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All I have to go on is western propaganda that says they can't admit they're starving or their families will be sent to the salt mines.

I know this is capitalist bullshit but give me the truth on the DPRK so I can have something to replace the lies.

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The most honest documentary i've seen about DPRK
Documentary about an american pig that moved to the DPRK in the early 1960's and has been living there ever since.

What's the song at the beginning, it's awesome

Hey, I've linked the doc too !

Thanks. Sorry I don't click random youtube links without any description…

Good watching of the dog. The guy is relatively liberal, and a bit useful idiot (you will see later in the film), but he is honest and talented.

It's not as bad as it sounds OBVIOUSLY, but it still kinda sucks. Your sources of entertainment are pretty limited, so is food although things are better since the nineties. It's a different sort of suffering than South Korea, but it's still pretty bad comparatively.

I keep seeing The Land of Whispers posted on here but I remember it being pretty anti-DPRK… Am I mistaken?

I recommend The Propaganda Game, which is a more-or-less sincere documentary about the country by a liberal Spanish guy, which debunks some western myths about DPRK but keeps a skeptical approach. It's difficult to find out anything about the labour camps etc. since you're definitely not going to hear about those from DPR Koreans. They seem to hold the system in high esteem and they systematically hate America, but in any case, it's really hard for us outside of the country to understand what's going on there as it's quite a unique situation. Even after I saw that film, the country wasn't any less mysterious to me, but I suggest you watch it nevertheless for some valuable insight.

The guy just presents the people as human and not ebil of minions of Dr. Evil.
Yes, it's anti-DPRK, because you need to be a retard to be pro-DPRK tbh

Their Songun policy is an withdraw of the state from the economy in favour of the military by any other name. They're a mixed economy now, look at their tourist traps.

Its a country that is heavily sanctioned up the ass and the only information about it is from western media.

You should oppose the idea of north korea that is presented, but at the same time oppose invasion of measures against it. You dont "cock block kim", you starve the population because they hardly have any farmland. Also being a rogue state is pretty based in and of itself.

They aren't a rogue state, they are a threatened state rather.

Pro-DPRK in the sense of against western imperialism against them. You agree with that right?

Rogue state is a term used by the USA to describe states that actively fight against their hegemony but aren't superpowers and aren't subverted yet.
When people say "rogue state" they usually mean "small countries that america hates"

Best Korea, non-ironically tbh
There is a page on facebook that AFAIK, has some contacts there and is constantly trying to "clean" some of the myths about it, the best thing about them is that they try to show the more common, daily life on North Korea instead of focusing on politics
The page is in portuguese, so for any lusophone comrades out there, its "O Outro Lado da Coréia do Norte"

It's pretty cool. Socialist state that laughs into the face of imperialism, great architecture, clean streets and has actual workplace democracy.

Of course. I used to trust the "liberating" mission of the West but that was a long time ago. I'm not naive anymore.
Still doesn't knee-jerk at the mere sound of foreign intervention/aid, though, if done with consent of the country in question.

What the fuck.

Mali intervention wasn't destroying it, rather saving it from fascist Islamists.

Explain pleease

They unionise everything. It's just for show, though.

No you moron. They have direct democracy at their workplace. Unions are for planning, salary negotiations with the state (which is both interlocked with each other) and nominations for the councils or the Supreme People's Assembly.


Oh its all propaganda and the Taen Management System doesn't exist? All invented?

The War Party in America is pushing for war in North Korea

It might exist, I dunno, I've never been here.
I seriously doubt it works as intended.

first you think oh North Korea just wants to appear scary because of what happened to Libya (gave up weapons and still got invaded)
then you remember conflict existed since around ww2

It has been observed in the past by foreigers:
Ever since they became more reclusive we see state officials confirming that they keep this system, so unless we have contradictory information, we have to assume it works. It's interesting that the sheer assumption that workers in the DPRK may have more saying how their workplace is run than in capitalism is sheer unbelievable for you.

Stalinism taken to its "logical" conclusion.

Sounds awesome to me. Where do I sign up?