Is this anti-antifa sentiment on Holla Forums some kind of cointelpro campaign? Especially after the recent events...

Is this anti-antifa sentiment on Holla Forums some kind of cointelpro campaign? Especially after the recent events, all these threads against antifa suddenly appearing is really suspicious.

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nazi shills

nigga we were probably mostly against antifa up until today.

Cointelpro is prolly playing both sides in this to get people to split.

No, I think that a lot of people on the left are genuinely frustrated or unsatisfied with antifa.

American AntiFa has almost solely sperged out about inconsequential things and rioted over nothing. Of course people are going to be against them. That opinion will change if they actually begin to target fascists, and they have the chance to do that now. Greek AntiFa has, on the other side of the coin, always been viewed pretty highly here, as they actually combat fascists.

Antifa (at least in America) are morons who want an excuse to get violent over idpol.

Not that bashing the fash is bad if it's necessary, but Spencer got, by all reports that actually give numbers, 500 people to show up. They're just irrelevant, and if you're going around bashing complete losers with no power you're not going to accomplish anything.

I always thought we just hated American Antifa since they don't get much done compared to their foreign counterparts.

Antifa has always been controlled opposition.

Antifa are the Anarchists in which the cops can easily profile and keep tabs on unlike less formally organised anarchist organizations.

I think some of them are good people an active comrades but they are too intellectually immature and with no guidance, plus they are addled by the idpol plague like many leftist movements right now.

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The fact that antifa only popped up to protest Trump proves that they are just reactionary liberals. Why would we support them?

They existed before, just nobody paid attention to them.

Overused Alex Jones tier phrase, tbh.

They're morons but are more tolerable than right wing morons, as a bonus you get to see stuff like that chubby guy getting chased through a garden.

I support European Antifascism without a doubt. The only useful thing smashie american antifa managed to do was beat up some of those neo-nazi goons at the unite-the-right march, and nearly blind that faggot baked alaska.

Leftypol is a large collection of very different people, the idea of consensus is kind of an illusion. There are most certainly antifa defenders here, just like there are SAlt/DSA/ect. defenders/critics here.

American antifa's actions do warrant some criticism. I am largely OK with them, not head over heels, not opposed to them. I largely wouldn't criticize them myself though as they are at least out there on the streets engaged in direct action.
However as

said elsewhere Greek antifa/anarchists are based af

antifas just want to glorious uprising in the streets and intimidate people, that's why they hide their faces and dress in black. they have nothing to do with promoting leftism and in fact are fascists themselves

Learn what the fuck "cointelpro" means first, then lay off the Mountain Dew.

It's also been that way asswipe, you sound like a fucking rightist retard complaining of infiltration over completely legitimate opinions.

it doesn't work, that's all there is to it. it's not a good tactic unless you're intentionally trying to fuel the right and help them recruit.

being a demsoc and getting murdered during a protest is 10000x more effective.

When they threw riots over Milo Yiannoupolous giving talks, and called him a Nazi, I think a lot of people started viewing them as a joke (American Antifa that is)

So what does it mean?

The real question is why do most antifa chicks look cute?

I still want Quinn's tits even if she is a right wing troll

That's easy: they have the revolutionary spirit in their eyes.

At this point punching a nazi is fine. Go ahead, do it.

Somebody already bear maced Baked Alaska and it ended in the Milkening.

The right has somehow turned out to be more pathetic than antifa could be, ending up in their skirmishes only ending up being a win for content on this board.

Just let it happen.

There was a point when it wasn't?

Who is she? She's Polish isn't she?

Some on this board thought it was counter intuitive to our interests and to an extent I agreed, it could look bad for us if it's all we ended up doing.

But after The Milkening, I'm convinced. The right radicalized through the internet is too retarded in America to actually come out the victors in a skirmish in any possible way that doesn't end up a catastrophe for them and end up just justifying antifa's existence.

Antifa = left of capital vs. right of capital
webm = general populace vs. right of capital

The first is useless, the second is invaluable for communists.

Because they care more about appearances than communism. Same goes to antifa dudes.

Both shilling and the fact that american antifa is a fucking joke compared to european antifa

Putting on make up isn't communist by itself but come on dude really

That's just what the average girl does with their face who cares

I'm not so sure about this. I think they smell blood in the water and they seem incredibly desperate so I don't think that they care about anything becoming a catastrophe for them. They are already in a catastrophe and they'll probably lash out even more.

They are essentially the same. Just because you are an Euro-fag and have Euro-antifa friends it doesn't absolve them from their objective functioning.

Antifa needs to be organised properly.
Discipline them into a paramilitary force, then hit the streets.


Antifa has no tendency, it's left-unity for a single goal that every leftist can agree with.

That's the catastrophe for them. They can't objectively gauge when to start and when to quit.

If they laid low for three months let's say, they could forget this happened.

But no, now they're just planning more, and to even protest the funeral of the poor girl who got run over, focusing on her parents.

The right on the internet is too retarded to actually strategize and so they will always take the L

As a wise man once put it, spooks



Oh right must have forgotten the last time american antifa assassinated neo nazis

pure ideolgy
pure ideology
Does that tell you anything about it? Should I spell it out for you?
I agree, and to repeat myself:

Always has been. That and faux leftist liberals and people who want to make excuses for their soul contribution to the left being memeing so getting at people who actually try to organise

Antifa is not a tendency, it's an action network. It's made up of different leftist groups that agreed to ignore their sectarian differences to fight fascism. I'm not sure why you feel the need to mystify it.

I think antifa is mostly fine, I dont have a problem with some nazi symphatizer getting a punch or two
My problem with them is the same problem I have with anarchists, they are mostly teenagers with no proper political/ideological knowledge just looking for some random reason to start screaming to everyone on the streets about how much of a rebel they are
They lack organization, a purpose, a direction, and proper leadership, they are basically an SJW angry mob, ready to burn down the house of some random white kid over some transphobic comment on the internet or whatever

As a wise woman once put it: the fuck am I as a woman?

On the kekky side: you are the pure embodiment of hysteria on Leftypol, for which we surely need to salute you, dear tripfag. I've been following your posts since you appeared here and God damn, m'lady, are you something. I do a CTRL+F of "mother" over at the "HAPPENING" thread every 12 hours and God damn, are you something!

Neoliberalism is not a tendency, it's an action network.
It's made up of different capitalist groups that agreed to ignore market differences to fight the working class.
I'm not sure why you are retarded.

Neoliberalism is an ideology. Antifa is not an ideology. The only thing you need to agree with is physical opposition of fascism. Anyone who agrees with it can participate in anti-fascist actions. It usually has participants from groups that otherwise wouldn't even think about working together: tankies, trots, all kinds of anarchists, sometimes even old-school trade unionists. And of course bored kids looking for trouble.

I know many on Holla Forums hates this topic because it shows how little you understand about what's actually going down on the streets and how organizing happens in the real world, but you are especially ridiculous. To criticise something you first have to understand it, which you clearly did not.

It makes me sad that amateur antifa porn is nonexistent.

We've always been against antifaggots here. If you think theyre something to be proud of by associating with the left then you're fucked.

Controlled opposition with violence based on identity politics, who does that sound like to you?

Nothing says "fellow leftypol poster" than "guy who has videos of people in MAGA hats beating the shit out of people on his hard drive."

Antifa pisses off nazis so they can't be all bad

Who gives a shit, men should put on make up like they used to.

alt-right and antifa are two sides of the same coin you socialist faggot.

Stop grasping at horseshoes you loser

Antifa has no ideology. They are just a mix of violent thugs and lilly livered larpers.
At best they are an annoyance at worst they are a liability.
Antifa are to the left what Neo-Nazi Skin heads are to the right. Trash that get in the way of actual change.

So it's like here


For the last god damn time

Confederate loser statue brought down while chants of "No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA" echoe around.

alt-cucks have opened the Pandora Box of Direct Action

I am not saying le horseshoe theory, I am saying they are both terrible in regards to actually advancing a cause.
And no not like on here at all. Having no ideology does not equal having a lot of ideologies working together.

Antifa started because boneheads would routinely trash leftist events. It's not terrible, it's necessary.

not from Holla Forums at all

From what I've seen leftypol has gotten more pro antifa since the nazi killed that woman

Yes….yes it is. Also pol has been on this internet wide campaign to smear Antifa after they pissed off the entire country this weekend.

American AntiFa are liberal idpols who want to take their anger out. The Europeans at least try to create alternative infrastructure and don't only turn up for protests.

Will someone please take one for the team and sleep with user, he's so thirsty he litterally willing to sleep with the enemy :^)

This, and I don't even like Antifa, but I'm going to give the devil his dues.

I'm not going to complain about them being sjeydubyas like most people here, but still antifa is 100% pointless, take the black pill

I do not hate them, but I believe that they are wasting their time and harm the chances of Marxism in society ever so slightly.

Don't be antifa. Be an organizer, an activist, an advocate, when the time comes - strike at the real target: the government, instead of trashing random stalls and cars and clashing with other street hooligans.

It's a rightfully bad image in the eyes of normies, which is worse, it carries over to the others.

Most of antifa are activists and organizers who do their own shit when not cleaning up the streets of fascist scum.

Like this dipshit? :