Lol stupid commies, George Soros is in league with the lefti-
Has Holla Forums ever been right?

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Where is Geroge Soros linked with CCF? Am i missing something?

Blame Tony Cliff, all the "Trotskyist" Neocons come from his camp.


Its under Legacy of the CCF

At least its within Holla Forums's reading comprehension then

This shit again?

fuck off, Gertruda

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Soros supported solidarity reactionarys in poland

From "Buying a Better World: George Soros and Billionaire Philanthropy"

"The left" in reference isn't true left, it's modern western "liberalism/progressivism".
I also find it ironic how Holla Forums tends to hate rich Jews but whenever the idea of wealth redistribution is brought up a bunch of them turn full AnCap. It doesn't mean redistributing your wealth, but the rich Jews' wealth.

The whole thing is basically the equivalent to Holla Forums's conspiracy theories regarding "cultural marxism", except this time its actually true and it was instead manufactured cultural liberalism created "To counter the Communist "cultural offensive" and uphold the importance of intellectual freedom"

You have a pdf comrade?

Oh thanks user, i missed that

inb4 Holla Forums "I-Its just 8d chess guys"

That's nothing new, Hitler did it to a degree in Germany. Plundered Jewish wealth and the wealth of Poland, Czechoslovakia etc to toss some scraps to German workers.

Jews were allowed to bring some of their wealth out the country through the deal Germany had with that one company (from Judea I think). By the point Germany needed to rescue Germans in Poland Germany was already a very prosperous country (otherwise UK/France wouldn't have attacked), same goes for Czech, so it wasn't loot but labor that made irrelevant Germany into a superpower.
Before Hitler the people were starving. He brought prosperity to every German. It was much more than some scraps. It's true capitalists got a larger share, but there was nothing Hitler could do - if he upset the industry his chances of fending off the enemy would be nil.