Lacan thread

Please teach me about psycho-analysis!
How can I practice it to my benefit in everyday life???

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anything else? I've read this one…

Lacan is a charlatan, and psychoanalysis is not a science either
Tell yourself that you want to fuck your mother

Isn't the analysis of one's own biases, desires, the primary principle of a meaningful existence? In that case, psycho-analysis would be *the* science to end all science, the very purpose and end of science. The Socratic "examined life"

But he doesn't do that, rather he invests savant-sounding words as he talks and proclaims that all history hitherto have always been history of benis, bagina and language

Nice shitpost, consider reading him anytime. May help with the butthurt.

Lord sniffman once said that anyone claiming to be a communist today but at the same time denying and scorning psychology is a counter-revolutionary par excellence and must be dealt with.

Anyway, some user may post a series of links with books in them. You may also seek Lacanian analysts in your location.

Don't try to read psychoanalytic material right away without having some introduction: you will probably end up like the shitposters who post memes in every thread. Start with Bruce Fink's books.

I've watched him and that's enough.

What do you gain out of shitposting in every thread about Lacan. I guess you're going to repeat the four next classical memes about him later in the thread.

I gain out of expressing my firm belief that the left should ditch Lacan and all other charlatans of the sort.
Freud was ok, tough.

Uh, okay. Read Fink or Alenka Zupancic's Why Psychoanalysis?

So, why?
How do we know there's anything to it other than what we read into it?

this is going too far

Perhaps the fact that you spend a half of your life unconscious? And go clinically insane if you force your consciousness to become a sole ruler of your life?


Oh I see your flag now. I already BTFO your shitposting last thread.

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Find a Lacanian analyst:

Lacan documentary with his patients (turn on subtitles):

What argument are you trying to advance here?

hey geeks thanks for the books I didn't notice that second bruce fink book I will read that 2007 one.

Btw, do you know where to find anything by Alain Miller? Zizek seems to love him for helping make Lacan readable.

would appreciate

You don't :^)

How the hell did he contribute to leftism ? FFS he wrote a piece for the Action Française, a royalist party, and used Psychoanalysis to make a fortune out of guilible men. One guy analysed his texts and showed that they were written explicitly to be undecipherable. He can't even answer a basic question on tv.
And don't compare him to physicists, they at least use a straightforwards language and Math that makes sense.


Fucking faggots. Look at your own posts. No mention of lacan or anything you just try to sound smart by saying lell others are stupid. I am not one of those who hate lacan since I never read him. I like sniff man but if "leftism without lacan is a bike without handlebars" than I'd say "lacanianism without lacanians is like a handlebar… only not with liquid shit on it that you have to wipe off to not get your hands full of shit". I bet you people who in these lacan thread come and bitch about who asks questions are actually very dumb, signalling about being intelligent is usally a sign of the very dumb. You probably didnt understand him but you fake it, you are no different from people who didnt get it and sperg out at it. I swear I have found almost 0 "lacanians" here who were not dumb losers who were unable to speak about their beliefs

Nobody asked a thing, everyone was just calling Lacan a charlatan with no proper points being made at all besides he's difficult to read or understand (and impossible when taken out of context)