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I choose communist

nigga we can play this game all day

Are you serious? He is. He is one of the three massive titans of communism, with Marx and Lenin.

I don't know that much about Mao but he seems based as fuck and Maoism has the best aesthetics

Wang Ming would have been a better leader.

Mao was okay-ish, still a massive turd. If there was a Mao today i'd very much be shilling for him, just like for Maduro or Assad. They are good people and socialists. Assad less so but this war better get his party back on track or communists gotta take up arms and break the NPF.

Kim Jong Un is pretty much the modern Mao. Same tragic-comically bad policies that result in famines, same empty threats of world war 3.


Well, fuck.

the DPRK is not threatening WW3, they're threatening retaliation, and they have every right to do so.
the things leading to famine was the US deforestation campaign and destruction of farming land as well as sanctions. you gotta be clinically retarded to put any blame on the DPRK or Kim Jong Un in any of that.

you're just saying that because both are asian and a bit chubby

chose 1

Date? Somehow doubt this was after the pinochet coup, Cuba supported guerrilla against the pinochet junta.

yep, 1971. nice try, faggot.

it was the cold war, everybody was supporting guerrillas against each other while shaking hands

Where exactly did Kim Jong Uns policies result in famine? You sound like a insufferable retard who has never actually engaged with Maoism in a sincere way.

not that I support the DPRK or anything but their situation is 100% the fault of the west.

wrong, and see
or look it up yourself

Somewhat related: isn't the "official" maoist line that none of the remaining ML states are socialist?

what about cuba

I think it's "revisionist", "state capitalist" or something like that according to Maoists

Why do tankies have the lowest standards when it comes to socialism?

Cuba is going downhill fast with Raoul. The guy must have been brainwashed while CIA held him captive, since all he does is slowly going towards back to capitalism.

I don't think Maoists ever used the term state capitalism. I think Cuba is considered socialism by most Maoists. DPRK is revisionist from Maoist perspective, depends on how you look at it. Still I believe most Maoists would support the DPRK because imperialism.

Have you actually looked at his reforms? He's decentralizing economic planning to integrate cooperatives more, there is no indication whatsoever that he goes towards free market capitalism.

Cuba has been capitalist from the start.

Damn, I was lied by western media once again. However that is really good to hear.

Is Mao worth reading? Any other good books on the Cultural Revolution in general? I'm taking a college course on it all this fall, but I'd like to get a bit more background before it starts.

Were you dropped on your head as an infant?

Most western media I've read more or less reluctantly says this as well unless you are talking about shit like CNN or Fox News. You should know that for the mainstream media freedumz = capitalism and less freedumz = communism. They will always give it this spin.


Mao didn't really collectivize the farms Stalin-style. And yes, leaving farming to the people's committees actually ended famines in China for good. But why would you even know basic Wikipedia tier knowledge, Holla Forums.

Then why not just give farming to the committees instead of torturing people for 4 years?

you most definitely were

Maoism was probably the most interesting and radical development of Marxism-Leninism, the cultural revolution was a singular event that even anarchists should take note of. Not to mention the influence Maoism had on Western Marxism.

It was certainly the most radical departur from Marx, and it has produced many great theorists, but I still feel like Maoism is the shittiest out of all the revisionist Marxist sects.

Every actual revolutionary workers' movement should:


This was when Castro visited Allende's Chile: Pinochet was a general remember.


I pick both