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How has any of this anything to do with Honecker? Former East Germany also has the largest part of the electorate for Die Linke. Please tell me what was "reactionary" about Honecker

i like honecker eh builds walls and doesnt afraid of anything

That was Ulbricht but ok.

he did nothing wrong tbqh

Wrong number, try again.

Yeah, about that lmao.

are the MLPD an "actually existing socialism" kind of party?

Do you really have to ask?

have there been any developments in ML theory in the almost three decades since the fall of the soviet union or are they still idiots?

No doubt they've developed, meaning that the fantasy future where there's an ML state again will likely be less shit, but the core is still there. And not a single ML group/party escapes qualifying the USSR and other ASS states as socialist and good and worth defending (you have to, and the rest is the holy rite of acceptance at the ML church after all).

Yes but it has Maoist leanings. Purely Marxist-Leninist would be the KPD although I've seen revisionist Brezhnevites within the KPD that often get into arguments with MLPD types. KPD is the most tankie as it is humanly possible, they defend North Korea all the time, say that the people trying to hop over the wall deserved it, etc. Obviously that makes them widely unpopular, while the MLPD is being seen more as lunatics.

Then, DKP is revisionist central but they might just be hiding their powerlevel to get more acceptance - they're still officially Marxist-Leninist but have a pretty blatant eurocommonist touch. They say that Stalin did some bad things but he uplifted Russia to a world power, etc. - typical case of hiding your powerlevel, seems to me.

Of course there has been. Also, practically, everybody who is in favor of a Leninist vanguard party is contributor to our theory. Marxism-Leninism is not a stale dogma but an applicable guide to action depending on the material and cultural conditions of the country which undergoes a revolution. I'm currently reading Continuity and Rupture which came out last year and developes on MLM. It's a good book.

this is now a funny election posters thread


Nice argument. Say all the shit you want, but the reason because it was successful in almost every culture and setting on the planet was mainly due its universal applicability.

Wo hast du den Unfug über die KPD bitte her? Und die DKP versteckt keinen Powerlevel sondern ist unverholen anti ML. Geht lieber mit der SAV und setzt ihre Termine exakt auf die, zu welchen die KPD zu gemeinsamen Veranstaltungen einlud. Die DKP führung gehört weg, mit der jetzigen wird sich nichts vorwärts bewegen.

I disagree. It's because of the USSR's hegemony as the foremost strongest world power advocating for socialism that revolutions were "ML" as you say and even then after Khruschev a lot of them were shit revisionists anyways.

Von deren offiziellen Youtube channel KiDeutschland. Dort wird auch davon geredet das Nordkorea ein vollkommen demokratisches Land ist. Ich selbst verteidige dir DVRK wenn ich kann aber "völlig demokratisch"? Wenn die Macht vom Vater auf den Sohn auf den Enkel übergeht? Bitte.

Habe außerdem schon mehrmals KPDler getroffen die unverhohlen Breschnew als tollen Kommunisten sehen und dass die UdSSR quasi bis Gorbatschow voll sozialistisch war. Das soll jetzt nicht etwas über die KPD an sich aussagen, nur diese Leute gibt es dort. Bei der MLPD habe ich sowas noch nie gesehen. Dass die DKP Hahnreie sind da stimme ich dir zu.

Welche "Macht"? Das Amt ist in der Parxis rein zeremoniell und zur ideologischen Festigung indem man sich einen Bezugspunkt setzt. Würde Kim Jong Un aus einer Laune heraus seine "persönliche Macht" auslegen und neue politische Richtlinien setzen, die der Juche widerspräche, würde er in absolute Bedeutungslosigkeit verfallen.
Die Anschuldigungen aus dem Westen sind 1:1 die gegen Stalin oder jeden x-beliebigen anderen Anführer in der sozialistischen Bewegung. Was Schöwitz auch sagt, sind, dass er keinen Grund sieht, an der Darstellung der DVRK zu zweifeln.
Was die innerparteilichen Kämpfe der KPdSU nach dem offenen Revisionismus Chruschtschows angeht kann man da durchaus sagen, dass Breschnew einer der besseren Genossen war, die dann noch kamen, und dass die Produktionsmittel nunmal bis zuletzt vergesellschaftet waren ist ebenso eine Tatsache, das tut der Kritik am Revisionismus keinen Abbruch.

did he do anything wrong?

It's also the reason it failed, because it revised the core definition made by Marx for a working communist state.

Immer wieder lustig wenn Stalinisten sich über Revisionisten aufregen.
Es ist als ob ihr keine Eigenwahrnehmung habt.

Do you have a pdf, comrade? The libgen download link doesn't seem to work.

Here's my rough guessing translation:


Yes, I do.

Thanks, mate.

Are you kidding? They haven't had developments in theory since the 30's, let alone since the 90's. At most there's stuff like World-Systems Theory and MLM, but those are kind of their own things.

Didn't he almost hunt to extinction a whole species of deer?

Well if you only read stuff inside your echo chamber no wonder you'd come to such an uninformed moronic conclusion.


Although he did lot's of things wrong, and acted undemocraticaly he was a true Communist who believed that Socialism was the way.
He opposed Soviet revisionism (as much as he could), and directed Eastern Germany reconstruction (converting it to the most "dangerous" socialist state as it was rapidly catching with west Germany), creating a country were factories were runned by the syndicates, the most socially advanced country (equal rights for eveyone) and workers were supported as the most important part of society.

No wonder why Eastern miss the GDR despite all his errors, and years of anticommunist propaganda.


Redpill me on Honecker and DDR. Why are people always talking fondly of Honecker and not the Ulbricht guy? What was up with the wall?

wow, really made me think

wow, really made me think
It unironically should though. The book is usually recommended in most Marxist-Leninist reading circles but again, you don't leave your echo chamber so you think hurrdurr MLs don't have new theory.

How do I get into ML reading circles?