I doing wrong?
This one.

That might have been it, but I'm not sure. The user talked about the brushes being comparable to Photoshop's, among other things.


Merge it down?

Right click -> merge layer

I also recommend everyone changing Gimp to "one window mode" in
Windows -> one window mode

No bully, but I actually like the floating more.

Use Mspaint or you're gay

Just pirate photoshop

Gimp and Krita are the best alternatives but honestly no one comes close to photoshop.
Just get a pirated version of photoshop I'm about to get my hands on a pirated version of photoshop cc 2016 and adove after effects.
Because no one really no one comes close tho adove.

What's wrong with just pirating Photoshop?

Injected malware you fucking retardo

Thank u comr8

if you do get your hands on those upload a copy to for those of us to download, would you please?

It was my thread.


I'm not sure I would say flat out better but I felt like the curves on the lines were better than photoshop. Photoshop the lines come out kind of jagged when sketching with a tablet.

Also I was saying Raw Therapee is better than camera raw.

Also if you want free photogammetry.


combined with meshlab:

>If you want an open source character creator.

Also not open source programs but maybe you can even use them legally for your commercial needs. I think they just made this one free. It seems they're giving all the base character models Genesis 1,2,3,8 for free and then people can make and sell additional clothing, morph targets, poses, etc. on the story, so I guess that's where they're making there money. To my knowledge there are no commercial limitations to the license even tho it's free now.

Fusion360 I'm not sure if they're still doing the promotion but I have a 1 year free commercial license for users making under 120k a year. But of course it could turn into a $300 a year subscription whenever that runs out.

my formatting is terrible apologies.

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A comparison video of Photoshop and Krita:

What about Illustrator?

Illustrator is a whole 'nother matter because it's a vector program. I'm talking about for pixel based brush strokes. Also illustrator ain't cheap. $360 a year for the rental. I dunno. Maybe that's cheap to some people.


Hey does anyone know of a good tablet to start drawing with?
I've been using photoshop for ~10 years and I'm starting to feel limited by my inability to draw. Also is there a good way to get better at drawing in general? Tbh I'm not really interested in painting portraits and shit but i think it would be useful in making propaganda and stuff

If you know good online resources to learn these stuff please post them there:
>>>/freedu/870 and gimp are fucking aids.

Photoshop is objectively better, just pirate it.

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That's why I was pimping Krita, because it's a lot more comparable and even better in some regards than PS.

What are some of the advantages?

Can it create animations like photoshop 6 ultra-deluxe edition can? If so i might try it because my install of ps6 is fucked

Dafuq is that? I've been using photoshop for awhile but I forgot what they were calling it before CS.

My favorite advantages: Better brush curves, probably a better brush engine, and also the live tiling wrap around mode for creating patterns.

That looks great for tablet users who can actually draw ;_;

Meant photoshop 6 extended. Has 3d shit and animation and video editing options.

I am not an artist, I just want to make animated memes in photoshop.

CS 6 extended. Ok, never played with the 3d or animation features before in PS.

Another program with cool little animation features is Sketchbook Pro. It's not free but only $30 a year for the rental:

Don't forget Lazy Nezumi

Nice. Didn't know there were was a plugin like that for photoshop. Now if only someone made a live tiling one, and the ability to clone brush multiple layers at the same time……