What is commodity production and how will it exist under communism or not exist? Is it TVs and things...

What is commodity production and how will it exist under communism or not exist? Is it TVs and things? Plz explain and no bulli.

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Commodity production is production not for use or need but simply because something can be exchanged for money. The item is merely a means to an end.

I see. So under Communism would items be produced based solely on public demand/want/need for those items?

Production for use, yes.

under communism there will be no markets, first of all
produced by whom? there will be no authorities of production

Seems like "commodity production" is a poor word for it, to me. When I hear "commodity" I think of a homogeneous product with a completely irrelevant origin to be produced and consumed "objectively", without concern to subjective factors, which I don't think anyone worth taking seriously would oppose.

Oh that makes much more sense now. Thank you. So, while under Capitalism production is based on exchange and if producing an item would be profitable, under Communism items would be produced for practical use, where in capitalism a start up with a good idea may fail because that idea is not profitable, under communism that idea would be allocated resources based on its potential use? Is that correct?

Produced by peopleā€¦? I don't exactly understand what you mean.

You mean like bread? Or something necessary to society?

Yes; "Bread" as opposed to "Nature's Own" bread, or a tablet as opposed to an iPad.


Hope this helps OP.

The people who were killed by communists weren't communists.

Oh, I think I understand now. Under a Communist mode of production things will not be over produced or under produced - they will be produced exactly as needed, and stockpiled as necessary. There would no be competing brands of anything, there would just be a unified industry separate from other industries that fills demand for its specific area of responsibility - like the farming industry filling the demand for grain.

Thank you!

I have to include an image. I picked one at random.

yea pretty much


can you give me an example of commodity?

Just about anything can be a commodity. Something becomes a commodity when its only reason for production is to be exchanged and not for use.

a Snickers (TM) bar

Anything sold to get money.
Initially it was more related to manufactured products, chairs cotton clothes and so on, but Food quickly became commodity when capitalism kicked in and now enven relationships between people can become commodities


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My question is, if things are made only as they are needed, how do we reach super-abundance?

Why does it have to be produce as much as possible without regard to if it even gets used or not.

Superabundance means that the commodities are produced at levels just above the level it needs to be at to satisfy people's needs, which is the level communism would produce commodities at. Capitalism keeps producing commodities as long as it increases the marginal utility for the producer, and so they end up producing way too much of some commodities and way too little of others.

A commodity is effectively anything that is produced by a manufacturer for money, but purchased by a consumer for some non-monetary use. It's really pretty much what you think it is, just it's being defined with a bit finer detail.