ex-nazi soros funds antifa.

communist china funds right-wing.

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Damn, do you know where can I contact these antifas ? My Soros bux is late this month.

Soros is a nazi…come on user, we all know Soros is scum and a parasite on this planet, but no need to call him a nazi, he could have been easily killed during world war 2, he was just lucky.

This is a Holla Forums-tier current events thread, complete with misrepresented articles and hysteria.

I'm pretty sure he's just painting a picture of what it's like in other countries when the CIA arms and trains rebels to stage overthrows of government regimes and fight proxy wars/cause destabilization

this is how stupid the left is.

Soros also funded dissedent groups in the former USSR to overthrown communism back in the 1980's.


He was a child during the war, and participated in state mandated activities. He was not part of the Nazi party, just a really edgy bunch of boys scouts. Now delete your shitty OP.

Defend your leader.


My Soros check must be late again, damn

my leader led a full and fulfilled life unlike hitler

This is how stupid the right is.
Antifa is a collection of affinity groups and is not funded by soros. This is no central antifa bank account, no HQ.

so Holla Forums et al. are puppets of the 50 cent party?

None that you know about faggot

Shit, are you for real? Those bastards, wtf the owe me a lot of money then, they haven't paid me a dime in the past year!


ok there, so he's manipulating both sides then?

But yea thank god for his funding at Berkley. Those wooden sticks with ancom flags and spraypainted banners were expensive, no idea how we would have afforded them.

you made me defend Soros, you slimy fuck

that 2nd pic is fake. i am no defender of george soros but you only serve to discredit yourself when you post stuff like that

Oh wow, words on pictures. Case closed.

Yeah sure thing pal…even if it was true, of course Soros would go to a journalist and tell that much to him. How fucking retarded do you think we are? Fucking hell…you people are as cancerous as Soros. I'm sure you will get along very easily in the gulag. Useless cunt


but… it's a picture, it HAS to be true

can someone tell me why billionaire capitalists fund anti-capitalism without sounding insane?


Ironically, because human nature