Funeral of woman killed on charlottesville to be disrupted

reall? These fuckers are willing to do this?

These fuckers are going full Westboro

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Why are burgers such animals?

ebin lel

She doesn't even look fat and how is childless an insult?

Not that either of those things justify RUNNING HER OVER WITH A FUCKING CAR, of course.

stormfags are repulsive

Espeically as 32 years, she's got time to produce children.
The good people at the daily Stormer simply needs to see her as something else/less than human, and anything is good for that.

Spread this on Twouitter, alert the policemen that the family is threatened, and if no response, get Antifas to act as security personnel


Let them - it will doom them to irrelevancy.

I'd support making some Nazis noses bleed (and giving them milk afterwards), should the police decide the funeral is not worth protecting.


nobody fucks with Antifa

top heh. they are all right wing trolls

call me spooked, but disturbing funerals is too much. I'm all for any kind of "le epic trolling", but if person dies, their family should be able to say proper goodbye, regardless of life they led.

If you have a twitter try showing the screenshot to @IGD_News or @NYCAntifa. There's both legit accounts with a semi-large following

get out

put some bullets through fascist skulls

Don't contact ANTIFA contact fucking Redneck revolt.

History repeats itself, it's like when the BPP had to work bodyguard duty.

True, it is too much. If they go through with it, the entire world's disgust with them will ensure their failure because they will cross lines that no one but the most inhuman can stomach.

RR doesn't have a chapter in Virginia IIRC.

dude, check antifa twitter and stop reddit spacing

Like that's an obligation or recommended procedure, or something.

Hot damn they don't. Perhaps shipping in one of the three NC or WV ones?

As a socdem I feel obliged to mention that you should get the police to protect the place if possible.

They still turned up.

Source of OP image?

What the fuck do you even need to get pregnant for to begin with

Also who in the world would want anyone on Holla Forums to be their fathers, that sounds terrifying

Seriously. Can someone explain to me why Americans are so disgustingly uncivilised yet always blame blacks for "NIGGING" out?

It was in the Daily Stormer discord server. Weev is the sysadmin for the Daily Stormer. I think Discord shutdown the server because of this incident.

It sounded better in my head, tb'h.

Can't wait for Sargon's take on this

we already know his take, he'll blame the left

I don't know, but weev is a well-known hacker who turned hardcore white-nationalist after spending some time in prison, so this is very probably legit.


How the hell did the chans go from doing jovial shit like Habbo Hotel, to doing politicized crap like this? Are they really willing to throw down the "post-ironic" card for this one?

Because It's OK when we do it of course!
More seriously the American mind is a mystery.
Try to understand it you'll become insane faster than if you went after Cthulhu.

It was all downhill from 2008, anyone could have seen this coming eventually

he already made that exact argument on his channel

Think I'm gonna puke tbh

To be fair, in the early days you had people playing Internet detectives and ruining people's lives for fun.


gee… I wonder why.



why are you niggers surprised?

Didn't think he'd go low enough to bring her up

That and facebook, the iphone, and The Big Bang Theory.

see >>1974009

where did it all go so wrong?

It was extremely innocent, and getting doxxed in the pre-facebook days didn't mean shit.

ok, I understand now.
let them do it

Hi Holla Forums

Chanology politicized 4chan

Here is the thing : these people don't see black people, lefties, and anyone which disagree with them as humans. Those are Stormfags we are talking about.

It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this

I put "nigger" in that post to test if you were reddit, thanks for proving my hypothesis.

yes, but these unironic stormfags are very rare, this will put end to their popular support


Fake laughing.


Fake laughing; looking and acting like jabba the fuckin hutt

They were never supported, they were tolerated.
I borrow bits of my explanation from Stirner, but basically, a lot of people have slightly racist bias and/or prejudice (hell, even I have), it's just their morals that makes them stop acting on it. But in their mind, they might see it as justified, and occults anything that disturbs their senses.

We need to be here so that if they show up, they will see we don't take kindly to their actions, we need to be here to make noise and show we resist.
This will stop them from gaining momentum.

Haha, yes, you have truly bamboozled me this day. Verily, I am undone by your most clever of traps. Reddit am I - simple to understand, simple to dismiss. In sooth, I am quite glad you have found me out, I was becoming ever tired of hiding my true nature. Your rousing and most cerebral of games was well and truly executed exactly according to your glorious machinations, my friend.

Fake laughing with fake smugness, in an incredulous vicar's voice.

when you have no actual ideology so you just do anything to make people mad

I'm not right wing, mods can confirm

Guys, if there actually is a protest that gets planned, we need to go and counter-protest.
It doesn't matter if she was an SJW liberal or a wobblie or a full on socialist, she was a closer ally to us than the fascists that murdered her and condone her murder.
We need the right to see that their violence and rhetoric will be met with the same.

Dude let's not make her poor parents remember her funeral as being a violent skirmish between the right and left. The right politicizing her own funeral is fucked up enough. Let's keep this clean as it can possibly be.

Which is why I think the best solution is to get their parents to call the police, and hope they do the necessary.

I'd love to see these stormfags get peper-sprayed.

What would happen if we asked the III%ers to police the funeral?

fuck man that takes me back
back during occupy and during the trial fuck man

I think we need to do as little as possible to disrupt the funeral. If the right shows up, they show up.

But we shouldn't show up. That'd just make us look like shit as well. And we're on a good streak here, let's not spoil the American mood of the news the internet is brooding a nasty hive.

There's no way lefties aren't going to show up for the funeral, especially if she was a wobblie. Nobody should show up to counter-protest or be armed though. Solidarity forever.

I just don't want people to rock the boat and be accidentally disrespectful to the dead. That's not a good look for anyone.

That's for the right to do, if they are so willing to do that to themselves. End up looking like fucking cowards.

There is a solution: people show up in plain clothes. Go there to respect a fallen comrade: but if shit starts to kick up get ready to fight.

We're sort of backed into a corner here. What color are you supposed to wear to a funeral?

I can't honestly think of a time something comparable has happened in Europa, that is if they are to do it. Americans really are scum and should be burned in order to fuel the rest of our homes.

You have the failed nigger president to thank for that. He pushed more racial divide on this country than stormfags ever could hope to accomplish.

If this happened in Europe you'd have marches and riots throughout the country instantly.

I really don't think he forced the right to do anything they shouldn't take responsibility for. You also overestimate the importance of the American presidency.

Well, this is so cartoonishly evil that he might declare it, and maybe even the incident with the car that killed her, a false flag to discredit the right. He might even be correct on some level. Porkies wouldn't allow a socialist to gain public sympathy unless they were trying to co-opt socialism, just like they did to Occupy Wall Street. Lord knows there are enough red fascists on this board who are only interested in smashing someone's face for the sake of smashing someone's face that they'd make excellent useful idiots for a new system of fraudulent American "socialism."

Then again, it could just be exactly what it appears to be at face value. Holla Forums isn't known for being sane.

And I was specifically referring to Chanology.

You really have no clue what you're talking about

No, he probably wouldn't. Americans often over estimate their own intelligence not to do dumb shit.

In all seriousness, is anyone other than le skepticologist community actually defending this shitshow? And more importantly is anyone outside of their audience listening to them? I assume everyone knows by now that they're pundits on the alt-right's payroll so their opinions are worth less than shit.

the majority of the le skeptic opinionator audience are dead subscribers anyway

Probably not. Feel of the streets is pure disgust here.

yea what happen to him he use to be cool

When is the funeral going to take place?

He's not. But it is hardly a fool proof way to tell.

Good, I don't live in Burgerland so it's hard to gauge the situation.
Barely anyone noticed here in Europe, and those who did probably thought it was just another case of dumb Americans killing each other.

Honestly kind of relieved

That's stupid

I don't think you understand. He was divisive because he's black.

I'm in Virginia, and I gotta tell you… Something is different. Liberals are finally waking up and saying "Holy shit, there are Nazis. And the Socialists are protecting people from them."
Cornel West went on Democracy Now and outright said that the anarchists saved his life, and that video is circulating - even among liberals.

Shit is different. This feels like more than just a happening, it's starting to feel like THE happening.

We're descended from the people who were so awful that nobody else in Europe would associate with them. Kind of like how Australians are descended from criminals, except Europe hated our ancestors so much that they wouldn't even imprison them and they left voluntarily because Europe wasn't shitty enough for them.

That brings hope to my heart: seriously.

The modern plato's cave allegory needs to have all the wage slaves watching shadows cast by other wage slaves who look slightly different. Maybe they could be arranged in a ring or something.

"It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into."

Right wing servers are now being banned on discord.

Brains destroyed by advertising and mass media.

I think a lot of those websites have been wanting to do so for ages, now they finally have the excuse

Thank you for giving me good news with an even better booty

Hey don't blame all of us, the feel here is really not positive towards the nazis

anyone else find this hillary-esque saccharine bullshit repulsive? just say "we don't like these people and we don't want them using our service"

You know I'm a right winger thats lurked here silently for a considerable amount of time, seeing even the most "disgusting' arguments, etc but this image is the only thing that's ever provoked a legitimate response from me.

What the fuck are you doing bro? Don't eat that please…

Stop hiding coward

Fuck off Holla Forums, not everyone cares about policing peoples' language

fuck off reddit

Who cares

That's kinda rude, I just like reading opposing opinions not shilling on their discussions in an attempt to change their politic.

That pic's ancient famalamarama.

yeah lol. it's just so spineless. it's really a shame that you can't even just flat out say you don't support nazism anymore. relativism was a mistake

So triggered
you will never fuck
everyone hates you
no one cares if you die

To this day, I don't know when Weev the troll ends and Weev the man begins.

Get cucked, put a knife to your moms throat because you didn't play video games long enough and then run over people for not liking your protest enough

she was out there getting laid while you were at home jerking off to anthropomorphized bitcoins

what did he mean by this

Holla Forums here

We blew Holla Forums the fuck out. You're in such a weak position that you have to rely on the system to do all the work for you. We're feared now and you're a joke. We literally have the badge of honour of being called domestic terrorists. What are you other than the butt of every joke?


Holy shit how will we ever recover?

You see, by breaking my back to suck my own cock in public, I've won the support of the public despite the inability to pay for my spinal surgery

Well, we're the board that gets laid the most, so there's that.



Do you have a persecution complex or something? I can't see any other reason for why would anyone like the position you and other Holla Forumsacks are in.

Don't go. Don't turn this into a political thing just tell the family to have private funeral so the heartless alt-right faggots can't get in.

2 of the dead were cops and all the normies hate you guys even more now.
Do you need some milk user?


Nigger two of those died because they crashed a fucking helicopter.

p much everyone in the world is making fun of you right now. you are not feared

weren't you guys just disparaging antifa by calling them domestic terrorists like a second ago? why is it suddenly a badge of honor?

so you're plan was to make yourselves look like violent terrorists and turn the majority of the population against you?
Enjoy the FBI investigation, cumskin.

People just knocked down your faggy confederate statue. Your discord just got shut down. Daily stormer is getting kicked off Godaddy AND got hacked. Are these victories for you?
You didn't address how in every protest the cops take your side. We all know your fucking pussies. That's why you're here. You can't deal with anything that's happening, so you'll shitpost on the enemy's imageboard so you can feel better about yourself.
Pathetic to watch tbh

Holy shit how can you be a such a faggot? No you are not a fucking revolutionary. You know why? Not just because you defend the capitalist system. The other reason is that you are one a so high level of retardation that you are so defending this whole incident and can't accept that if you want to win, you can't be just despised by the public. You care more about looking and feeling like a revolutionary than actually being one. Just like fascists have always done.

Holla Forums threw a tantrum, it got punishment, and know it can't take time out well apparently

So many deleted posts , what's going on ?

Holla Forumscuck had a temper tantrum

Holla Forums mocking a dead woman

One would think you had enough of everyone and their mother laughing at you.


Lol this is literally middle-school tier edgy.

Every time. Also you got run the fuck out of the city, kike Spencer got arrested, MacedAlaska got his eyes fucked up, and the world is turning on you, and you call this "power." Try again.

Holla Forums preteninding that the whole Charlottesvile incident was beneficial to them

wait what?

yo where all da nazi poster posts go itt why can't I link them anymore what gives

Too much junk food

If we go, it shouldn't be armed. The only thing that leftists should bring with them capable of drawing blood should be the roses meant to be laid beside her on her passage to the great Union Hall in the sky. If the disruptors want to shout, let them shout. If they want to jeer, let them jeer. Like any storm, hot air fuels it, makes it grow, but its blowing only kills it. The louder it blows, the faster it dies. If the Left is in attendance, it should be only as the most devout well wishers and mourners of the departed. Requiem in pace.

Part of me wants to say that if even a single drop escapes the trembling tea cup, then they shouldn't be shown even the faintest ghost of mercy. I would like nothing more than for the assembled crowd to tear whatever hooligan limb from limb. If reactionaries are paper tigers, then I'd like nothing more than to see one or all of them reduced to a pile of such debris. It's a big sight when assembled, but then the wind blows and like leaves, the scraps are gone, and no one's the poorer.

But it is a funeral. I don't think even that violence in defense, unless the proceedings are in the utmost peril, would be appropriate. Instead, every injury–verbal, spiritual, physical–should be endured. However hot the coals, they should be swallowed. Enjoy the pain, even, if only on behalf of those not able to feel it any more. It is a good pain, and I will tell you why.

Any good Marxist will tell you that history is a dialectical process. One event cannot occur without affecting every subsequent event. You can even see the evidence here. The Alt-Right, Holla Forums, reactionaries–whatever you want to call them, they never pass up a chance to tell us how they're winning, if they haven't already won. No one here is fooled though. We know better. Were the contest over, there'd be no one to which they might gloat. When any historical process is complete, there are seldom any leftovers.

So those hot coals should be swallowed by the fistful. The way they scald the throat or lie burning in the belly should be relished and memorized so perfectly that you won't forget it until you are placed in your own grave. Because we all know that this isn't the end. How many more confrontations, how many more Heather Heyers there will be, I don't think anyone can possibly know. We do know that they are coming, however.

So let them have their day. Let them think that they've won some stunning victory while we lay to rest one of ours. That is the purpose of this "protest," anyway, masturbatory victory lap. Endure, but do not ever forget, the shouting, the screaming, the meming, as they celebrate. Because the next time we meet them–and there will be a next time–it won't be at a funeral, but in the street, and they will come expecting a protest to be greeted with a battlefield instead. They don't know what it means, "an injury to one is an injury to all." It's fallen away, been forgotten, like so many other relics of the 19th and 20th centuries.

It's up to us then to remind them, and to do so with such superlative, irresistible force that it isn't ever, ever forgotten. Let smolder the embers of resentment, so that when the time soon comes for the fires of retribution, the combined blaze will be so awesome in its scope and terrible in its intensity that when its spent there will be no one left for us to gloat over.

I can't confirm or dispute this because I'm too young, but this my mother and I discussed the recent uptick in Nazism in America and she coincidentally pinpointed the modern rise to around 2008. She also recounted Nazism seemed to become more popular or was more widely reported on in the 80s and then dropped off in the 90s (there was the OKC bombing, though) and most of the 2000s.

We need more oldheads to help us out with this shit.

You're not very good at bait. 3/10, didn't even fully read.

We should organize and go
Go peacefully, go in normal clothes and with no banners or signs, but carry with you a non-lethal method of deterrence
But I really think we should go and protect the family and show the world that the left isn't represented by pussy liberals

Just remember that she was illegally blocking a public road, and was part of a leftist mob that was terrorizing peaceful demonstrators who had obtained a permit. And someone in the cars that she was blocking (from behind) might have died if they could not get to a hospital ER on time.

rly makes u thinc

also muh permits. so much for libertarianism


Why is morality so incredibly tenuous? I swear it's like life is some sort of game to people. Nothing is real, protest and die, get fucked. Protest for ethnic cleansing and get hurt, youre the victim. I swear life mist be a game I'mean just not in on. One of these days I'm gonna check myself for extra lives.

RWDS soon. Can't wait until we're beheading communist traitors and their families ISIS style.
Oh god I have a boner just thinking about it.


I'm for permits, and keeping pedestrians out of public roads, to avoid this exactly this kind of thing.

The demonstration was peaceful until left-wing terrorists showed up, and the government forced the peaceful demonstrators to walk through them, instead of keeping the two groups separate. The government was either incompetent or afraid of appearing too sympathetic toward the demonstrators.

If you find purpose perhaps you'll realize how important it is for the government to protect your life from violence. Which they clearly failed to do for the peaceful demonstrators on Saturday.


Streets will run red with your blood, you'll be dragged out of your home and slaughtered like livestock. Mark my fucking words you'll regret ever sympathizing with communism.

Agreed that we should de-escalate the conflict, not escalate it. A lot of the conflict comes from people on each side feeling victimized.

For example, a lot of young white men are joining these groups because they feel attacked by the deeply triggering and problematic rhetoric on TV, in academia, etc.

Likewise, non-whites are mad because they see a chance of historical events repeating themselves.

I don't want a Nazi masturbation fantasy, I want reconciliation.



sorry, i'm really just not sympathetic to this attitude at all.

this ain't an anime, bro

oh man thanks for that, i needed a good laugh

Then why are these groups on the rise? In the 90s, race was a taboo topic, but these young guys grew up being admonished not to speak in a racist way, and in return were treated like shit by non-whites and the establishment. The abuse keeps going back and forth, amplified each time.

If you live in America I strongly advise you leave because once shit hits the fan it's not going to be pretty for you.

Stop larping faggot

Here's an equally likely scenario

I'm going to vore you

Beware, if you do not stop now, I will eat you feat first.

is there going to be a tipping point with all of this shit

are they still planning on going back to berkley?

Protesting a funeral is the fast way to lose a culture war

Oh shit guys, he's hiding his power level! He's gonna stop all of our evil plans! It's just like the scrolls that loli gave me predicted! OH SHI-

So which one are you

Wow you just admitted that there isn't any fucking rational reason to why would you do shit like that. I want ask you, how does it feel to be this much of a fucking faggot?

The donald gets the bullet too. You shouldn't be mean to people who are going to join you dead in a ditch.

let them fucking shoot themselves in the foot

They really want their asses kicked.

-he says while masturbating to anime depicting underage japanese girls demonstrating his high t gorilla levels to the entire forum at large

Poor racists dindu nuffin. When does it end? When do people become accountable for their actions? inb4 never


hello guyth ith me mike cernovith my alth righth boyth from pol will make the thwiver run with your blood hang a minuthe i gotta flirt with thith underageth animeth

Please, for the love of god, do not go to this woman's funeral looking to get into fist fights with the aut-right.

How was the guy ramming his car into a bunch of unarmed peaceful protestors not an act of terrorism? It's even come out that it was premeditated. Regardless of whether the Leftists had permits, it wasn't a riot, they were marching, and nothing they did justified an act of extreme violence and rightwing terrorism.

I wonder if we'll see a Waco if this keeps going on.


you all act tough behind your keyboards and shouting fuck the police in liberal cities but soon the police wont protect you anymore. i can't wait to see commies crushed under the tank treads of the imperialist empire. kill or be killed you little faggots.

you sound a bit upset about something, wanna talk about it?

And you think you're different?


commies are the ones with the tanks buddy


So the police are just going to stop one day

How does that make sense lol

Also this isn't Warhammer 40k

they shot the hippies and they'll shoot you too.

they think life is a fantasy game alredy, dont waste your time

a literal keyboard warrior cumming to defend the honor of his precious board on his proxy site for white reddit and stormfront talking about being tough epic meme bro

don't you have a softball game to shoot up?

The police are on your side dumb ass.

and soon they will be given permission to stomp you roaches out. don't worry bro just show up in a che t-shirt and hold hands and sing cumbaya lmao hahahahahaha

p sure the dude who organized your rally is crying and hiding right now, talk about being afraid of softball games you guys won't even be able to go outside anymore lol

I mean not that you actually went outside before… you didn't even go to the rally did you. You just watched the newsfeeds and lived vicarously through them with your posting didn't you?

they never did

if you guys lurked Holla Forums more you'd know they are just shitposters. weev gets money from the aryan brotherhood and thats who is organizing against you. my god you lefties really are retarded. i've got to thank you though, SJWism is pretty much fucking dead outside of hipster shitholes. you've taken this to a whole new level. hope you like civil war!

Do you deny that there is a fuckton of deeply triggering and problematic rhetoric coming from establishment left places lately? and that a lot of it is unfair and counter productive? (i.e: every white person is guilty, we need to end "whiteness" now!)

A lot of people with the shit because they've been told that they need to constantly think about their race and are given a choice of either constant self flagellation or white identitarianism.

Also in the past 48 hours I've deconverted 4 "racial realist" types who were already having second thoughts over the charlottesville thing. A lot of these people are kind of dumb and know what they are getting into, and if you display superior intellect they go "wow dat guy is kind of smart, he makes sense yall"

Don't get me wrong the people who are in favor of running innocent people over (a tactic ironically employed by Islamic Jihadis) are fucking scum, which is why I carry a gun everywhere I go these days, but that doesn't change the fact that reconciliation is far preferable to civil war, and there are a lot of people who are getting into these groups who can be talked out of it.

Hell I've found alt lite types easier to talk down from their shit then SJW types, because alt-lite people are dumber, you give them facts and they go "ooooooooooo"

yeah I'm sure you are just shitposting man and not totally tryharding like a motherfuckre lol. The only social justice warrior I see right now is YOU.

this is lower than larping. this is like fanfiction.


C'mon now. They're useful idiots and nothing more.


wew lads. better drink up that soy and prepare for the carnage.

hey, isnt that you in the crowd?

bad omen commie boy

helo friends its me race realist from pol the next civil war will be soon trust me also somehow weev is still relevant I know who he is guys

you have a thread for calling in false police reports against weev right now. try to keep your narrative together.

Holla Forums is more irrelevant than ever. they spend months to build up the courage to leave their basements and after seeing that their autism isnt welcome in civilized society, they crawl back to their caves. i think this time they might crawl back for good.

Remember when Uncle Joe made your fuhrer kill himself.

weev is that guy who started furiously deleting all his discord logs about killing liberals right? lol what a social justice warrior, kinda like you. lame

the basement dweller insult doesn't work when you are posting on muh secret club exodus chan. lmao you are even bigger larpers than Holla Forums and thats no easy feat. anyways im sending some new reddit recruits your way, theres a lot of new troops for you guys!

man you must be new to 4chan culture or something cus lol look at this post ya'll

weev is an edgelord that runs the daily stormer and made tons of aryan brotherhood friends in the slammer.
wew you are being played like fiddles to help push the divide between americans further. 4chan and reddit are just scapegoats for the real losers like you guys on the left and TRS on the right.

Fuck off zionist

terrible b8

muh secret exodus club? you mean a public board that anyone can enter and post in? you caught me.

also, i'm glad to take reddit troops. more bright young minds to radicalize.

i keep mourning the loss of funny liberal political humor but keep forgetting it's even worse on the right
and i thought drumpf was bad

hahahaha leave it to left wing hipster to pretend like they found 8ch of their own volition and aren't just buttflustered oldfags from le annonymouse days. i guarantee you queers used to have guy fawks avatars and think you were changing the world. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

fucking soyboys are so sassy


wow nice meme. i can't believe you guys aren't more popular with memes like that. brb got to go get my sides out of orbit from that spicy meme

says the milk man. better dust off your tiki torch, bud.

i posted on Holla Forums in college for a good few months and even started to believe some of their autism until one day i decided to stop being retarded and came here.

which is to say, we're growing and winning the war of ideas. youre spiraling towards irrelevancy. please keep shitposting here though, its a good laugh.

p sure the guy fawkes chanology thing was ur thing considering you are kinda doing it right now but with nazi stuff instead. its just as lame as it was back then.

oh wow how are we ever going to be taken seriously without le dank maymays? oh well i guess its time to pack it up boys, Holla Forums wins.

hahahahahahahahahah go put on your Gay Fucks mask and pretend you're a superhero tough guy

im sure you've already packed up plenty of boys soyboy

So wait lemme get this straight are you trying to prove how cool you are by how long you've been browsing 4chan?

yeah your revolution is doomed bud

So you admit you aren't anti-establishment at all?

This faggot is actually proud of being a newfag. I bet you love Google's captcha in your mouth too, don't ya?

Weev is a Jew! Can't you people see what is going on here?

no im laughing at you former anonymous hacktivists pretending you're not.

what revolution? i support the police state and we are already winning. you better go buy a Che shirt and get ready for your next faggy protest where you can pretend this is the 60's and you're some sort of radical heroes for change LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
b-blacks STILL can't get ahead in America guys. KILL WHITEY!


you drunk?

I posted on 4chan for anime tits not to be a social justice warrior… that's kinda your thing :V

You gotta remember that 4/pol/tards managed to get lost on their way here in three seperate failed raid attempts. If it is not on the first page of a Google search, it's a secret to those fuckwits.

fair enough

That meme is basically the alt right atm… its kinda not a good fit lol

nobody is raiding you faggots, you are all over there raiding them. i love how none of you will admit that moot pissed you off when he banned your faggy Gay Fucks club from Holla Forums. hahahahaha. yeah. score those hipster points soyboy.


Why are cringy Kekistani fags so obsessed with soy milk and almond milk?

soy makes you powerful guy. it rids the body of toxic masculinity (the leading cause of right-wing thoughts)

what the hell are you even talking about? Moot did something now? Holla Forums is related? You must be very new to 4chan or something.

this is even worse b8 than sleepy posting. its ok, im sure you have very important hacktivism to accomplish and many virtues to signal to your fellow proletariat so they know how great you know you are


let them do it that would utterly destroy any chance they could recruit more people just like how the west borrow baptist church

Scientifically speaking, the leading cause of right-wing "thought" is clinical paranoia.

You must have joined from facebook or reddit where people care about that stuff. 4Chan isn't just Holla Forums and Holla Forums you weird loser

ftfy. don't worry though, the blacks on twitter have already made sure its clear that whites are the enemy and talking about this bitch is anti-black. whats it like defending people who hate you and see you as means to an end?

You're insane. I say this as a psychiatrist in training, please get help. Please get help. Stop doing this to yourself, please get help.

Fix yourself.

i am not a stormer. it is a fact that weev is getting money from the AB though. have your faggot hacktivist friends look into it. never said we win either. civil is coming and you helped play a part. this is a fact. there is no need to be upset.

I didn't say anything about what you are.

I said fix yourself and get help.

Cool we can talk about this like men

what the heck are you even talking about? Hacktivist friends? civil war? My man you need to visit some of the other wonderful boards on 4chan and see what a wide world there is out there outside of pol, you'd sound less like an SJW tryhard that way and maybe even get a better sense of tact or humor.

i'll quit hating SJWs when you quit turning supporting abusive parents putting little boys on female hormones and filling up twitter with deeply triggering and problematic vitriol. deal?

No man you don't get it- you ARE and SJW. You're the worst kind- the one that obsesses about other SJWs online. Do you even get outside and see real people at all?

your variations of sleepyposting have no effect on me. say, aren't you thirsty? how about a nice big glass of soymilk or maybe an extra hoppy IPA if you prefer, my treat

No deal. I'll give your cousin Estrogen

You sound really stupid, or really high, or really drunk. All of which I can see someone stumbling on leftypol with.

Friend, believe me I've been there. But you look like a fool right now and it's not a good look.

i have no reason to not assume that everyone who randomly brings this up isn't just a badly closeted mtf


yes. i see pathetic males who are so thirsty for pussy that they would cut off a nut to get it. i see hipsters hiding weak jawlines behind trendy beards while they sit around sipping on craft beers talking about why college should be free and America should be the only country in the world with no borders. i see sick fucks thinking it isn't child abuse to put pre-pubescent children on hormones. i see the washington post, new york times, bbc, and cnn running deeply triggering and problematic and anti-masculinity pieces on a daily basis.

So you just admitted you are deeply triggered by stuff you see on the news almost daily. Tell me what the difference between you and a tumblrite is again?

lmao this board is full of mentally ill trannies (who will eventually join the 60%) so of course you think everyone is one of you.

I could probably go on T and end up with a bigger cock than you dude, let's be real.

lmao. no thanks. i'd rather suit up and help the police.

better hurry before the suicidal thoughts kick in.

Holla Forums and /r9k/

Not into men, but into the idea of comparing my clit to your cock and ending up winning.

Come by my apartment sometime.

I'm not really sure what you are even arguing for here are you basically saying you're afraid of everything? It sounds like you can't even leave your room without getting triggered like some weird Christian mom from facebook.

Holla Forums is probably one of the most Holla Forums illiterate boards on this chan. Our mods use gmail

damn, you sure know a lot about and love randomly bringing up these trannies that you definitely aren't associated with

Like you sound like some sorta old grandpa who hasn't had a woman give him a tug in a very long time and he's desperately horny. Like the cum is bleeding out of your pours judging by your horribly anxious posting.

I like a challenge ;)

oh god a fucking roastie. hahahahaha. i bet that ugly whore Zoey hangs around here. wew. well there's plenty of thirsties to mooch off and i can't blame a girl for playing the game. wew. anyways, you can think you triggered me if it makes you feel better (you guys need a confidence boost to make better memes) but i was simply showing you WHY there are so many "enemies" these days. nazis aren't just appearing out of thin air like boogeymen.

You sound like someone who fucks. I want to know what fucking feels like. Tell me about it.


your schizo posts have done nothing but make everyone MORE confused

These are the posts of a defeated manlet

Not white either.

not hard to do among lefties.


It's actually fairly hard, we all listen to Zizek. You are less coherent than Zizek.

You just went on a tangent about how everything you see today triggers you. You know that's probably you being very confused right. Its ok to admit you are a bit confused by modern day living… its not quite like a video game is it?

i love how women (and effeminate men) fight the patriarchy and "objectification of women" but can only formulate insults in which the woman is used as a sexual object. whats wrong, don't have any thoughts that don't involve your vagina?

he's probably drunk for the 5th time in the past week.

Actually the only other insults I've used tonight are threats to vore people.

I'm into vore, are you into vore?

sick burn old chap. brb gotta go get ointment to treat this burn

You are probably not part of the patriarchy or you'd be getting more sex or at the very least success in something. Why do you defend something you aren't even welcome in?

And can I ask why you make like, five total spaces after the end of each sentence? It's strange.

Dude what the fuck are you even posting for right now

i dont want to insult you anymore. i sincerely hope you get the help you need and turn your life around. people dont get as angry as you if they dont have serious problems in their life. good luck, user.

there is no need to be upset. i am enojoying tlaking with you guys. since you shat up my usual trolling routine i have to stay here with you now


she is a martyr.

someone should run a car through their faggot shit and see how they like it. right wing reactionary scum

i completely disagree. SWIM said that these right wing cancers on the face of humanity should be met with armed resistance the second they try to protest this martyrs funeral

she should be avenged

It would be reported on up the ass and it would make them more popular, as well aa normalize that sort of thing.
It would inspire a loss of morality in these people.

that is embarrasing

He blames the left for provoking the alt-right. According to him nothing bad would had happened if they just left the racists alone. Oh, also he is trying not to think too much about the woman was killed, he briefly mention that half-chan thought the killer was a lefty, and the media mentioned he was alt-right but he claims he doesnt know, seems like he doesnt have time to "research" it.

He prays on their one weakness, which is the inability to be responsible for themselves and their own actions.

It's gonna bite them and him on the ass as this progresses out.

Stop randomly spacing your words it points you out as drunk

Found Holla Forums

p much all of the centrist geniuses and youtube skeptics have gone all in on the "human beings are actually crash test dummies with absolutely no agency or advanced cognition whatsoever" thesis
these people get showered in patreon money are considered intellectual heavyweights by a sizable population. i spent all saturday reading their hot takes on twitter and i just want to fucking die

what an utter rancid turd of a man

I keep warning you about idpolers but you fuckers won't listen!

How in the fuck does Akkad have followers? I know this shit started with gamergate but this is getting ludicrous.

And can somebody please get in a humvee and park it on top of steve bannon? He's the fucking troglodyte who decided it was a good idea to convert miserable white nerds to populist right-wing cancer. Milo was just the one playing the flute.

EVERYTHING is going perfectly.

The plan was to always fuck up the right by exploiting the Alt-right vs. Alt-lite divide. The beauty of it is you can keep tossing one eceleb or media outlet from one side to the other side in rhetoric until literally everyone hates them!

You don't have to start shitposting just to fit in but just lurking is kind of silly as well. I suggest you go read something. If you hate the CIA as much as Holla Forums, then I recommend Murder in Samarkand by Craig Murray.