Fascist corpse gallery

Fascist corpse gallery

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Post based ass Communist death toll to free the workers from oppression

It wasn't real Gobunissm

Japanese Imperialism 12,705,105
Nanking Massacre 300,000
Japanese Bombing of China 71,105
Japanese Imperialism 6,000,000
Japanese Occupation of East Timor 70,000
Japanese Massacre of Singapore 100,000
Japanese Democides 5,964,000
Japanese Germ Warfare in China 200,000
US Actions in Iraq 3,500,000
US Imperialism 387,697,326
US Aggression on Latin America 6,300,000
Invasion of the Philippines 650,000
Afghanistan (War on Terror) 1,200,000
Vietnam War – including bombing Cambodia & Laos 10,000,000
Korean War 10,000,000
US Bombing of Yugoslavia 300,000
Iraq-Iran War (US pushed and funded both sides) 1,000,000
US Intervention in the Congo 5,000,000
1898 American War vs. Philippine 3,000,000
Spanish-American War 100,000
US Made Famine in Bangladesh 1974 100,000
US Civil War (War of Financial vs. Agriculture Capitalists) 700,000
Tamils killed by US backed Sri Lankan Gov. 30,000
Palestinians Killed by Israel 1947-2002 826,626
CIA Backed Khmer Rouge 2,035,000
US Backed Dictator General Suharto 1,200,000
Philippine Insurrection (Fighting US Dictator) 220,000
US Revolutionary War 35,700 (if over throwing a monarch in Russia is a crime, it’s a crime in the US as well)
Native American Genocide 95,000,000
Indonesian Anti-Communist Purges 100,000,000
African Slave Trade 150,000,000

British Imperialism 61,500,000

The Bengal Famine of 1943 10,000,000
British Occupation of India 20,000,000
Famine in Held British India 30,000,000
Irish Potato Famine 1,500,000
Other Capitalist Events and Regimes 17,666,000
South African Apartheid 3,500,000
Pre-Communist Russia 1,066,000
Spanish Civil War 400,000
Massacre of the Paris Commune 20,000
First Indochina 1946-1954 1,500,000
Belgian Congo Colonization 1,000,000
French Madagascar 80,000
Nigerian Civil War 1,000,000
Rwandan Genocide 1,000,000
Dutch East Indies 25,000
Second Boer War 75,000
Stateless Capitalist Somalia 1,000,000

Famine of 1932-33 7,000,000
(Famine was made by Kulaks who destroyed massive amounts of crops to protest collectivization)
General Capitalism: 980,488,836
Union Carbide Bhopal Disaster 15,000
Hurricane Katrina (deliberate faulty construction) 1,836
Industrial Revolution Kids & Adults USA 100,000
Burma-Siam Railroad Construction 116,000
Great Depression (America alone) 12,000,000
Capitalist Policy in India 1947 – 1990 120,000,000
Children Died from Hunger 2009 5,256,000
Children Killed by Hunger during the 1990s 100,000,000
Children Killed by Preventable Diseases Since 9/11 208,000,000
Children Killed by Hunger Since 9/11 235,000,000
Cigarette Related Deaths Worldwide (1960 – 2010) 300,000,000

The World Wars: Imperialism 76,500,000

World War One 16,500,000
World War Two 60,000,000

Nazi Holocaust 12,000,000

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Gobunissm would have the same death toll, but Gobunissm only exists in Laos and North Korea - literally fucking shit-holds.

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Those weren't real capitalist countries. Real capitalism has never been tried. except in NS Germany and it was great

staless capitalist somalia

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Capitalism wasn't to blame for that.

there was only capitalism left to blame there, it couldn't be anything else

Don't matter what they were, they put profits before people and luxury for the few above the lives of the many.

Ancaps can call it what they want, communists are against all of it.

Under true capitalist that would never happen.

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