If you only have time to read one booklet: read this

I see on one side people recommending dozens of books and authors, "read bordiga", "read lenin", "read cockshott" etc. and on the other complete brainlets without even the tiniest grasp of theory who will probably relapse into red liberals in a few years. This board is getting dumber by the day.

Do yourself a favor and read Wage Labour and Capital. It's like 30 pages and makes you more knowledgeable on Marx than 99% of people.

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studycircle.wikispaces.com/file/view/01 WAGE LABOUR and CAPITAL.pdf

Will read it tomorrow, thanks.

is capital volume 1 enough to get a reasonable undestanding of marx.

I'm proud of you fam

capital vol. 1 is gonna take an eternity, just read wage labour and capital

yeah uh dont click this link
reported :)

allready half done.


No, it's barely enough for a particular aspect of Marx's thought. Marx's thought, as with all thinkers, developed, changed., interacted with different influences and events. There is the early Marx, Marx of the Grundrisse (which is for some reason never mentioned here despite being extremely significant for contemporary Marxist thought), the Marx who wrote Capital, and in these divisions there are yet more divisions.

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some of marx is outdated, I'll give you that, but this definitely isn't

What should I read after capital then?

The second and the third volumes.

I don't know, what are you interested in? Why do you want to read Marx?

Vol 2 is a chore and can safely be skipped in most cases honestly.

t. liberal
Do commodities appear out of thin air now? Heavy industry employs less people cause it's more mechanized but productivity keeps increasing.
No shit. That does not make Marx outdated.

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WLaC is always in my top 3. I think chapter 1 of German Ideology is also good because it lays down Marx's concept of materialism, his materialist dialectic and historical materialism, critique of political economy and contrasts it to vulgar materialism and pseudo-materialism, which is a trap many might fall into. Then the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 are a good complement to them.

Yeah, Capital vol. 1 is ultimately gonna make your knowledge much more comprehensive. Like in German Ideology the first chapter (on commodities) is the most important, and if you've read the other texts I mentioned the rest is not that essential, though always good.

librivox version

Finished it recently, definitely a must-read

Ch1 of German Ideology expanded by brain so much that it hurt

Is this like a Theoretical Minimum to do "Marxism?"

WLaC, Ego and Stirner's critics, and Anarchy by Malatesta should be required reading to cut down on retarded spookposts and marksucc cancer.

Should I read this or Critique of the Gotha Programme First?

This, and all the stuff in

before that. CotGP is as the name implies a critique for which you'll need background understandings.


i've decided that if i dont want to fall back into red liberalism, its imperative that i read this stuff and undersatnd it. it'd be nice if there was a more guided approach to this, and from there, hopefully there are also criticisms that could be looked at as a sort of post-read, or at least consider problems in the here and now that marx might not have considered in his time

You read my mind, this is the same thing I always say. Sure you can love the epic red aesthetic, but if you have no knowledge about the ideology you supposedly follow, you will essentially end up a liberal in the years after. Have the reading list I'm supposed to be following.

There is no substitute for reading Capital. Anyone saying you should skip it because it's too long/boring/hard is honestly an idiot or a shill.

this pamphlet literally gets recommended all the time here. good thing too because it's so simple

proud of youuuu

this is true. Volume 1 at least. Also shout-out for Grundrisse, Marx's researches that led up to capital. it's like his arguments are being forged here and it's beautiful to read although it's lengthy and surely not all relevant.

Have you read it?

not that user, but i'm reading it right now. pretty sure i read it years ago but i'm just getting back into leftist reading after spending the bulk of my time the past few years on unrelated topics in philosophy

No thanks
studycircle.wikispaces.com/file/view/01 WAGE LABOUR and CAPITAL.pdf

Chapter I:
I guess by "we" Marx was referring to himself.

Chapter II:
So much scientific rationalism here.

Chapter V:
Good job, gomrade!!

Absolutely agree with the philo manuscripts, especially the 1st manuscript.

Absolutely agree OP. WLaC should be required reading to even post on this board, especially fucking Holla Forumsyps

Wtf I'm an ancap now! completely bulletproof counterpoints!

I finished just now.

Are you retarded? Do you think talking a couple of lines out of context and making some pithy comments about them somehow qualifies as a critique?

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