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When the revolution comes we should replace the statue of liberty with a statue of her getting lynched tbqh

what does "free speech" even mean


i expect this from a lolbertarian AKA neo-feudalist t b h

the right to crash a car on a crowd while shouting ALLAHU TRUMP


This is your brain on libertarianism



I am starting to question Ben Garrison's sanity.



it really is t b h


I don't understand what this is trying to convey.

that ones not honest anti-left just anti idpol/liberal

not edgy enough.



If you do not know how to actually fight, you should not pose like if you did. This is going to get you and others killed. Have humility and learn shit first, then don't stand around a corner trying to look cool because that's not how shit is done. This is worse than the patriot movement, but I guess at least you lot aren't fat. Anarkiddies need to stop being such fags.

I've seen this comic a hundred times, and I've never seen anyone point this out. Antifa don't call their activism "virtue signaling" at all. The only people who use that phrase are right-wingers and liberals.

And in this one, the college man lists "conservatives" then "gay conservatives," "conservative African Americans," and "women conservatives." Not to mention "Milo Yiannopolous," who is a gay conservative, "people who read Breitbart," who are mostly conservative… he's basically just listing "conservatives" over and over again, so most of that speech bubble is just wasted space.

Oh, I didn't know the guys in the pointy hoods are fascists. I thought the catholics used costumes like that all over Europe.

oh catholics did?
i though it was like a KKK thing or some stupid shit
analysis could be off then t b h….

It's a KKK thing in the US but also a Catholic festival in South America I believe


In the US yeah, KKK wear white robes and hoods, but I think the higher level KKK wizards, dragons, etc, wear black and crimson robes, I'm not too sure.



What the fuck are you talking about, you massively stupid asshole?

Did you even look at the picture he was responding to? The people in that picture are literally Catholic penitents, not Klansmen





This nigga really just compared virtue signaling to Klan lynchings

I love how Holla Forums doesnt even need to deface his cartoons anymore. Hes gone full loony

he makes antifa much more alpha than the skinny fat kkk member which I appreciate

It's a similar thing to where religious zealots justify mass murder because some infidels profaned their god which is much worse than actual murder in their eyes.

What the fuck is virtue signalling

Edit the title "Death by political edgyness"

Why are leftists so lazy can't they make their own memes instead of just stealing the format and bending it to their agenda. Sad really.

no one cares bout "muh stealing memes"

You don't understand memes friendo

Memes have no rules, kiddo.

Oh I'm sorry, were those comics your property?


whats this new muh meme about its retarded the guy who started it should die "muhmuhmuh muh muh muh" like wtf do you have downs or something??

Its called sampling you philistine

Those are Spanish priests

I wonder how he's gonna twist the right killing a person at the latest kerfuffle.

He's probably going to do something with an image of Soros, depicted being responsible for it all or something, with a large sack of cash next to him with a big dollar sign. Oh, and Soros will be labeled ofcourse.

It seems like OC is no longer a thing in leftypol. Sad really.


Half of the catalog are memes bended to their agenda i see no OC maybe 1 or 2 posts.

I didnt know Garrison makes those comics solely for Holla Forums, and that editing is not OC. You guys have been stealing Pepe for years then.


do you know what a meme is

i haven't seen much from Holla Forums that isn't a pepe or happy merchant edit in almost a decade either.

This is the original.

Claiming your opinions on social media to show how much of a great person you are to hold your opinions.

To be fair i remember a few month ago that Holla Forums actually tried to push a literal Human vs Orcs narrative with captioned pictures of LoTR.
That one fell flat on its face tho.

your civil rights to recruit and organize ethnic genocide

Keep the edits coming, I like them and they seem to piss Holla Forums off

Can mods edit the thread so it's now a "Ben Garrison Comic" thread?


Like actually don't delete it please. We need new edits anyway

I'm saying have the mods turn this into a thread for people to edit Ben Garrison Cartoons

I wish this were true

oh ben

The guy makes some pretty decent spank porn at least. Still sad I didn't save it last time it was posted.

Nigel Farage, dangerous pinko.


Muh pictures!

Tbh if we win alongside the statue of liberty should be the statute of revolution. In one hand a hammer and in the other a rifle

I Feel it lacks something..

Whenever I see one of these comics and become deeply concerned for Garrison's mental well-being.

meh, just strap a kalashnikov to her back and make her tablet say DAS KAPITAL rather than JULY 4.
maybe add a beard for the lulz.


Honestly i think he just understood he could get more bucks by pandering to Holla Forums than trying to sue 4chan.
Still i can't wait to see what will his next drawing be now that Trump denounced racism and neonazis.

The bourgeoisie's right to manipulate you to accept their narrative disguised as "IMA MURRICAN I SAY AND DO WHATEVZ I WANT"

that would rule

I don't get it

That depends of what trashcan you're eating from but above all "free speech" has nothing to o with freedom or speech.
When the burgerland founding father wrote the bill of right free speech wasn't conceived as something that people do but as something that the government should not touch because freedoms were conceived as an area the gov't doesn't step in but that means private institutions and individuals are free to suppress your speech, something many people ignores.
When a conservative talks about free speech he means "The right to be heard without accountability", in the reactionary mind the most important thing is just to make noise and disrupt the civil society that undermines unrestrained capitalism. There is no substance to what they say only feelings.
When a liberal talks about free speech they mean "The tool of liberalization" for liberals the freedoms that we have today have are instruments of liberalism, The is why liberals never want immigrants to be properly assimilated or be giving cultural sensibilization classes because they think that simply living in a liberal society and enjoying liberal freedoms will make people liberals. For example: freedom of religious should make you an agnostic. That is why liberal always attack the symptoms and never the illness.

The right of Holla Forums to exist.
The right of communist groups to hand out leaflets and share books.
Of course you're far, far too stupid to ever consider that as you fight against free speech.

Holla Forums gets worse and worse by the day.

Holla Forums likes Ben Strawmannison now?

Well there is no joke since I didn't edit the text.
But maybe something about the far rights support for Trump and Trumps sporadic threats of strengthening liability laws to curtail bad press coverage?

so it's freedom of the press then.


i dont understand you brainwashed goys

you cant just magically think your way out of your heritage and nationality no matter how hard you dont want or like it or force people around you to abandon theirs.

nobody in that town wanted the Robert E Lee statue to be there. who is the one being forced?

philistines were actually quite civilized and advanced its just that jews really didnt like them and produced endless amounts of propaganda against them

This assumes the average person thinks like this. Don't you see that capitalism has destroyed everything you have cherished? Even culture? I used to be on the alt right but eventually abandoned it due to the right being so blinded by the past that they cannot see that capitalism is the most dominate system in the world and is thus the only threat to your heritage. The fascists won't ever win because you do not want europe of europeans. You want europe to be the same as today. With landord and bourgeois dominance which denies all people of using and owning their creation/

clearly sung by some belgium belgian with their wannabe german language that sounds like a parody of the real thing. they sound like they're drunk, high and got their face stuffed with fries, lol

as usual, Marxist Leninist music does it better

Cry harder Nazi

Yes we know

Tough words coming from a traditionalist in line with a hundreds years old agenda

Dude, you're on an anonymous internet imageboard based on an imageboard built for the discussion of Japanese anime and manga as well as other factors and yet you claim to be a traditionalist

You can dislike consumerism and enjoy marble statues, blond people, and the English language without being a sperg who lashes out against all of modernity


Not him, but NutSacs aren't capitalists. We have no qualms about changing the economy to be more or less capitalist/socialist if it's to the benefit of the volk. Libertards get gassed too.
Alt-kike is controlled opposition.

Joke's on you: Japs are honorary Aryans.

everything is an honorary aryan tbh

You a Holla Forumslack like me? How does S trasserism sound to you?


Ever read gottfried feder? Or any fascist book? They are against capitalism because they see it as a THREAT to private property.

What the fuck does virtue signaling even mean? It gets thrown around a lot but the core belief of it is so stupid it's hard to fathom. Just because you're not doing the most retarded thing you can possibly do in one situation it means you're an attention whore only out for acknowledgement?

That doesn't change the fact that the environment you're most comfortable in is one where all notions of identity and morality have been eliminated and propositions are judged solely upon their merit

In "traditional" societies, people suppressed their feelings of dissent, indulged in nepotism, shamed things like masturbation (which you probably do daily), required regular attendance of religious services and observances of festivals, high importance is put upon physical strength and beauty, etc. But you're not comfortable with that shit; you prefer the environment of the Internet, where your appearance or identity is of absolutely no value and your idea is everything, where absolute equality is the cornerstone of everything, and nepotism is totally useless.

You call yourself a traditionalist as a reaction to consumerism and liberal identity politics, but if you stopped and thought about it for half a second you'd realize that lifestyle is not at all what you actually want. You are not, and nor do you want to be, a Chad.

Righteous indignation as expressed in the political sphere, essentially

You know how these days everyone from every political persuasion always acts really smug when someone from some political persuasion they're against goes crazy and starts killing people? That's sort of what's meant by "virtue signaling"; you're right not because your ideas offer an improvement but because the alternative can be made out to be terrible in some way.

Of course, right-wingers have twisted the concept into referring to anyone who wants to improve anything whatsoever, but it's still a valid criticism of liberal politics.


Who says that I don't see capitalism for what it is?

For example, this social justice bullshit, along with the flooding of the West by low-IQ third worlders is a perfect example of Gamsci's Cultural Hegemony theory. The bourgeoisie and cosmopolitans are using it as class warfare against Middle and working class folks


That's an extremely subjective term


The middle class is a bourgeoisie tool. To say you are against class war fare is to defend class in itself. Again, nazis defend private property thus deny the workers to full fruit of civilization.

Do you support the continuing extortion of natural resources from the third world by the global, primarily Western bourgeoisie? If not, you should say as much and be aware that it might come at a cost to your standards of living. If so, you're engaged in warfare and it's only fair for the other side to respond.

Full retard


You support a system that denies resources and the means of creation to the average european. You aren't even for europe for euopeans.

I'm not a jingoist.

And what system do I supposedly support? Are you going to strawman me this whole thread?

Why do you consider the folks who support Trump, the warmonger against the peoples of Syria, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere, your allies then?


Unless you are a Asserist, Nazis support privatization of the means of production thus deny the average european any power of their homeland.

Trump isn't going to do anything to those countries. It's saber rattling. Just like he launched a missile against an empty silo in Syria lel

Anyway I have no interest in the third world and taking anything they have

Actually I'm closer to Asserism than most of us, probably because I was a commie before. But for me that's secondary, so long as the economic policy isn't retarded I'd rather have homogeneity over it.

No, only the kampfy book. I did start reading Das Kapital long ago (while a commie) but never finished it.

There's a big difference between liking chans for shits and giggles and actually wanting to live in a place where you don't know anyone's name and where they'd push you on the train tracks if given the chance. I'm comfortable with chans because I can say what I want here. Trying the same on the record and with my name attached would land me in jail.
I think you're confusing me with the other guy. I've known a few traditionalists and wouldn't call myself one, although I support stuff you'd see as antiquated (families, not being a giant faggot, not murdering every single culture to achieve something bland and boring, etc) so maybe from where you stand I'm a traditionalist.

But I already said I do not support capitalism

You are a capitalist imperialist.

Really? Jingoism is a tenet of fascism.

No, it isn't.

I'm writing you off as retarded at this point.


2th post best post

You're a Not Socialist therefore you're a capitalist

I know what my positions are, nigger. Don't tell me what they are.

99% of things considered "culture" have been created by either misfits and autists like us or by massive corporations pushing out focus-grouped consumerist schlock to make a ton of money

Classical cultures often evolved naturally based on the environment. Since capitalism, culture has become weaponized for control

Do you? NutSac implies capitalism, you can't be an actual NutSac if you don't agree with nazi economical doctrine

What is capitalism to you? What is your definition of capitalism?

so then you support socialism?

Yes I support socialism.

No True Scotsman fallacy

You're a [email protected]/* */ then. Congratulations. You're looking for the NazBol flag

What? No, how come

No, I like my Swastika, being the oldest European symbol

That's a No True Scotsman fallacy. Nazis were made up of several factions in a spectrum of ideologies.

Oh come on why every nazi turns out to be dumb, what a stupid sentimentalism

Swastika is not even an european symbol specifically

Gregor Asser was persecuted for being a socialist under Nazi Germany.

It is. The oldest swastika in the world was found in Ukraine and dated to 12,000 years ago.

Pretty sad. The socialist faction lost out after the Night of the Long Knives. Goebbels changed his tune too. All for the sake of bringing the conservatives on board

Really? Who actually defined nazism, what are its schools, because I'm just talking about Hitler's ideology (which was capitalistic) and I thought his views are the binding ones for the ideology he coined

And it was used by numerous unrelated peoples around the world, as I said, it's not a specifically European symbol and it was never meant to represent Europe

The party was initially made up of ex-KPD members, ex-Social Democrats

Then you had the aristocratic conservatives that signed on after Hitler gassed the socialists. Then you have the liberals, that eventually became the modern FPD

Since everyone was required to be a member of the NSDAP, the ideology was a spectrum, not an absolute

It was spread around by ancient Aryan peoples ranging from Germany to China. Those people originated in the Caucasus Mountains

One example is the ancient Yamnaya culture

"No true Scotsman" is a fallacy dealing with superficial or arbitrary distinctions, not specific or material ones. If you enumerate what specific qualities make a carnivorous, furred quadruped a tiger, it's not a NTSF to say that dogs can't be tigers.

So no, the Night of the Long Knives seems to answer definitively what qualities are allowed in a Nazi, and a desire for Socialism isn't one.

The terminology seems too broad then if it includes both socialist and capitalist economical doctrines

I think you should label yourself nazbol or something to not confuse people, nazbol is social conservatism + socialism for which you seem to advocate

It's hilarious that the right have latched on to "virtue signaling" smear the left with considering that their whole ideology boils down to a massive case of virtue signaling.

Unscientific bullshit, Aryans are Central Asian people who have never reached Germany

What is the Corded Ware culture?

Nah. I'll keep Nazi. Thanks

Hitler was spot on about this, if nothing else

Not Aryan culture

Butthurt Pajeet detected

I wonder how those ancient cultures would feel if they knew they were being categorized as shards of pottery and some string.

They would feel great knowing that they're still remembered and something of theirs was found by their posterity

My gott

Still not Aryans
Aryans are Indo-European people, speaking Indo-Aryan language of Satem group, who invaded India from modern Afghanistan

I doubt Centum-Satem dichotomy existed in the time of the Corded Ware culture

only if you like CNN speaking for you


Yamnaya were proto-Aryans speaking proto-Indo-European language. By the time the invading Yamnaya entered modern Germany, they became the Corded Ware culture. The Corded Ware moved Eastward and created Sintashta culture, which was Aryan, and spoke Indo-Iranian. Literally Aryan.

In the US legally speaking it means the government can't to prevent certain opinions from being expressed, with some exceptions having been carved out by the courts for inciting violence, obscenity, libel, and other things. However many people seem to think it means being legally entitled to say whatever you want free of criticism, which is the opinion being shown in the comic.

"criticism" is entirely different from subjecting a person to violence or depriving them of resources necessary for continued survival

the latter ought to happen to absolutely no one, the former should be extended to absolutely everyone

what the fuck is that webm

nazis had sold out to landowners and industrialists (and monarchists) long before that, it was simply the inevitable conclusion of a long process
the exact same thing happened to fascists in Italy, though they never outright purged the syndicalists, just politically marginalised them

Well thanks for the history rehash. That's got fuck all to do with my personal beliefs

Just so that you won't be too disappointed when the sellout happens again, should there be a viable movement of your kind.
Alas, you can only lead a horse to water.

Are you that faggot that is a Slrasserite that refuses to use a non-Nazi flag? Because you should be banned for being a faggot using the wrong flag to weasel out of arguments.

Your personal beliefs do not matter to the bourgeoisie. A movement which is not very heavily grounded in class will have a very high chance of being coopted by them. Even more so if you are directly opposed to marxists and anarchists.


I accept Marxist critiques of capitalism. I do not accept their proposed solutions.

This is where we diverge.

No, I'm just calling you a faggot for being a massive sperg who knowingly posts with the wrong flag and then tries to worm his way out of arguments because of it. Then again Holla Forumsyps generally are maggot tier, so it's small wonder.

Your "solution" is for the working class to essentially be enslaved by the state and its "glorious leader". You don't even give a shit about the majority of "your people", your whole ideology is about keeping them subjugated for the benefit of some ruling class "ubermensch" in the hopes that they will toss you some scraps and pat you on the head and say you're a good boy.
How can you claim to care about your "race" when you don't even treat most of them as humans, and you cheer when they get mowed down with a car by some deranged retard?

But it's an Asian symbol.

if you want to go back further, fascism was the innevitable result of german SocDems selling out to landowners and industrialists (and monarchists) back in the 19th century. blame jewish nigger Lassalle


he's probably a petite bourgeoisie


true, the more I read history the clearer it becomes that socdems are the enemy
liberals and fascist get gulag, but socdems will be hung as traitors
fucking Ebert

If you make public statements that put a risk to your employer's bottom line or otherwise rub them the wrong way it only makes sense that they'd fire you. Don't blame your ideological opponents for that, blame capitalism.

If you are all triggered so much by NutSac stuff, why even have that flag on this board at all? Get your shit together.


even if it is a spook it is by far the easiest thing to rally around. its why idpol is so effective


Are you Trans-Chinese fam

how many times will ben garrison point this out?

Good one