Evalion atttended Unight the right ralley

“the cops made the situaton worse.”


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Who cares

Is this person slow? As in, developmentally.

That face scream fetal alcohol syndrome.


This woman needs to be sterilized.

this is why Asserites, nazbols, and all third-positionist scum shouldn't be tolerated.

This beta-orbiter though.

he was lulzy.

What is this?

She's a retard but god damn that's a great rack. Not sure if i should be saging this thread because i don't have the patience to sit through any of her autistic videos so i don't even know what her channel is about

They've only gotten better since she's been pregnant.

That's her Asserist husband.

okay i just watched 2 minutes and 46 secs of this video and it made me mad uncomfortable..

not to be an asshole but i kind of feel like they should be supervised… by some grown ups

sage for posting this autismal shit

in a way, it's encouraging even nazi autist LARPers are turning left. this seems like a general trend.

They are a couple of the dumbest people I've seen online which obviously says a lot.

which side was she on?


Women follow the men in their life and the last kid she was around was a Holla Forumsack. This kid would be a NutSac if Hitler wasn't a negative association, so he's a "Strasserite". Both larping for ad revenue.

Whichever one is most beneficial at the moment for views.


NazBols fuck off

More like Asspergerist: youtu.be/NeWEmmYVwew?t=953

Why is she so ugly?

but i thought blue lives mattered more then anyone else?

You remember when Mr. "BUT WAHT ABOUT THE MEMES?!?!" was kicked out of the oath keepers? The comment section of that video was filled with alt-righters calling them establishment cucks. These people only like people who agree with them and even then they'll get more sectarian than us when they're not talking about liberals and antifa.