The whole concept of a ‘Red Pill’ comes from the 1999 movie the Matrix, where Laurence Fishburn gives Keanu Reeves a red pill that reveals the world is a lie created to oppress humanity. Besides the fact that this movie is actually very left wing, arguably an example of the very ‘cultural leftism’ so despised by the alt right, think about how the concept of a ‘red pill’ is similar to the motivations for believing in conspiracies, as defined by political scientist Michael Barkun:

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Surprisingly cogent post.

Also, one of the Wachowskis is a tranny

Update: both are

at the same time


also the movie was directed by two transwomen, there actually a lot of transgender community references in it that everyone misses


It is a very amusing how Holla Forums demagoguery is ridiculously blue pilled by their definition, ie. based fully and solely on an internally structured, closed-circuit narrative guarded by a mentality and vernacular of a high-school clique. It is quite the opposite of taking a pill of enlightenment, and everything to do with willing indoctrination guided by a somewhat willing ignorance of the big other.

Well first off the whole pill thing. There is a common meme in the transgender community, a rather ancient one at that, that if you had the option of either taking a medication that would cure you of your gender dysphoria, or take HRT, what choice would you make. When you break this bargain down, it is literally the whole red pill vs blue pill analogy.

Also don't forget: transgender people take pills in the first place.

The entire Neo character arc is a long analogy for transition in general, and some thing make much more sense when you view it like that. Why for example does Agent Smith call Neo "Mr. Anderson," well, he's dead naming him.

A lot of red pill vs blue pill analogies fail to really explain the Agent Smith dynamic at all, his existence makes 0% sense in the way the alt-right uses the term. Keep in mind that the agents enforce the blue pill perspective, while at the same time Agent Smith HATES it. The agents are clearly *agents* in society which want to stop transition but what of Smith?


Who attacks transgender people and wants them back in their place, while simultaneously hating society at large? That's right, Agent Smith is a fucking analogy of a TERF.

There are a lot of other things, like the character of switch was originally suppose to Swap genders in and out of the matrix, and this entire thought experiment of switches character probably was the impetuous which started the movie in the creators heads.

pure bullshit comrade.

You're essentially claiming the hero's journey is about growing tits.

the pill thing is meaningless without stronger evidence.



Asian (jap, not indian or some other shit) median Autism Level is higher than the median Autism Level of Whites in general (I'm not sure if they're higher than all White races). But Whites have larger standard deviation, meaning our Autism Levels are more spread - we get more geniuses and dumbasses. For advancing humanity you need geniuses, 5 points more for the average joe gets you nowhere.
Women also have higher median Autism Level than men do, and you have the same deal: their spread is lower, so the average woman is smarter than the average man, but there are more geniuses with balls than without.


I believe it's Mencius Moldbug introduced the term "red pill" in the right-wing political discourse, with his blog Unqualified Reservations in the late-2000s.
I guess Holla Forums started using it because of some sort of intermingling between the NRx-brand of libertarianism with the "manosphere", which also began to use the term around that time, and the subsequent proximity between the latter movement and the burgeoning online white-nationalist community (outside of Stormfront veterans). It is a bit weird to me as Moldbug is incompatible with fascism/nazism, but it still makes sense.

It's short and effective propaganda, which works by referring to a movie everyone has seen. Most of us want to stand for truth, even if it implies pain in the process.
Now, whenever Holla Forums has taken the "red pill" or an inert placebo is up to debate, but in the end, it doesn't really matter. It is just an empty propaganda term which can be used to describe anything. The right appropriated it to itself first (and it is arguably starting to get cringey). Let's move on.

In the movie the last human city is literally called Zion and they call themselves Zionists

The most amazing part is how they use a term from a film series where leather clad goth black transbians triumph over evil inhuman white cishet people and then have a big black dance/orgy to celebrate.

Why Holla Forums thinks thinks that being 'red pilled' is a good metaphor for seeing past political correctness is beyond me.

The Matrix came out in 1999, didn't it? I know it's trite to dismiss your opponents out of hand just because of their age, but was the average Holla Forums user even alive then, or old enough to have seen and understood any of it at the time?

It's their philosophy. When you have no dialectics you're bound to start believing in some crazy shit.

red pill right here

red as in the red flag

Yes, the red pill symbolizes the transition from idealism to materialism.

IMO the matrix represents the false conciousness of the proletariat, while the fact that humans are batteries used for power, is the extraction of surplus value.

It's tragicomic how Holla Forums's "redpilling" consists of replacing one kind of idpol with another

aren't the matrix pills supposed to be like hormone pills and the whole movie is about being a tranny?

This is the significance of anal sex in occultism: it's vampirizing energy.

Neo is the working class. At the end of the first movie he gains consciousness of his interests and power, and is able to defeat the agents.
And Smith is fascism. He was born from the failure of the system to stand up to Neo, and adopted some of his characteristics in order to be able to fight him.


That's dishonest. The Matrix can still be a heroes journey even if the journey is about the overcoming of gender dysphoria.

Also this. "red pill" is a pure meme and you have to see it as a meme - a unit of cultural information that has replicated evolved in a new direction. It neither took nor retained all the original meaning.

Of course not, they needn't even have actually seen the movie at all. "red mill" has become its own autonomous living meme.

where is that satirical ytp where morpheus says to neo something like 'i'm a smart black man, i know it's in my best interest to keep the jews from destroying the white race'. and at the end neo confronts marx or something. i can't find it, funny as hell.

I need to see this