There is an entire network of right-wing accounts pretending to be AntiFa online and doing black propaganda

can we please get over the muh horizontalist, muh leaderless bullshit already? this is a movement being co-opted online by the very people it tries to fight.

Other urls found in this thread:

it's hard to have a leader when nobody wants to get shot.

Most of them are glaringly fake tho.

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who's quinn?



Found this gem in the accounts the one you linked is following.

I-is the link safe?

Dunno, I ain't clickin that shit.

The autism level is off the charts

Reminds me of




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in a literal garage
christ almighty I thought that meme was fakeā€¦

Why the fuck would antifa use twitter in the first place?

A lot of people are genuinely too stupid to tell. People unironically can't tell the difference between generic Democrats, DSA, Antifa and Redneck Revolt, I've seen people lump them all in as "Antifa". It's become a boogeyman for anybody left of the Dems and sometimes even the Dems themselves.

this is why we need a VANGUARD PARTY

So pretend to be fascists online and do black propaganda against them. This is the internet age; no one need be who they claim, and this isn't a game only rightists can play.

No we don't, mr hat guy

I really don't think we can make the aut-right look worse than the aut-right itself already can.

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