This kills the leftists

This kills the leftists.

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Can't tell if serious or sarcastic post


think about what you need to do to keep a movement alive behind enemy lines and changing the country op


There is no conspiracy of capitalists, just individuals acting in their self interest, which is different from that of the bulk of the populace because of the nature of their relationship to the process of production.

horseshoe theory is just pic related being observed by the politically illiterate

radical centrists have to be the most obnoxious people on the planet

There's a metric fuckton of socialist theory free to read online right now if you actually believe the shit that pic you posted, OP.

I just don't know what to do anymore. you tell them to read a book, they tell you they have "read plenty". you say you're trying to make society better for all people, they argue that "you're just as bad as a Nazi". And they always come off as rational and don't bring in emotions. Yet here I am actually fucking struggling in life and I can't even help but get emotional when people are claiming the system we live in while flawed is somehow "the best we got".

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

Really makes you think


so is blackface a conspiracy theory too?

m8, you are forgetting about the part where they are just racist Holla Forums memes but with the jew swapped out and the "upper-class person" in place.

porky are the bourgeois capitalist parasites

do you know what the word conspiracy means?

Everyone from one religious group working together to destroy civilization is a conspiracy theory. Business owners trying to make a profit is not.

u wot m8

The meme format have its limit and character creation have their limits. It's always easier to literally put a face on things to picture them.
As long as people don't forget that the class is not some essence i see nothing wrong with Porky.

So then we must kill the jewish par-..woops, I meant lets kill the bourgeois capitalist parasites.

Are you against deposing monarchs too? How about killing slave drivers?

We arn't like Holla Forums. Being triggered is for/pol/laks.

It's like I am talking to Holla Forums. How are you guys even enemies I don't understand.

Why do you believe that historical ruling classes should have been abolished but that the present one is just? Further, there is no need to kill every last property owner, only those who mount armed resistance to the collectivization of their productive assets.